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Topic: King of the Hill  (Read 229 times)

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King of the Hill
« on: July 05, 2020, 03:20:24 pm »
Event starts at on -
Hello guys! (This is an old event originally ran by Kaz named "There can be the One").

Time: 21:00 Server Time
Location: Realm 1

I'll link the location of the event from 20:00 (server time). The objective is to be on top of the hill I point to you after some minutes from round start. And be alive. PvP your way to the top and win the prize. And make sure you're the only one on top. Don't try to be smart and teleport or fly to the top. You need to run up that hill.

Either Paphion or I will stay in the exact spot you need to reach to win the round. If there are two ppl in there, the first one to die loses and the other will be the winner. If the countdown ends and there is no one at the spot, the first ppl to reach it, wins!

The length of each round will be stipulated in advance and only GM Paphion and I will know. This will prevent you from timing yourselves.

There will be 6 rounds total, with the first five rounds having the same prize and the sixth round having the Ultimate Prize.

Each player can only win one round and then awaits the last round that will be open to everyone again.

Good luck to everyone!
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