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Polls / Re: New Event Types
« on: August 28, 2019, 01:23:17 am »
Come on people. This is MMO. Lets get mass number of players do intance event together. An be social to work together for chance to get epic boss drops.

doubt this will work either, especially considering how party size is limited to 6. That would mean that there is 1 'main' party doing the work, and everyone else is working for scraps since drops get given priority to pickup for party members that killed and agroed the boss. This would need a BL like drop system where drops do not get distributed to party first, but get assigned a random person to pickup. And not many would probably do it anymore since it is random and you cant just 'out damage' someone to agro the boss for drops.

Ingame / Re: Fix the Star Soul points
« on: October 22, 2018, 12:55:16 pm »
And that is one of the biggest problems when it comes to attracting new players. They have to fight a constant uphill battle which they can never win, hence why this server is dying just like all other JD pservers because all the new 'content' that good ol' ZX adds, is some kind of a "grind this for 1000 hours, then get this OP shit" instead of some actual content...

On a side note though, the drop rates are ok... grinded there for about 1 night and got 200ad. Not bad, but once again, the OP get more OP and the non-op stay non-op.

I hear you LuXueqi, balancing things for new and old players alike is quite a challenge. Do you have any suggestions on this front?

well, firstly you should probably make it so that new players actually receive something worthwhile.
you could make this an account bound thing to stop people from abusing it too much, and maybe even make everything bound to stop the abuse even more.
the previous implementation of the 'welcome back to JD' quest was so exploitable that im sure you are all overly cautious of implementing such a thing again, but it DOES help new players when it isnt abused.

maybe 1 or 2k jaden to help as well? you wont be able to refine competitive gears to grind without around 500-1k jaden to begin with, let alone the cost for all other essential items, the player would take like a full week to be relatively stable with jaden. maybe 10k or more gold as well since it is needed for everything. 10k is so little that it cant really be abused seeing as how most items cost upwards of 1m now.

or just say fuck it, and give new players a full set of +11 gears or something (not lumen/gaian of course, maybe lvl 135 only?) since anything below +11 is unable to do anything to begin with (cant grind = cant get started = uninterested player = quitting).

you dont need to add much, but just make the beginning bearable for players.
try making a new character, and only use 1 vote's worth of jaden to get started and see how long it takes before you feel like giving up.

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