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Topic: Patch 65  (Read 7221 times)

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Patch 65
« on: June 18, 2019, 10:45:57 pm »
This patch has been applied!


So, weekly patches hasn't exactly worked out the best for us so far. The plan to patch Thursdays, also not quite working out, but we do still have a patch for you. We're not going to wait for Thursday, though, we're just going to patch it in today.

We fell behind and failed to keep up with this weekly patch promise, but we're going to turn that around now starting with this patch today. No, this does not mean you will get a weekly patch next Tuesday, or that we're changing the date. Patch 66 will be on Thursday. Patch 67 will be before next Thursday, I don't know exactly what day yet.

We're also really excited to show you the upcoming Jungle Extension. Keep watching the news section for an announcement that will explain what it is and how to use it.

Below, you'll find a list of the stuff you can expect in this patch. (that we remembered/wrote down)

  • Tcholok
    • Tcholok has had the "Item Exchange" section split into 2 sections. One is now known as the "Event Item Exchange" and the other is called "Item Exchange". This gives us more room to add various items to these sections in the future.
    • The Dream Origin Exchange has been added to the Event Item Exchange shop for 1 Monkey Coin. Once right-clicked, this item will reward you with a special exchange that will be valid for 1 year. This item is only valid once per character.
    • You can now exchange your old sands for Holy Lotus sands at the Tcholok NPC in the Item Exchange section.
  • Golden Pig
    • This texture was sometimes not working for some people, we have made a slight adjustment to improve the rendering of this texture.
  • Monkey NPC
    • In the coupon/upgrade exchange on the refinery tab there's now an option to purchase Jadefall Crystal for 50 Monkey Coin and Spirit Square Jade for 100 Monkey Coin.
    • Also found in the coupon/upgrade exchange on the refinery tab is untradeable Astri, Ares, and Flux Sigil Shards for untradeable Monkey Coin Packs.
    • In the coupon/upgrade exchange on the refinery tab you will find level 6 Reforgers for 3000 MC each.
  • Revision Charms for Athan and Human have been added to the Monkey NPC for 5000 MC each. These items can be used to change your pre-ascended faction.
  • Stashkeep Tamsin
    • The Item Crates section now has options for Radiant Orbs, Common Seal Orbs, and Soul Inverters.
  • Monkey Skylord
    • The Monkey Skylord has been added to Sunstream next to Skylord Tamsin.
    • Custom ports have been moved from Skylord Tamsin to Monkey Skylord in Sunstream.
  • Blacksmith
  • Blacksmith is a new NPC that has been added as a one-stop shop to get 14X gears. You can now get 14X Diamond, Chu-Han, Battleground, and Skytouch gears from him. He's found in Custom SS next to the other Blacksmith, in Seat of Chaos in the middle, and in Sunstream next to the Battleground gear NPC.
  • Rat King
    • A new NPC added as the entrypoint for Dread Lab. He's found in Custom SS at the same spot where you used to enter CP.
  • Master Yao Dunmu
    • Removed from Custom SS to make room for Rat King. Entry for Crimson Peaks is found in the instances list now, so this NPC had no function.
  • Dr. Perryl
    • New NPC added for some reason that I currently forget, lol.

  • We've removed Dream Origin from the drop lists and have replaced it with Pig Year's Blessing. Pig Year's Blessing will be collected until the end of August.
  • We've adjusted the chance of receiving 4 base stats on a badge to 15% and completely removed the chance of getting just 1 base stat.
  • Radiant Orb can now stack to 30,000.
  • 4 new Skyblades and 3 new Wings have been added.
    • Blue Raven Wings

    • Maple Feather

    • Red Fidget Spinner

    • Albino Phoenix

    • Pink Dolphin

    • Vibrant Moor Goldfish

    • Dream Catcher skyblade which is exclusive to the Dream Origin exchange.

    • A new custom title has been added. The "Dream Catcher" title can be purcased in the Lifelong Dream Grand Pack.

    • We've mentioned a couple times about increasing the speed of flight items. We've decided we're going to rewrite the formula for these improvements and make it possible to make the skyblades better through upgrading. This is coming soon.
    • Banana Coupons have been converted into items that can now be simply right clicked to reward Bananas. Banana exchange quests have been removed from the Peels NPC.
    • We have added Jaden Coupons, although they are not available yet.

    • Holy Lotus
      • All levels of prize packs have had their Affinity Beads removed and replaced with Astral Dew. You can get between 1 - 6 Astral Dew per run now.
      • All levels of prize packs have had their Chroma Bead reward values increased significantly. You can now get a range of 2000 - 30000 Chroma Beads per run.
      • All levels of prize packs have had their Ice Orb of Vastness reward increased. You can now earn between 500 - 5000 Ice Orbs per run.
      • All levels of prize packs have had their maximum amount of Sands or Crystals multiplied by 3. This includes Heart of Radiance and Golden Grit too.
    • Shura Gauntlet
      • Some mobs had the wrong drop list, these have been updated to have our custom drop list for SG.
      • Diamond gears have been removed from the drops. You can now get Diamond Gears from the Blacksmith NPC found in both SS and SoC.

    Other stuff:
    • Daily Sign-in
      • We've reset the timer and you may begin to collect these rewards again tomorrow. This is the last cycle of these specific rewards, the next set of rewards will be changed for Patch ~71
    • Event System
      • Event rewards have been modified to be more randomized.
    • Graphic titles
      • We've repaired the newer titles that could not display. We will begin to reward these in various ways soon.
    • Icons
      • Many more new icons were added.
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