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I can't seem to get my Vitalization, what now?
Last Updated 6 years ago

As Perry once said, the only working solution would be a bypass in the system, which could ultimately end up corrupting the database for a handful of people who can't get their Chroma quest.

  • Do all the possible quests to empty the qs log (preferably before you attempt Vitalization. I got rid of all my quests upon creating my char, because I'm OCD like that. Didn't give me a problem.); Soulstone quest, the quests for exchanging Ores, Orbs, Totems, and Starfires to the various NPC's around Sunstream. Exchanging the Dragon Sigil from Dream Genie, Boost Orbs from Dragon Totem NPC, etc. 
  • Have an Affinity.
  • Be 120 Asc with an Affinity.

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