Event Status
First Blood
Meat Shield (1 deaths)

Kunlun FFA [r9]

Automated free for all PvP event.


Sharpen your skills in this no-holds-barred PvP event.

It's a free for all - kill everyone! Teaming up, collaborating, or working together is NOT allowed. You will be ranked based on your kills and deaths, with special prizes for first blood and meat shield (the most killed player).

Everyone gets banana seeds based on their level of participation. Even if you don't get many kills, as long as you actively participate you can earn banana seeds to spend in the Participation Rewards shop.

WARNING Do not feed (die intentionally), do not play more than one character at a time, and do not in any other way attempt to extract unfair rewards. You risk being banned from future events and worse.

.. And don't forget to have fun :)

Event Ranks
Event Log
3 weeks, 3 days, 3 hours, 35 minutes ago
Server Time
  • 14
  • :
  • 57
  • :
  • 26
Event Prizes
1st Place
150 Banana Peels!
500 Jaden
10 Monkey Coin Pack
2nd Place
100 Banana Peels!
250 Jaden
5 Monkey Coin Pack
3rd Place
50 Banana Peels!
250 Jaden
First Blood
7 Monkey Coin Pack
Meat Shield
300 Jaden
5 Monkey Coin Pack
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