Getting Started Guide

Every player has to start somewhere, and here are our top tips for getting started on Monkey Dynasty!

Whether you're a seasoned Jade Dynasty player exploring Monkey Dynasty for the first time, or you're brand new to Jade Dynasty altogether, this guide will help you get started right away.

Induction Codes

Players can find induction codes on the Monkey Dynasty forums to input into the Induction ID box when first creating a character.

This gives an extra box of goodies to new players! (Copy and paste is the best option)

First Quest

When you enter the game, depending on your Faction’s race you will be in a unique starting area. Humans start at Solarking Palace, Athans start at Dragonwild Skies, and Etherkin starts at Whalecreek Dale.

Complete the questline which is available to you at your starting location; this questline alone will take you up to Level ~30! After completing the questline, you will be taken to Sunstream City, which is the main hub of activity in Monkey Dynasty.

Leveling Up

The best way to level up is to use the KO Skill on pink or red named mobs (Press R in-game, and find the KO Skill at the end of your skill list).

You can find pink and red named mobs at maps higher than your current level. For example, go to Shura if you’re level 120. You can teleport to these maps using the Skylord New Sunstream: 448, 507. You can also use Taichi Pills available from the VIP rewards!

Tier Quests

Doing Tier Quests is very easy and quick to do; all materials needed for these quests are in the Cash Shop (Press J in-game).

Additionally, usage of the Anan pet makes everything even faster (available in the Cash Shop). However, if you struggle with the Tier Quests or want to skip it, you can ask for Tier Skip items from the Sovereign!

Custom Currencies

Monkey Coins are the main custom currency in-game. They can be found in nearly everything you do; daily tasks, instances, farming, and event PvP events. These items can drop from mobs or be attained through the tasks and quests seen throughout Monkey Dynasty.

They can be used in Custom Sunstream ( Monkey Skylord: 448, 507 to go to Custom Sunstream) to trade at the Monkey Vendor and Custom Fashion, Pets, Mounts and Skyblade NPCs. These NPCs hold valuable and useful items, so collecting Monkey Coins is highly recommended.

You can read more about unique Monkey Dynasty currencies at Features -> Special Currencies.

Recommended Farming Areas

Nearly every area in Monkey Dynasty is customized, from the Moontop Hollow Instance to the highest level farming areas. Here are the recommended farming locations for your level:
  • Level 90 – 160 Ascended Lower Level Gears: Affinity Lands, Moontop Hollow (Map: Jadeon)
  • Level 120 – 160 Ascended Lower to Mid-Level Gears: Infernal Citadel
  • Level 150 – 155 Ascended Lower to Mid-Level Gears: Sunstrider
  • Level 156 – 160 Ascended Mid-Level to Higher Gears: Inferna
  • Level 160 Ascended Higher Gears: Garro Island


Instances in-game give lots of rewards which are both valuable and useful. Instances can be accessed by the [INST] button at the bottom of your interface. Here are the recommended Instances for your level:
  • Level 30 Non-Ascended160 Ascended Any Gears: Moontop Hollow, Understream
  • Level 90 – 160 Ascended Any Gears: Holy Lotus, Orison Adept Token
  • Level 120 – 160 Ascended Any Gears: Eldea Gauntlet, Crimson Peaks, Elemental Temple, Shura Gauntlet
  • Level 160 Ascended Lower to Mid-Level Gears: Beast Lord
  • Level 160 Ascended Higher Gears: Song of the Emerald Lady, Clouded Milky Way, Celestial Tower

Choosing your Affinity

When you reach Level 90 Ascended, you can choose which Affinity you want to be. Each Affinity has different skills and abilities, so choose wisely!

To attain an Affinity, you will need to talk to Tanis Ka in Sunstream and begin the quest for your affinity of choice. Affinity quests are mostly solo with the exception of the Felkin quest.


When you reach Level 120 Ascended, you can attain your Chroma. Chroma is individually leveled and is also dependant on your Affinity.

You can attain Chroma by completing the Vitalization quest at Tanis Ka. Other players are able to help you with this quest. Alternatively, you can ask the Sovereign for a Vitalization skip, allowing you to skip the quest altogether!

What's Next?

So you've got all the basics down and you're ready for more? Great!

Head on over to the features page and read up on some of the other features Monkey Dynasty has to offer. There are even shiny pictures :).

Another great resource to learn more about Monkey Dynasty is our wiki. Keep in mind that the wiki is maintained by volunteers, so some page may be out of date. Some wiki pages worth visiting are:

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