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News / Re: Patch v43
« on: October 28, 2018, 02:24:20 pm »
Great patch, with the updated drop list for MTH-Jadeon, is it possible to either get the Elysium Proclamation list changed or make Fatecharms drop somewhere else?

My suggestion:

Elysium Proclamation Drop List:


Banana Peel ( ratio is fine  )
Fatecharm Fragments ( increase the chance of this )
Treasured Copper Coin ( ratio is fine )
Rings ( ratio is fine )
Tanis Ka Charms ( ratio is fine )
Celestial Decree ( ratio is fine )
Bank Note ( increase the chance of this )


Ice Orb of Vastness ( make same chance as Fatecharm Fragments )

These are suggestions, I think with the updated MTH-Jadeon drop list we don't need Heaven Dragon Seal from this lotto anymore or Monkey Coins, but there's no real good way to get Fatecharm Fragments and there needs to be a more efficient way to farm them.

Or you could just leave the Elysium Proclamation the way it is and make Fatecharm Fragments drop in Inferna or somewhere.

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