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Topic: Patch 66 - The Big One™  (Read 11880 times)

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Patch 66 - The Big One™
« on: July 28, 2019, 08:36:17 am »
Patch is live. The version is 68 due to 2 hotfix.

There may be a few DCs shortly before / after patch as we bring up some new systems this patch depends on.


Last month we had a plan in place to patch a few patches close together to bring an event idea to life and fix some mistakes from the previous patch. Rarely do things go as planned and this patch was no exception.

While this patch did take longer than our patch schedule had promised, it has significantly better content in it. Most of the content we had planned to implement in that batch of patches is NOT in this patch. These things will be implemented in future patches.

Instead, we got our hands on some new information and learned how to modify skills. We had also teased a lot of new website content over the last few months. Now you can see that most of these things are live. We implemented automatic gear change, a new web storage system, the ability to view your character on the website and view your storage, and improved tracking and protections to make the server as fair as possible. We also fixed Clouded, so you can start earning the required items to develop Fate Gears.

A lot of content on the server was really out-of-date. We've been live since 2013 and some content hadn't evolved with the server rates and game changes over time. In line with this evolution, we've lowered prices in the shop to be more consistent with what we believe is fair, and spur some more donations.

Running and developing MD is expensive. We have 2 servers that cost us hundreds of dollars per month (each), tools that we pay monthly for, and our time, which, hopefully you agree, has value.

Anything you can buy in shop can be obtained for free by playing the game, but ultimately for development to continue and for the server's expenses to be paid, donations have to increase. The price reductions we've done account for the removal of 2x donations, almost everything is half the price it was when we removed 2x donations. The only exception that comes to mind is Custom Title which will not be reduced, but may go on sale from time to time.

If you like our work and you'd like to see MD continue to evolve, please consider buying something in the shop. It's literally what keeps the server running and these patches coming, and we're at a point where it's getting harder to justify the tremendous amount of work we've put into MD throughout 2019.


Below, you will find a list of changes that have been implemented over the last month, and content that is being implemented with this client patch. So without further adieu, feast your eyes on the full notes for Patch 66:

  • Voting
    • We've reduced the amount you get from voting on Xtremetop100 by half.
    • We've added a second site for voting to increase exposure. You may vote on Xtremetop once per 12 hours and Gtop every 24 hours for a total of 1680 Jaden per day.
  • Banana Shop
    The Banana Shop is undergoing some long-promised changes to pricing, item availability, and structure. Here's what we've changed so far:
    • We've added an automated, instant Gear Change option. Check it out here!
    • We've changed the price of Jaden to 10 Bananas per 1,000 Jaden. All other options for Jaden purchase have been removed.
    • Chapter of Essence has been reduced to 50 Bananas.
    • Esper Catalyze Item has been reduced to 5 Bananas.
    • Expertise Coupon has been reduced to 10 Bananas.
    • Ancient Blood Seal, Charm, and Jade packs have been reduced to 10 Bananas each.
    • Ancient Blood Pack has been reduced to 150 Bananas.
    • Removed Kirin Sigil from the Banana Shop.
    • Astri Sigil has been reduced to 100 Bananas.
    • Ares Sigil has been reduced to 150 Bananas.
    • Flux Sigil has been reduced to 200 Bananas.
    • Astri Sigil 4-pack has been reduced to 350 Bananas.
    • Ares Sigil 4-pack has been reduced to 500 Bananas.
    • Flux Sigil 4-pack has been reduced to 750 Bananas.
    • Firmus set pack has been reduced to 100 Bananas.
    • Supreme Gift Coupon has been reduced to 50 Bananas.
    • Bodhi Seed is no longer restricted.
    • Lottos have been temporarily disabled for restructuring.
  • Event Rewards
    The new rewards have been live for a few weeks now. Sorry for the delay.
    • You will no longer see the same rewards from event to event.
    • Sigil shards from event rewards are no longer tradeable.
    • There are many variables behind the reward system that decide the rewards and their seed prices. You may not pay the same price for the same item from event to event.
    • Sometimes there will be a "crit" which results in an option where you can get an item for cheaper than normal.
    • There have been improvements made to the reward options and you can now get most useful items in the game.
    • Rare items have been added to the reward options.
    • You can no longer see the rewards until after the event has completed.
    • Omened Seal is 350 Banana Seeds *if it shows up*. It's obviously rare.
    • Soon you will have ways to boost the amount of Seeds you get per event and we'll also have events with increased Seed rewards.
    • Example of new rewards:
  • Jungle Expansion
    The Jungle Expansion that we've been talking about has been in beta testing for about a month now. If you haven't tried it yet, you can try it out here. Much of this is still to come, but here are some of the features already released:
    • Search for any character profile and view PvP stats, equipment, clan, ally, and more.
    • View your characters' in-game items on the web, including your storage, equipped items, and your bag.
    • This includes a Web Stash that allows you to move items to and from an external web storage system for potentially unlimited storage space. We've given each character 25 slots to start with. Try it out here.
    • View information about your alliance and clan by clicking on the clan or alliance name on character profiles
    • What else would you like to this be able to do? Let us know in the comments!

  • Skill Changes
    • Hydran:
      • Patsy : Transform duration has been cut in half.
      • Fluting Echoes 2 : The reduction to Seven Star Flash's CD was reduced from 60% to 30%
      • Meteor Shower 3 (All Versions) : Casting range reduced to 12 yards.
    • Seira
      • Spirit Passenger (All versions) : Cooldown increased to 15 sec
      • Night Mirror : The reflect increase effect no longer affects the chroma versions of Montem Dance. The reflect max duration to regular Montem Dance is now 4 sec.
      • Shroud of the New Green 3 <Hero> : Minimum cooldown increased from 30 to 45 sec.
      • Shroud of the New Green (All Versions) : Has been changed so that for every 5 points of Skill Evasion, damage reduction will increase by 1%, but cannot exceed 80%.
  • Multi-client limitation
    • We've reinstituted the limit of 3 accounts online per person.
    • This limit returns because we have finished developing our anti-exploit system.
  • Map changes
    • We have improved the respawn points in custom maps. You now respawn where you should and Portal Scroll now works as it should.
    • We've added 2 new maps, Doom Bog PvP and Billows PvP will be used in rotation for PvP events. The maps have no mobs, have a look at them and let us know if there's anything we should add or remove on these maps. What other maps do you want to see used in PvP rotation?
    • Dread Lab now works on all realms.
    • We had accidentally removed the PvE status from realms 10, 13, 14, and 15. This has been fixed.
    • Porting has been disabled on the PvP maps.
    • We had accidentally removed the ability to port to Garro, this has been fixed.
    • We had accidentally forced people to port out of the Kunlun PvP map, this has been fixed.
    • The mistakes mentioned above were caused by a syncing issue that has now been fixed.
    • We've now added 3 more maps for PvP FFA events, these maps will have no parties allowed. Initiating a party or being in a party will cause you to disconnect and forfeit rewards.
  • Clouded
    • Clouded Sunstream is now available!
    • Clouded Milky Way is now operational!
    • Weekly quest rewards in Clouded Milky Way have been modified to reward Banana Peels, Soul Ash, Soul Card lotto and more, there's even a low chance to get an Omened Seal from each quest. That's 5 chances at Omened Seal per week.
    • Drops have been slightly modified with Heaven Dragon Seal removed from the drops and replaced with Ice Orbs, the drop rate of Ice Orb reduced and the rates of all other drop items increased.
  • NPC
    • Battleground Deputy (Courage Exchange)
      • Added more tabs to allow more room for items.
      • Changed the name of the common tab to "Shards". This will contain item shards and fragments.
      • Named the second tab "Consume". This will contain consumable items like Chroma Beads and Ice Orbs.
      • Named the third tab "Special". This will contain exclusive custom items and hard to obtain or rare items.
      • Significantly reduced the prices on all items.
    • Tcholok (Custom NPC)
      • The option to exchange level 4 Holy Lotus sands on the Item Exchange was incorrectly configured to require a level 4 Celespere Sand for a level 5 Holy lotus Sand. This has been fixed.
      • The Item Conversion exchange has been added to Tcholok. Here you can trade in your Fate Blood Orbs, Sigil Shards, and other items that can be converted into various other items.
  • Soul Card crafting and decomposition
    • You can now craft the 4 remaining gold Soul Card for 4800 Soul Ash each.
    • You can now decompose those same gold Soul Cards for 2400 Soul Ash each.
    • You can craft the gold Esper cards now at 4800 Soul Ash each.
    • You can craft the purple Esper cards for 1600 Soul Ash each.
    • You can decompose the gold Esper cards for 2400 Soul Ash each.
  • Bosses
    • We've added 13 bosses for instances and spawns.
    • Several of these bosses will be used in a custom instance that is currently in development.
    • Some of you might remember the custom boss "Shaman". The model used for this boss was actually part of the group of bosses from above that are to be used for this custom instance. Due to that, we've changed his model to a new design.
    • Shaman
  • Star Soul Exchange
    • Fatecharm Sign has been switched to a version that no longer allows the Fatecharms inside to be traded.
  • Instance
    • Eldea Gauntlet has returned!
      • The drops in EG are the same as the modified SG drops right now.
    • Elements Pool: Retribution removed.
      • This instance was just a cloned Holy Lotus. We might bring it back, but for now we've replaced it with Eldea Gauntlet.
    • Lazybone
      • Lazybone is now working, let us know what we should change about it!
    • PvE Fort Cloudstrom
      • This is working, but it is not modified and likely quite boring. We can either modify this or add something in its place, let us know!
    • Song of the Emerald Lady (BL8)
      • The mobs here were incorrectly configured to give level 1 books instead of level 6, that has been corrected.
    • Let us know if you have a favorite instance that you'd like to see return or a fun idea you'd like to see us make into an instance!
  • Quiz Bowl
    • Rewards for winning the quiz bowl have been significantly changed.
    • When awarded the title for winning Quiz Bowl, you will receive a random reward. This reward ranges from a Chroma Bead Crate to an Omened Seal.
    • 2nd and 3rd place rewards have also been modified to receive a random reward. However, only the winner has a chance at an Omened Seal.
  • Drop Rates
    • Inferna
      • Wonderland Stone drop rate reduced
      • Heaven Dragon Seal drop rate reduced
      • Chroma Bead drop rate increased
      • Ice Orb drop rate increased
      • Fatecharm Fragment drop rate increased
      • Order drop rates reduced
      • Monkey Coin drop rate decreased
      • Monkey Coin Pack drop rate decreased
      • Sigils removed from drops
      • Soul Ash drop rate increased
      • Soul inverter Shard drop rate increased
    • Affinity Lands (Basic and Advanced)
      • Removed all provisions and talismans.
      • Added Soul Inverter Shard.
      • Added Wonderland Stone.
      • Added Chroma Bead.
      • Added Ice Orb of Vastness.
      • Added Monkey Coin.
      • Added Fatecharm Fragments.
      • Added Monkey Coin Pack.
      • Added Spiritual Covenant.
    • MTH (Jadeon)
      • The wrong Blood Orb was dropping here, this has been fixed.
  • Item
    • We've added 3 new skyblades and 3 new wings.
      • Duality

      • Amethyst Feather

      • Purple Daisy

      • Orna

      • Wasp Queen

      • Yellow Dolphin

    • Exquisite Vigor Potion
      • Can now be stacked to 30,000.
    • Monkey Vigor Potion
      • New vigor potion that restores 2000 Vigor instantly and an additional 340 per tick.
    • Warsoul Order
      • Disabled this item from rewarding courage.
    • Dream Catcher title
      • A mistake was made that prevented this title from displaying. This has been resolved.
    • Due to this mistake, one user received an error in their custom title. This has been fixed, and they got the Dream Catcher title for free due to a technical issue. Congrats? lol.
    • Banana Coupons
      • In the previous patch we changed how Banana Coupons worked, but unfortunately we made them unable to be traded. This was an oversight and has been fixed.
    • Caeli Scriptures
      • We've renamed Caeli scriptures to Lumen scriptures to reduce confusion.
    • Mystic Tomes
      • All mystic tome books now require 20% less Spiritual Covenant per refine.
    • Reforger Pack
      • New item found in a lotto, it contains 10 of each level 6 Reforger.
    • Monkey Spirit Essence
      • New lotto rewarded once per week for finishing the last boss in Clouded Milky Way. The prizes range from Honor books to Spiritual Covenant.
    • Gilded Dream Box pack
      • New item being added to the Banana Shop, it contains 10 Gilded Dream Box.
    • Fatecharm Sign (bound)
      • New item created for the Star Soul reward exchange.
    • PvP Reward Box
      • Special reward only found in PvP events at random. Contains great loot.

Finally, enjoy some previews of newly available Fate Gear:

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Re: Patch 66 - The Big One™
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2019, 03:46:37 pm »
Clouded Milky Way not work.

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Re: Patch 66 - The Big One™
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2019, 11:33:43 pm »
Clouded Milky Way not work.

Clouded Milky Way is working now. Give it a shot tomorrow after 12:00 server time

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Re: Patch 66 - The Big One™
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2019, 10:20:09 pm »
orison adept 4 k dont work !


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