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Title: The Great Exchange
Post by: Paphion on August 23, 2020, 09:20:15 pm
Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Great Exchange! For this event, you have one week to attain one of the following items and exchange it for a reward!

There will be ten items which players can collect to exchange with me at the end of the week. These ten items will vary in difficulty; some will be as simple as buying them, others may have a week worth of work put into it.

However, a player can only exchange one item regardless of how many they collect. Additionally, you can only exchange on one toon.

As most of the items are non-tradable, proof will be given via linking the item in PM during the exchange period.

You will keep the item after the event.

Each item has a set difficulty and prize. I will not announce the difficulty or prize of each item. It will be up to you which item you aim to attain and exchange at the end of the week for a prize. You can determine how much a certain item might be worth.

The items are:
     ◦    Striped Dagger
     ◦    Chocolate
     ◦    Vanti the Etherblade Soulcard
     ◦    Super Secrets for Romantics
     ◦    Steeling Wine
     ◦    Ancient Coin Fragment
     ◦    Golden House
     ◦    Flaming Fire Essence
     ◦    Doomsday Silk
     ◦    §Gold Ingot

The exchange period will begin on 30th August 2020, at 21.00 server time and last for 15 minutes.

Good luck everyone!
Title: Re: The Great Exchange
Post by: JarvisDashiell on December 28, 2020, 08:44:40 am
 ;) ;)
Title: Re: The Great Exchange
Post by: hastor01 on January 07, 2021, 08:51:19 am
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