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Events / Re: Summertime Raffle
« on: June 05, 2019, 07:43:09 pm »
IGN: Wooseok

#: 1582

Polls / Re: Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« on: January 15, 2019, 07:03:55 pm »
I feel like if you let people who can afford to buy unlimited bodhi seeds buy as many as they want, they would be at an advantage over someone who is unable to spend that kind of money. Sure, they could buy banana peels ingame, but that can take a *really* long time, and isn't something that sounds that feasible, depending on the price of the seed itself. Stones can give a huge boost in stats, especially if someone can make enough soulstones where they could theoretically have an anti-affinity stone of every affinity, and a affinity res stone of every affinity, for example. This would make it really hard for anyone who can't afford a stone to counter these people, thus putting them at a disadvantage only because they can't spend the money. Just my two cents :p

Polls / Re: New Server Location
« on: January 09, 2019, 01:50:57 am »
Location: Wisconsin, USA

Europe (FR) [current server is here]: 119 ms
North America (CA): 55 ms
[Alternate] - Europe (UK): 112 ms
[Alternate] - Europe (DE): 132 ms
[Alternate] - Europe (PL): 144 ms
[Alternate] - Singapore: 213 ms
- Best ----------------------------
North America (CA) : 55 ms

Events / Re: Ultimate Raffle
« on: January 05, 2019, 06:01:03 pm »
IGN: Drowzy
Number: 1738

General / Upgrading Gears
« on: December 27, 2018, 09:01:12 am »
Hey Everyone!

I've noticed many players returning with this new update, which is amazing. I've also seen people ask, "How do I upgrade my gear?" Upgrading gear can sometimes be confusing, because you don't know which npc to go to, or how to get the materials needed. In this post, I'll tell you everything you need to know on upgrading your gear, from 135 all the way up to Lumen :).

135 Gear:
This is the gear you first buy. You have a few options, Battleground gear, Chu-Han gear, Skytouch Jade Gear, Diamond Gear, and Honor Gem gear. Below I will go into detail in where/how to obtain each set.
Battleground Gear: This gear is found at the Battleground Vendor in both New and Old (Custom) Sunstream. With the Starfall update, a full 135 set will cost you 440 Ancient Coins. Ancient Coins can be obtained by trading Dragon Muscles, Skyline Pearls, Jasper Money, or Taichi Pill Packs to the Tree of Wealth. This is the set that will give you the most HP, so I would recommend this set for any character, unless you're something like a celan or a class that relies more on spirit (usually). REMINDER: The BG Weapon has a LOWER critical rate than Skytouch Jade weapons; at Lumen it is a 5% difference.

Chu-Han Gear: This gear can be found at Mirage Envoy Sellpher in New Sunstream, or the Voidland Dispatcher in Old (Custom) Sunstream. This gear also costs 440 Ancient Coins to obtain. This is the set that will give you the most SP, which is useful for characters like Celan, or Skysong for their HP Shield.  REMINDER: The Chu-Han Weapon has a LOWER critical rate than Skytouch Jade weapons; at Lumen it is a 5% difference.

Skytouch Jade Gear: This gear is found in 2 different places. The weapon is found at Taisung the Tao in Jadeon for 1,800 Skytouch Jades and 240 Ancient Coins. This weapon, unlike Chu-Han or BG, does NOT give a bonus to HP or SP. Instead, it goes for Critical Rate, with a 32% Critical Rate at Lumen. To obtain the helm, chest, and boots, you need to go to the Seat of Chaos. This can be done by going to the skylord in either New or Old (Custom) Sunstream, and scrolling to the bottom. You can also go here by going to the town where your affinity is affiliated (Fuwa, Skysong; Felkin, Wildlands;, Dagos, Jadeon). This set will cost you 2,400 Skytouch Jades, and 200 Ancient Coins, for a grand total of 4,200 Skytouch Jades and 440 Ancient Coins for your 135 set. This set has a balance between HP and SP, hence you won't see a large boost to either stat, but a medium change to both. This set is the best for critical rate and bonus.

Honor Gem Gear: This gear is found at the Faction NPCs in New Sunstream. The full 135 set will cost 600 Honor Gems. Honor Gems can be found  in the market by press "J" and going to "Custom". This set is good for PvE, as it gives you a good amount of damage reduction and Attack Power. However, in a server such as this, STJ may be a good alternative, since mobs in Inferna and higher are much tankier, and being able to crit on them makes farming much faster.

Diamond Gear: This gear is found from killing various Bosses around Jade Dynasty. People will usually give these away over world chat, or sell them to you. These sets give bonuses to Resistances. It isn't common to use this set, but certain classes may benefit from it. Fun Fact: This set does NOT have a corresponding weapon, only Helm/Chest/Boots.

Upgrading Your Gear!

Congrats! You finally have your 135 set, and are ready to make it even more powerful. Here I'll tell you where/how/how much of each item you will need to make your 135 set 14x.

Battleground Gear:  To upgrade your 135 BG set to 14x, you first must have the correct amount of materials. You will need: 8,400 Skytouch Jades, and 880 Ancient Coins. You can also buy the books with Ancient Coins and Courage, but it's impractical.  Once you have this amount, go to the Seat of Chaos. Talk to the Affinity Master, and buy each book. REMEMBER TO DOUBLE CHECK WHICH BOOK YOU ARE BUYING!!!!! Don't make the mistake of wasting your hard earned items by buying the wrong book! For BG Gear, you MUST right click the books after you buy them. After you have obtained all necessary books to upgrade, you then choose the "Gear Upgrade" option at the Affinity Master. REMINDER: If your gear has any refinery you would like to keep, USE A YUAN CRYSTAL! They are found in the Market under "J', go to "Aid" and then "Refinery", or just search Yuan Crystal in the search bar. Congrats! You now have a 14x Battleground Set!

Chu-Han Set: This set upgrades the same way as BG. However, you have two options on how you want to  buy the books. You can either buy them with the same amount of materials as BG (8,400 Skytouch Jades, 880 Ancient Coins), or you can buy them with Skytouch Jades and Gold Bricks. This is a much more expensive option, and I would only recommend this way if you have gold to spare. This option costs 64,000 Gold instead of Ancient Coins, which may be a hefty price for a new player. Remember to right click the books if it prompts you to on the description, and DON'T FORGET YOUR YUAN CRYSTAL IF YOU HAVE REFINERY YOU WANT TO KEEP! Congrats! You now have a full 14x Chu-Han Set!!

Skytouch Jade Gear: This gear is the most straightforward to upgrade. Obtain your 8,400 Skytouch Jade and 880 Ancient Coins, head to the Seat of Chaos, and buy the books. Easy! Remember your Yuan Crystals to save your Upgrades! Congrats! You now have a full 14x Skytouch Jade Set!!

Honor Gem Gear: This gear is very simple to upgrade. Obtain 1,150 Gold Leafs. Gold Leafs can be found at the Shady Dealer in both New and Old (Custom) Sunstream. Each leaf costs 1 gold, so you will spend 1,150 gold upgrading this set. You also need 1,150 Honor Gems. Head to the Seat of Chaos, and find the correct books. Remember your Yuan Crystals! Congrats!! You now have a 14x Honor Gem set!!

Diamond Gear: Diamond Gear takes less Skytouch Jades and Ancient Coins to upgrade; 4,800 and 400 Ancient Coins respectively. Head to the Seat of Chaos, make your purchase, and don't forget your yuans if you have refinery!

The Next Step

Now that you have a full 14x set of your liking, it's time to upgrade to Scion and Gaian. This gear requires a new item, Wonderland Stones. These are very common in maps such as Sunstrider and Inferna. The current market price for these are 4-5g, with the price beginning to rise because of the new patch. Here I'll let you know how much of each material you need!


BG, Chu-Han, and Skytouch Jade Sets: All of these sets take the same amount of items; 10,500 Wonderland Stones, and 1,200 Ancient Coins. This time, go to the Seat of Chaos and talk to the Divine Master, to the left of the Affinity Master. Remember your Yuans to keep refinery!

Diamond Set: This set takes less Wonderland Stones and Ancient Coins because of the lack of a weapon this set offers. You will need 6,000 Wonderland Stones, and 560 Ancient Coins. Go to the Seat of Chaos, buy your books, and use yuans!

Honor Gem Set: This set begins to become a little expensive to make, especially if you are new and not sure on how to make gold. Go to the Seat of Chaos, find the Divine Master, and trade 16,000 Gold Leafs and 1,800 Honor Gems for your upgrade books. Remember yuans if necessary!


BG, Chu-Han, and Skytouch Jade Sets: These sets cost 12,600 Wonderland Stones, and 1,500 Ancient Coins to upgrade from Scion to Gaian. Buy your books from the Divine Master, and remember yuans!

Diamond Set: Again, because of the lack of a weapon, this set is cheaper to make than the others. Take 7,200 Wonderland Stones and 700 Ancient Coins to the Divine Master, buy your books, and upgrade to Gaian :).

Honor Gem Set: This set, again, is a little expensive, as it costs 32,000 Gold Leafs and 2,600 to make every piece Gaian. Head to the Divine Master and go Gaian!

The Final Step

Congratulations! You have your Gaian set! With the introduction of the Starfall Update, a new set has been introduced to the game: Lumen. This is currently the most powerful set, but the hardest to obtain because of the introduction of a new item: Heaven Dragon Seals. These drop from various places, like Moontop Hollow and Inferna. They currently sell for around 150g each, which is a quick and easy way to make gold! Here I'll tell you the amount of items you will need for each set.

BG, Chu-Han, Skytouch Jade Sets: For these sets, you will need 16,600 Wonderland Stones, 1,950 Ancient Coins, and 6,000 Heaven Dragon Seals. This time, choose the Wary Gear Scripture Trade from the Divine Master. The books say Caeli, but it upgrades your set to Lumen. By this time you probably have +11 or higher, so it is imperative you remember your yuans!

Diamond Set: This set is cheaper because of the lack of a weapon. You will only spend 10,600 Wonderland Stones, 1,050 Ancient Coins, and 4,200 Heaven Dragon Seals. Go to the Divine Master, buy your books, and remember yuans!

Honor Gem Set: By the time you are Gaian, you probably have a reliable way to make gold, so the price of Lumen should not hurt too much. This set takes 57,000 Gold Leafs and 4,300 Honor Gems. Remember yuans please!

You've finished! You now have a full Lumen set! Congratulations! Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, I know it's probably been done before, but even if it helps one person it will be worth it. :)

Technical Support / Download Interrupted
« on: September 18, 2016, 05:20:54 pm »
3rd time i've redownloaded the launcher, 3rd time its interrupted? why?

News / Re: Patch update
« on: August 28, 2016, 05:51:52 am »
Posted 5 Months, 4 Weeks, 1 Day, 19 Hours, 51 Minutes Ago

Technical Support / Chinese Letters Launching when uptaded
« on: July 01, 2013, 05:24:53 am »
plz help when i got new patch and try to star game it gives me a box with chinese letters and closes plz help

IGN:  lBurnUl

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