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Topic: Lazybone's Room Instance Guide  (Read 1571 times)

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Lazybone's Room Instance Guide
« on: August 04, 2020, 08:49:45 pm »

1. First of all, you can only form a party of 3 ppl to join the instance at max. All you have to do is to kill all 3 mini-bosses;

2. The first mob is the easiest: kill him only using normal attacks. You can use your pets to help on normal hiting him;

3. The second mob is a little bit annoying because he can heal his HP really fast but this time you can use your skills on it. The tip here is to use freezing skills to prevent it from healing and skills that increase damage received like Polar Current. If you have a class that can defer several hits at once, this will help a lot too. But be careful, use the skills around the percentage of HP where he usually heals. If I'm not wrong, around 78% and 48% he heals more intensely;

4. The third and the last mob is way easier than the second one. Here you need to attack him with your skills normally, but at some point he will start raising a raja constantly. The secret is to keep attacking without stopping, as his raja leaves a gap of 1 sec constantly. In this phase, a class with the ability to defer several hits quickly will be of great help, like Voida's laser for example. It is in these loopholes that you will be able to attack it and destroy it.

That's it guys! You got it! Here's the list of rewards you can get by ending this instance.

- 100% rate rewards: 3k Chroma Beads + 50 Radiant Orbs + 50 Heaven Dragon Seals;

- Random rate rewards: 3 Fate's Blood Orbs, 50 Soul Ashes, 1 Random Shard Reward, 1 Infernal Mirror Soulcard, 1 Firmus Soulcard, 1 Soul Scepter Soulcard, 1 Heartrending Flower Soulcard, 1 Violet Array Core Pack.


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