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Title: Halloween Hide and Seek
Post by: Paphion on October 24, 2020, 07:51:29 pm
Hi everyone!

This event is a Hide and Seek Event. I'll give a clue, and players will have to find me.

Location: Realm 5
Time: 21:00 Server Time

The winner for each round is the person who finds me first and takes everything from the vend.

Players will only be able to win 1 round each, with the final round being open to everyone!

I will be on normal maps such as Jadeon, etc. Sunstream and Custom Sunstream will be excluded. I will not hide in caves/dungeons.

Parties will not be allowed. World chatting the answer is also not allowed. No skyblades allowed.

Clues will be Halloween themed!

There will be 10 rounds.

The prizes will include:
      ·    Banana Coupons
      ·    Fate's Bloods
      ·    Ice Orbs of Vastness
      ·    Ares Sigil
      ·    And more!

Good luck!