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Technical Support / Re: Game crash
« on: October 18, 2022, 04:10:32 pm »
Games can crash for reasons beyond (but not unrelated to) unsuitable hardware and operating systems. Video drivers, for instance, should be up-to-date, as should the game itself. To update your video drivers, visit the manufacturer's website and download the latest version of the driver.

Is this a bot giving helpful advice? lol

General Discussion / Re: MILKY BUGGED?
« on: October 18, 2022, 04:07:10 pm »
Hello Gms,

Milky hasnt been working for some time now? What's happening? Any news?

Not really sure tbh, I'll look into it soon.

Polls / Free Jaden
« on: February 08, 2021, 05:37:23 pm »
Pretty self-explanatory poll.

We'd like to know how you like to get your free Jaden?

Currently, you can vote on two different useless websites and get some free Jaden from it, most of the time it works. You also usually receive free Jaden online in-game.

We could migrate all free Jaden rewards to online-only, or go back to voting only.

We could also potentially find some way to use the web lotto system, making it so you wouldn't always receive Jaden rewards, but maybe instead some other useful in-game item(s). Something like a daily lotto could replace the voting rewards. This would require you to log into the website daily as voting does. Online Jaden would require you to stay logged in-game.

So, what does everybody think? What's your favorite way to receive daily rewards?

News / Patch 75
« on: January 06, 2021, 06:38:23 am »
Patch 75

- Fixed Ancient Coins and fashions in marketplace.

- Added exchange for Omened to Bad Omens at Tcholok NPC.

- Updated lotto script and auction.

- Adjusted date on special one-day-only reward in Dancing Youth Pack.

- Fixed quest on Star Weave Vigor Pack (30)

- Put Hedwig in a box because she didn't work due to the delivery mechanism.

- Put Flying Pig and Golden Fleece in a box because they did not work due to the same delivery mechanism.

- Skyspirit Jade Soul now stacks to 30,000.

- Small update to Golden Piglet. Should work a bit better now.

- Added "Custom" tab to "Item Exchange" at Tcholok NPC. Here you can exchange Hedwig, Flying Pig, or Golden Fleece if you got one before this patch.

- Fate's blood item pack and Fate's Blood Full set were incorrectly configured. These have been fixed. If you opened one in between patch 74 and patch 75 you will be automatically compensated in the near future.

- Updated the Gilded Dream Box Pack too. Same issue as Fate Blood's packs. I will check who opened these and compensate accordingly.

News / Patch 74 - F*** 2020
« on: January 01, 2021, 01:48:59 am »
What a year it has been...  My year didn't go as planned, I don't know about yours.

Hoping 2021 can be everything 2020 was supposed to be.

We're kicking off the year with a new patch. Honestly, most of these notes were written a while ago and it is new year's eve now. There's lots missing and some that might not even be correct. I will update these notes tomorrow and clean up any mistakes. I will update this post when it's done.

-Fate-gear issues resolved
    -Human Fate weapons fixed
    -An issue was found with Mage female boots that prevented them from being inherited. This has been resolved.

-New Lottos and lotto changes
    -We've removed Spring Rice Glue Ball from all old lottos. They are currently only found on the Sanctuary Jadescroll lotto, Unicorn's Blessing, Pawn Shop Lotto, Compensation Lotto, Monkey Spirit Essence, the new Elysium Vessel, and Monkey's Reward.

-Item modifications and new items
    -Puppet Protectors now stack to 30,000. Make sure you keep them on hand, even if you don't have a red name, and spend your time on PvE realms. Not worth losing your esper.
    -You can now sell your untradeable Monkey Coin Pack to the NPC for 500 gold each.
    -New item: Bad Omen.
        -Obtained from some reward systems.
        -Can be obtained by exchanged unwanted Omened into Bad Omen.
        -Takes 100 to obtain an Omened Relic. (this actually hasn't been decided)
    -New item: Omened Relic
        -Can only be obtained with 100 Bad Omens. (this actually hasn't been decided)
        -Used to exchange for an Omened of your choice.
    -New item: Compensation Lotto
        -Found at GM NPC and given by GMs in specific admin-approved situations.

    -Imported new content
        -We've imported dozens of new items from a future version. These will be made available in future patches. Due to this, the patch is quite large.
    -New items added to the Skyblade Vendor:
            - Blade:
                - Orna
            - Thing:
                - Wasp queen
            - Light
                - Duality
            - Dark
                - Blue Raven Wings
            - Rainbow
                - Purple Daisy
                - Maple Feather
            - Other:
                - Red Fidget Spinner
        -Flying Mounts:
            - Ocean:
                - Yellow Dolphin
                - Pink Dolphin
                - Vibrant Moor Goldfish
        -New items added to the GM NPC:
            -Flight/mount -> flight
                - Albino Phoenix
                - Amethyst Feather
    -New items added to Golden Pig rewards
        -Golden Fleece (Pig Year Abundance exclusive)
        -Starfall Fashion Pack (Pig Year Abundance exclusive)
        -Hedwig (Pig Year Luck exclusive)
        -Flying Pig (Pig Year Abundance exclusive)
        -Golden Piglet (Pig Year Abundance exclusive)
    -New items added to Charge rewards
        -Paradise Stag
        -Ancient Beast
        -Porcelain Mechanic Horse
        -Ink Kirin
        -Dokabin Tiger
    -New item added to the auction
        -Strange Shadow Wings
    -New items added to the Banana Shop
        -Shadow Dragon Shear (30 Banana)
        -Ice Cocoon Silk (30 Banana)

-Quest Changes
    -The wedding quest was only correctly edited for one side of the quest, now both sides are correctly edited and both users will receive 450 RP.

-Instance changes
    -Soul Tower.
        -Rewards have been edited.
        -Only repeatable rewards have been changed. The event is too old for one-time rewards to be able to be changed fairly.
        -Feathers drop here and there's a special one-day-only reward from them. If you aren't one of the people with Feathers on hand, then make sure to get some here!
    -Lazybone Instance
        -There was an item required to complete this instance. It wasn't appearing due to a time limitation in the quest. This has now been resolved and Lazybone can be completed!
    -Clouded Milky Way
        -The quest to reward batteries for use within the instance has been repaired.

-Online Rewards
    -Fealty rewards have been improved further!
        -Basic Fealty pack changes:
            -Kirin Sigil Shard has been replaced with Drake Sigil Shard.
            -1 Fate Blood's Orb has been added at a 25% chance.
            -Celestial Decree reward increased to 5.
            -Monkey Coin reward changed to 1 Monkey Coin Pack.
            -Drake Sigil's reward chance changed to Astri Sigil Shard and increased x3.
            -Violetgold Fragment reward increased to 3.
        -Standard Fealty pack changes:
            -Monkey Coin reward changed to 3 Monkey Coin Packs.
            -Drake Sigil reward chance changed to 100%
            -Fate Blood's Orb added at 50% chance
            -Celestial Decree reward increased to 10.
            -Violetgold Fragment reward increased to 5.
            -Pawn Shop lotto reward added at 50% chance.
            -Astri Sigil Shard's chance increased by 11x.
            -Ares Sigil Shard added at <1%.
        -Advanced Fealty pack changes:
            -Monkey Coin reward changed to 5 Monkey Coin Packs
            -Drake Sigil Shard's reward changed to allow for up to 3 shards.
            -Fate Blood's Orb added at 50% chance
            -Pawn Shop lotto added at 50% chance
            -Bodhi Seed's Fragment added at 25% chance.
            -Violetgold Fragment reward increased to 10.
            -Astri Sigil Shard added at a 10% chance.
            -Ares Sigil Shard's chance increased by 7x.
            -Flux Sigil Shard added at a <1% chance.
        -Ultimate Fealty pack changes:
            -1 Pawn Shop Lotto added.
            -1 Drake Sigil Shard has been replaced with 1 Astri Sigil Shard.
            -1 Fate Blood's Orb has been added.
            -There is a 1% chance of receiving 1 Bad Omen.
            -Monkey Coin reward increased to 10 Monkey Coin Packs.
            -Ares Sigil Shard has been added at a 7.5% chance.
            -Spiritual Key remains.
            -Secret Phoenix Feather rate has been increased by 2.5x.
            -10 Banana Peels have been added.
            -Violetgold Fragment reward increased to 15.
            -Bodhi Seed's Fragment at a chance of 50%.
            -Flux Sigil Shard rate has been increased by 3x.
            -There remains a 25% chance on Yintai Keycode and Dauntless Heart.

    -Feather exchange has been updated
        -I couldn't possibly remember exactly what I did here, it was a year ago tbh.
        -Originally I had planned to have a one-day exchange on Jan 1st, 2020 for one custom thing or something in the Dancing Youth Gift Pack. This will still happen, just now it will be on Jan. 3rd, 2021. So you have a short warning, that wasn't how it was supposed to be but that's ok.

    -Charge Rewards have finally returned. Vote, stay online, or buy Jaden to increase your Charge points!
         - I honestly don't remember well what I did here. When we originally patched Starfall in 2019 or 2018 we had left official charge rewards. I simply didn't know they existed, lol. So, we've put those back because honestly, it was unfair that some people got those rewards and others didn't. So you can get Overpower title and so on now for fairly cheap.
         - We've also added multiple items in the exchange and rewards section. I know lots of people will ask about the cost of the Omened seal reward, it is at 150k. So, get voting! Voting for the server and purchasing Jaden are the only ways to earn "present" points.

    -Dream Journal Exchange
        -It looks like I added shards here. I don't remember what else is changed, but we did update it!

    -Banana Peel exchange has been updated
        -Prices have been reduced for various items
        -Added Violet Joy fashion for 2000 Banana Peels.
        -Added Dragon Touch fashion for 2000 Banana Peels.
        -Added Goldblood Lotus fashion for 2000 Banana Peels.
        -Added Celestial Prince and Princess fashions for 2000 Banana Peels each.
        -Added Tank mount for 4000 Banana Peels.
        -Added Lotus Apparatus Mount for 4000 Banana Peels
        -Added Golden Bat Sword skyblade for 4000 Banana Peels.
        -Added Green Feather Sword for 4000 Banana Peels.

-Marketplace changes
    -Added Icespike Fashion for Kytos Sprite.
    -Dragon Muscle has been removed.
    -Ancient Coin replaces Dragon Muscle.

-Pig Year Event

   - You've been collecting Pig Year's Blessings for over a year now, and it's finally time to cash them in. Go to Tcholok NPC or Recycling Center and get yourself one of the items for opening the packs spawned by the Pig NPC in Old Sunstream.

   - There are 3 options.

      - Pig Year Fortune (1 Pig Year's Blessing)

      - Awards one of the following:

         - 1000 gold Bank Note
         - 30 Tanis Ka Charms
         - 30 Soul Inverters
         - 10 Chi Enhancer
         - 3000 Ice Orb
         - 10 Monkey Coins
         - 1 Banana Peel
         - 100 Soul Ash
         - 1 Celestial Coupon
         - 30 Treasured Copper Coins
         - 500 Sunny Jade
         - Omened Seal
         - Flux Sigil Grand Pack
         - Bodhi Seed
         - Fate Blood Full Set (25 Fate Bloods)
         - 1 Pig Year's Blessing

-Rates are equal amongst most items, but the Flux Sigil, Omened Seal, Bodhi Seed, and Fate Blood's set are quite rare. That said, the rate compared to the cost makes it so the rate is close to the same between all 3 packs for these 4 items, it all comes down to how much time you want to spend on the event and how many Pig Year's Blessings you have, and of course, luck.

      - Pig Year Luck (100 Pig Year's Blessings)

      - Awards one of the following:

         - You can get a 100,000 gold Bank Note
         - 1 Monkey Coin Roll (1000 Monkey Coins)
         - Monkey's Perfect Talisman
         - Random Shard Reward
         - Radiant Orb Blessed Bag
         - 20 Celestial Decree
         - 30 Star Weave Vigor Pack
         - Golden Grit
         - Flux Sigil Shard Pack
         - 100 Pig Year's Blessings
         - Omened Seal
         - Flux Sigil Grand Pack
         - Bodhi Seed
         - 100 Banana Peels
         - Fate Blood Full Set (25 Fate Bloods)
         - Hedwig (exclusive owl skyblade)

-Most items have an equal chance of appearing here, but Omened Seal, Flux Sigil Grand Pack, Bodhi Seed, and the pack of Fate Bloods are rarer.

      - Finally, Pig Year Abundance (10,000 Pig Year's Blessings)

      - Awards one of the following:

         - Multi-millionaire pack (10m gold)
         - Monkey-Millionaire pack (100,000 Monkey Coins -shrug-)
         - Cosmos Star Soul Order (1200 points)
         - Gilded Dream Box Pack (x10)
         - Primordial Chance Pack (random Primordial)
         - Flying Pig (exclusive pig pet)
         - Golden Piglet (exclusive pig mount)
         - Omened seal
         - Flux Sigil Shard Grand Pack
         - Bodhi Seed
         - 100 Bananas
         - 2500 Banana Peels
         - Fate Blood Full Set (25 Fate Bloods)
         - 10,000 Pig Year's Blessings
         - Starfall Fashion Pack (exclusive fashion set for all)
         - Golden Fleece (exclusive sheep skyblade)

-All items have a close to equal chance of dropping in this pack.

Basically, these notes are better than no notes. I will update them very soon and make them more accurate and complete.

General Discussion / Re: Make All CP vouchers turnable in!
« on: April 27, 2020, 04:38:15 am »
We've told you before, never going to happen.

General Discussion / Re: RETIRED hes covering for my store
« on: February 22, 2020, 04:00:57 pm »
Most of the time I am logged in, and I have checked for this many times since you reported it to me privately about 3 weeks ago. Every time, this issue wasn't there.

So, now when I'm offline for a few days it comes up again. Either the person doing this won't do it if I'm online (possible) or this just isn't happening very often.

This isn't something I really want to have to police. Whoever is doing this needs to realize that the person you're doing this to is an absolute pain in my ass when you affect their enjoyment of the game, which affects my enjoyment of life, which makes me ban you. So stop harassing them and let's all move on with life. Ok? Ok.

I'm not really asking.

General Discussion / Re: Players Stoking me agen
« on: December 26, 2019, 04:00:55 am »
Excuse me... I think you don't see the problem. You tell me that you live players to stock someone in-game just because you don't think a ban or other options have to be implemented???  this is racism and coming from you is disgusting me. How about everyone does that to everyone and destroy the pleasure of the game.   The problem here is that some noobs don't like my prices and decide to block my Shop sow that no1 can come to BUY or SELL.   Is that ok coming from you???? answer me pls   

(ps:  Perryl diel with 1 player before and now is the same person but now it brings with him others to stock me. if this is fair to me or other players fuck it.  I delete the account and live this game. That means YOU support them in what they do.  Shame on you GM

If you don't want to ban the players for this problem fine, but then BLOCK  OR MAKE A RULE  TO NOT  BLOCK OR  SOMMON MOUNT AND PETS IN TOWN WERE PEOPLE  USE THERE MARKET.

Calm down and read. Flippy just said you shouldn't be threatening people to get them banned or something, and I agree.

Harassment is not ok and dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The claim that you are rude is not handled appropriately by "blocking your store", but by reporting you for your actions. As you are doing here about them.

It's Christmas, I'm not going to deal with it tonight. I'll deal with it probably tomorrow. If it's the same person, then it's reasonable for them to expect a ban. I don't agree with your pricing on items either, but like you said, it's your pricing and people can pick and choose whether they want to purchase or not. Blocking your store is not allowing you the freedom to fail in the free market, which you should be able to do without harassment like, what would we call this? Loitering? lmao.

Way to turn the game into real-life guys.

How about you all get a life?

News / Patch 72 + 73
« on: November 06, 2019, 06:29:19 am »
Changed the drops in Clouded Milky Way.

Fixed the Mage gears.

Fixed the error that was giving people too many lottos from the Weekly Event: Sky quest.

Patch 73

Didn't test Patch 72, so I messed up on drop list numbers and it didn't add up so it didn't work. Fixed it immediately. They'll be adjusted a bit more again in a future patch.

News / Patch 71
« on: November 04, 2019, 07:18:05 pm »
Patch 71

Another quick patch for you guys.

Fate gears were not correctly working for Skysong, Lupin, Jadeon, and Vim. This has been resolved.

You were unable to use skills on the final boss in Clouded. This has been resolved.

Voida Endless Fiction gears had the incorrect models. This has been resolved.

Astral Dew was set with incorrect settings in the Courage Vendor. This has been resolved.

News / Patch 70
« on: November 02, 2019, 03:37:18 pm »
Patch 70

To follow-up on yesterday's patch with a fix for Clouded. Today we have made some more adjustments.

There won't be another patch tomorrow, but possibly Monday.

We used to keep the stuff we were working on under wraps because other servers have built their entire servers on content ideas we have floated. Honestly, you guys stick around either way so I don't care if other servers know about what we're working on. I just want to get it out there.

   -Courage Exchange
      -Many players suggested that the Courage Exchange was dropped down by too much, so we've doubled the costs in the Courage Exchange to balance it better with other parts of the economy.
      -The prices were intentional, for those that asked, but the feedback suggested that these prices were too low based on the timing between rounds if you switch realms and because the amount of points you can receive from a round is almost 50% higher than we expected.
      -Doubling the costs accounts for both of these issues and makes the rewards more in line with how we wanted to reward people for doing BGs.
      -Ultimately, items found in rewards should not negatively impact the trading values of these items by too much. When it does, we need to adjust for that.
      -We've added more rewards to the Courage Exchange too.
         -Fine Seal Orb
         -Fate Blood's Orb
         -Bodhi Seed's Fragment
         -Spiritual Covenant
         -Astral Dew

   -Blacksmith's Apprentice
      -This new NPC is connected to the Blacksmith and can be used to exchange for full sets of Scion, Gaian, and Lumen with the correct coupons.

   -Clouded Drops
      -When we modified the Clouded Drop List in the previous patch, we made the mistake of turning the drops down to 0.
      -This was fixed in Patch 69 yesterday, but due to a networking issue in Clouded needed a secondary restart today.

   -New Items
      -Banana Peel's Charm
         -I forget why I made this right now. However, it exists and will be used.
      -Six Bananaties.
         -This special pack is like the Subtleties you're used to, but with custom rewards. It is not finished and not available yet, but it has been partially completed.
      -Gear Up Pack
         -This pack gives the required items to build a +14 Lumen set with +9 seals of your choice and max perfect imbues.
         -This may be added to the Banana Shop, but mostly was developed as a 1st prize lotto reward. Let us know if you think it belongs in the Banana Shop or not.
      -Gear Up Sigil 4-pack and Gear Up Seal Orb Pack.
         -These items were designed for the Gear Up Pack and are part of the rewards received in that pack.
      -The items above have not been added to the game publicly yet, they are still under development. More information will be posted about these items in an upcoming patch.

   -Custom Titles
      -4 Custom Titles that were ordered have been added to the server.
      -Users that ordered Custom Titles should watch their mailbox for the item delivery.

   -Daily Sign-in Awards
      -We've reset the Daily Sign-in Rewards, they should work immediately after you sign in.

News / Patch 69
« on: November 01, 2019, 04:05:04 pm »
With a number like 69 you'd hope there was a lot more going on, right?

Unfortunately, this was just a quick patch to fix any daylight savings time issue that may have come up.

While the server was down, we fixed the Clouded drops. They should drop now and you should be able to obtain Fate Gears now.

We were quiet for Sept. and Oct. due to real-life commitments outside of MD. Not a lot got done, unfortunately. While I'm not about to commit to weekly patches, this month will see some of the planned content released.

Patches may be really small from now on. Honestly, I think it's better if we push something small than nothing at all. I think most of you agree. I've been stubborn about trying to make big elaborate patches that make up for the amount of time between them. This is an endless loop and it sucks.

So, we're going to just patch stuff as it's done. You might think a patch sucks or is tiny or whatever, I don't care. We're not going to worry about that. We're going to keep on keeping on through 2020 and beyond.

Expect more frequent, smaller, patches. Some days may even see multiple patches.

General Discussion / Re: player stoking me
« on: September 16, 2019, 02:25:12 pm »
It is really extremely appalling  and sad to see, that Skysong ( player name ) continues to harass other players in game. He has been extremely rude in World chat too, often using abusive and derogatory language directed at other players' mother and parents.. And here the evidence provided just goes to prove what a bird brained lummox that he is.. Think it's time that the authorities take strict action against such malignant players
Laurica and santosh have the same IP !woow is the same player . hahahahahah . see here who speaks badly ... HEEEEELP ...  :D :D

Dog, that 77 IP you see that you think is both of theirs, is yours. They have 2 different IPs. Only some staff members can see other users IPs, obviously, that would be a security issue.

Ingame / Re: VOTING
« on: September 16, 2019, 02:23:03 pm »

We don't own the voting site so we can't help you with this.

News / Re: Patch 63
« on: May 17, 2019, 12:01:45 am »
I believe drops in Inferna shouldn't have been adjusted that way, probably others believe in that too, basically dropping non-tradeable MCP is just stupid, and reducing it? What ppl farm 24 hours for 300~ MCP it's that much? I thought the incoming patches were going to make the game easier, now it only makes it harder, everyone says that they want it a bit easier all the time, every patch, every feedback in WC is about this, and what happens, the exact opposite, come on guys.

The drop rates were higher than intended in some ways, but not in others. We're continuously making changes to the server that will affect how various features work. You won't always agree with the changes, but there is a bigger picture that is not available to you.

The MCP dropping in Inferna being tradeable resulted in a highly exploitable advantage for people who can run more than 1 farming account. Many of the items in the Monkey NPC remain tradeable.

The game is significantly easier than it ever was and we continue to add more ways to get better rewards for all players.

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