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How do you prefer to receive free Jaden?
Hourly reward in-game
25 (38%)
Voting reward in website
10 (15%)
A combination (like it currently is)
21 (32%)
Some other idea (post below)
0 (0%)
Use the web lotto system instead
5 (7%)
I don't care, throw vote, w/e
4 (6%)
Total Members Voted: 65
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Vote for Jaden

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Vote every 12 hours and earn 210 Jaden / vote.

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Vote every 24 hours and earn 420 Jaden / vote.

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Shop Deals & Featured Items
Bodhi Seed Coupon
This item can be exchanged at Tcholok NPC for a Bodhi Seed. A Bodhi Seed is used to reset your custom soulstone slots.
Gear Change (instant)
Instantly change ONE of your pieces to another type or faction. Cannot change HG gear to other types.
Shadow Dragon Shear
The magical scissor that can make divine cloth. Take it to talk to Seamstress Sayala in Sunstream to transfer Fashions and Gear's appearance to other Fashions and Gears.
Ice Cocoon Silk
Take this item to Seamstress Sayala in Sunstream to recover Fashions and Gears, the appearance of which has been changed.
Drake Sigil
Use as an auxiliary material when refining a +10 or lower item to guarantee the refinery's success. Cannot be used on +11 or higher refined items.

How voting works

Vote every
  • 12 hours and earn 210 Jaden / vote on xtremetop100.
  • 24 hours and earn 420 Jaden / vote on gtop100.
Wait a few minutes, log out, log back in, and enjoy your reward!


You may only vote once every 12 hours on xtremetop100 and once every 24 hours on gtop100. That means 1 vote per person (not per account)!

Attempting to cheat will get you banned.

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