Friday Night Fights - Week 25


Constructive criticism to make it better or change it in  any way is quite welcomed. You can even post it as a reply until Wednesday. It's like Renya's Bloody Sunday, but  categorised. You don't have to sign up here, all you have to do is show up and tell me you'll be participating so I can sign you into the Jungle.

Skysong, r4.

22.00 or 10.00 pm server time, December 12th. Event will last 1 hour.

+12 or +11 gears, but your Chroma must be lvl 64 or under.
Of course, you're invited to join even if you're lower, but that means no QQing in common/wc/pm.

1) No Skyblade bombing.
2) No parties.
3) The above rule means this is ALL-OUT PvP. No parties, no looking for loopholes to not attack someone. This isn't an alliance war. It's FREE-FOR-ALL.
4) Please don't camp on TREES or ROCKS. I will be porting you away if you do.
5) Avoid spawning turrets right out of safe-zone, I will punish you.
6) If you do not pm me beforehand that you want to join, I won't add you to the Jungle system.

1) Banana Peel x400, Celesphere Sand level 5 x10.
2) Banana Peel x350, Celespehere Sand level 5 x5.
3) Banana Peel x300, Advanced Bead Orb Coupon x10.
4) Banana Peel x250, Chroma Bead stack x2
5) Banana Peel x200, Chroma Bead stack x1.

Event Ranks
Event Log
Server Time
  • 11
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  • 26
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5 Monkey Coin Packs
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5 Monkey Coin packs which can be exchanged for Monkey Coins in Sunstream to purchase custom items
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