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Topic: Patch 70  (Read 6667 times)

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Patch 70
« on: November 02, 2019, 03:37:18 pm »
Patch 70

To follow-up on yesterday's patch with a fix for Clouded. Today we have made some more adjustments.

There won't be another patch tomorrow, but possibly Monday.

We used to keep the stuff we were working on under wraps because other servers have built their entire servers on content ideas we have floated. Honestly, you guys stick around either way so I don't care if other servers know about what we're working on. I just want to get it out there.

   -Courage Exchange
      -Many players suggested that the Courage Exchange was dropped down by too much, so we've doubled the costs in the Courage Exchange to balance it better with other parts of the economy.
      -The prices were intentional, for those that asked, but the feedback suggested that these prices were too low based on the timing between rounds if you switch realms and because the amount of points you can receive from a round is almost 50% higher than we expected.
      -Doubling the costs accounts for both of these issues and makes the rewards more in line with how we wanted to reward people for doing BGs.
      -Ultimately, items found in rewards should not negatively impact the trading values of these items by too much. When it does, we need to adjust for that.
      -We've added more rewards to the Courage Exchange too.
         -Fine Seal Orb
         -Fate Blood's Orb
         -Bodhi Seed's Fragment
         -Spiritual Covenant
         -Astral Dew

   -Blacksmith's Apprentice
      -This new NPC is connected to the Blacksmith and can be used to exchange for full sets of Scion, Gaian, and Lumen with the correct coupons.

   -Clouded Drops
      -When we modified the Clouded Drop List in the previous patch, we made the mistake of turning the drops down to 0.
      -This was fixed in Patch 69 yesterday, but due to a networking issue in Clouded needed a secondary restart today.

   -New Items
      -Banana Peel's Charm
         -I forget why I made this right now. However, it exists and will be used.
      -Six Bananaties.
         -This special pack is like the Subtleties you're used to, but with custom rewards. It is not finished and not available yet, but it has been partially completed.
      -Gear Up Pack
         -This pack gives the required items to build a +14 Lumen set with +9 seals of your choice and max perfect imbues.
         -This may be added to the Banana Shop, but mostly was developed as a 1st prize lotto reward. Let us know if you think it belongs in the Banana Shop or not.
      -Gear Up Sigil 4-pack and Gear Up Seal Orb Pack.
         -These items were designed for the Gear Up Pack and are part of the rewards received in that pack.
      -The items above have not been added to the game publicly yet, they are still under development. More information will be posted about these items in an upcoming patch.

   -Custom Titles
      -4 Custom Titles that were ordered have been added to the server.
      -Users that ordered Custom Titles should watch their mailbox for the item delivery.

   -Daily Sign-in Awards
      -We've reset the Daily Sign-in Rewards, they should work immediately after you sign in.
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Re: Patch 70
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2019, 11:39:43 am »
Why my Courage cant exchange Soul Inverter or Ice Orb Crates or other items?


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