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General Discussion / SEIRA/HYDRAN NERF
« on: April 30, 2020, 08:01:54 pm »
Good day,

I truly think that the majority will agree on an additional nerf to Seira/Hydran, as they are clearly, by far the most dominant in PvP, with minimal counter. Yes, there are some factions that may stand a slight chance in killing these factions, but lets be honest here, are you not fed up fighting an faction with 24/7 raja, which hits 1mil plus damage in less than a blink of an eye and is barely un-catchable. Every faction can be played to be considered as "OP", but these two factions are next level. The older factions are pretty outdated when compared to hydran/seira, and a lot of people have been giving up since they are not motivated to do an faction change to Seira/Hydran just to stand an chance at pvp. Do not get me wrong, E.g Lupin/Mage/Modo is "OP" when played in the right hands, but Hydran/Seira requires no skill and yet they can easily dominate pvp with minimum effort, voida is also very strong and delivers OP DPS, but I have to hand it to voida players, it takes more than 1 click to take 1st place in PvP event. I only think an "Decent" and "Reasonable" will turn things around and a lot more people will be motivated to play and participate in pvp.

Thank you for voting
Worried Monkey

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