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Title: Patch 75
Post by: Perryl on January 06, 2021, 06:38:23 am
Patch 75

- Fixed Ancient Coins and fashions in marketplace.

- Added exchange for Omened to Bad Omens at Tcholok NPC.

- Updated lotto script and auction.

- Adjusted date on special one-day-only reward in Dancing Youth Pack.

- Fixed quest on Star Weave Vigor Pack (30)

- Put Hedwig in a box because she didn't work due to the delivery mechanism.

- Put Flying Pig and Golden Fleece in a box because they did not work due to the same delivery mechanism.

- Skyspirit Jade Soul now stacks to 30,000.

- Small update to Golden Piglet. Should work a bit better now.

- Added "Custom" tab to "Item Exchange" at Tcholok NPC. Here you can exchange Hedwig, Flying Pig, or Golden Fleece if you got one before this patch.

- Fate's blood item pack and Fate's Blood Full set were incorrectly configured. These have been fixed. If you opened one in between patch 74 and patch 75 you will be automatically compensated in the near future.

- Updated the Gilded Dream Box Pack too. Same issue as Fate Blood's packs. I will check who opened these and compensate accordingly.
Title: Re: Patch 75
Post by: tigersfang on September 11, 2022, 07:33:26 am
We need new update