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Topic: Scavenger Hunt  (Read 864 times)

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Scavenger Hunt
« on: May 31, 2019, 03:44:18 pm »
Event starts at on -
Hi everyone!

This event is a Scavenger Hunt. It will work similar to a Hide and Seek event; I'll give a clue, and players will have to find me.

Location: Realm 4
Time: 23:00 Server Time

This event will take place on a PvP realm, and the person who finds and kills me will win that round. Only the person who gets the killing notification wins the prize.

Players will only be able to win 1 round each, with the final round being open to everyone!

I will be on normal maps such as Jadeon, etc. Sunstream and Custom Sunstream will be excluded. I will not hide in caves/dungeons.

Players will be allowed to attack each other if they wish; I will not fight back against players. Parties will not be allowed.

There will be 10 rounds.

The prizes will include:
      ·    Banana Peels
      ·    Fate's Blood
      ·    150 Banana Coupon
      ·    And more!

Good luck!


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