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Topic: Patch 64  (Read 7710 times)

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Patch 64
« on: May 30, 2019, 12:06:39 am »
This patch has been applied!


I'd like to apologize for the delay on this patch. We got caught up in a few of the final bits of it that ended up taking a lot longer than expected. For future patches we will plan to release them with some planned changes delayed until the next patch rather than delay the entire patch.

We've built more of the underlying framework for the upcoming Jungle expansion. We're expecting this to be revealed sometime in June!

Due to the crunch we put into the Jungle expansion, we forgot to modify the event rewards. This will be done as soon as possible. Look for those changes in the upcoming events.

Here's a little teaser of the upcoming Jungle Extension  :)

  • The Monkey NPC is undergoing an expansion change, this will increase the amount of items available in the NPC and make it a little easier to find the items you're looking for.
  • Prices in the Monkey NPC have been reduced on many items.
  • Windy Gem and Loda Gem have been added to the Monkey NPC in the Esper & Accessory section.
  • Added an option to exchange 3 Dragon Sigil into 1 Kirin Sigil at the Sigils and Deity Weapons exchange found at Zhen Shi and Taisung the Tao.
  • Added the Golden Pig NPC, this NPC will soon be ready to accept Pig Year's Blessing.

  • 3 new skyblades and 3 new wings were added
    Angelic Feather:

    Green Jellyfish Wings:

    Heavenly Wings:

    Lime Dolphin:


    Ruby Moor Goldfish:

    All of the skyblades and wings mentioned above are found in the custom Skyblade NPC.
  • 2 new lottos have been added
    • Monkey's Reward:
      This lotto will be used as a reward item in various events and tasks.

      Prizes include:
      • Violet Array Core Pack (Random purple Soul Card)
      • Cosmos Star Soul Order (1200 Star Soul points)
      • Vast Void Jade (random badge)
      • Fate Blood x 1

      • bodhi seed fragment x 1
      • monkey coin coupon (5000 MC)
      • Hexagon Charm Wood (Used to trade for charms)
      • shard reward (Receive 1 of 4 high value sigil shards)

      • monkey coin pack x 3
      • astral dew x 1
      • Fate Blood Orb x 1
      • Common Orb Bead x6

      • monkey coin x 100
      • chroma bead x 1000
      • celestial coupon x 20
      • chi enhancer x 10
    • Compensation Lotto:
      This lotto will be issued to players when we make some kind of a mistake and want to award compensation, this will gamify compensation and streamline the process of compensating users when errors occur.

      Prizes include:
      • Gear Change Coupon
      • Bodhi Seed
      • Ares Sigil Grand Pack
      • Ancient Blood Pack

      • Violet Array Core Pack
      • Cosmos Star Soul Order
      • Fate Blood
      • Astri Sigil Grand Pack

      • Monkey's Luck
      • Monkey's Perfect Tali x 6
      • Spiritual Covenant x 30k
      • Banana Peel x 300

      • Drake Sigil Grand Pack
      • Soul Ash x 5,000
      • Ice Orb of Vastness 10,000
      • Fate Blood Orb x 5
  • Increased stack size of Dream Origin and Violetgold Fragment to 30,000
  • Spring Rice Glue Ball can now be sold to NPC.
  • Reduced time taken to open Celestial Chance Pack.
  • Fixed the issue that caused Traveler's Parcel 5 to not reward Golden Branch of Wishes x12.
  • Sigils, Cascades, and Serenity Jades now stack to 30,000.
  • Added packs and crates for Wonderland Stone and Celebean.
  • Replaced the batteries found in Treasure Chest and Brocade Box with Monkey Coins.
  • Grand Packs have been added for Drake, Astri, Ares, and Flux sigils.

  • Removed Soul Inverter Shard from Garro Island mobs. Let us know if this was a mistake.
  • Increased drop rates in Inferna, they were reduced by too much last patch.
  • Song of the Emerald Lady changes:
    • Increased chance of Primordial drops in BL9.
    • Slightly increased chance of Reforgers in BL9.
    • Added Badges to mobs in BL9.
    • Added Reforgers to mobs in BL9.
    • Swapped Heaven Dragon Seal for Spiritual Covenant from mobs in BL9.
    • Removed Spiritual Covenant drop from BL9 bosses
    • Increased Hexagon Charm Wood drop from BL9 bosses.
    • Increased chance of (bound) MCP from BL9 mobs.
    • Removed Monkey Coin from BL9 mobs.
    • Increased chance to get tome book from BL9 mobs and bosses.
    • Increased chance of Spirit Square Jade from BL9 mobs.
    • Increased overall drop probability from bosses in BL8.
    • Increased chance of getting a skill book from BL8 bosses.
    • Removed level 5 and level 4 reforgers from BL8 bosses.
    • Increased chance of level 6 reforger from BL8 bosses.
    • Increased overall drop probability from BL8 mobs.
    • Removed Monkey Coin from BL8 mobs.
    • Added level 6 reforgers as a drop from BL8 mobs.
    • Increased rate of Hexagon Charm Wood drop from BL8 mobs.
    • Added (bound) MCP to BL8 mobs.
    • Increased overall drop probability from bosses in BL7.
    • Increased chance of getting a skill book from BL7 bosses.
    • Removed level 5 and level 4 reforgers from BL7 bosses.
    • Increased chance of level 6 reforger from BL7 bosses.
    • Increased overall drop probability from BL7 mobs.
    • Removed Monkey Coin from BL7 mobs.
    • Added level 6 reforgers as a drop from BL7 mobs.
    • Increased rate of Hexagon Charm Wood drop from BL7 mobs.
    • Added (bound) MCP to BL7 mobs.
    • Increased rate of Spiritual Covenant in BL7.

  • Inferna and Archaia orders for White Vulture and Azure Phoenix have been changed to reward 1000 Ice Orb of Vastness, 20 Flame of Nirvana, and 300 Fatecharm Fragments, with a 26% chance of a Fate Blood's Orb reward. You will no longer receive Wonderland Stones or level 7 Yuan for completing these quests.
  • The Inferna version of this quest could only be completed once per day, but it had the same rewards as the Archaia one which could be completed 5 times per day. Due to this, we've adjusted the Inferna quest so you may now complete it 5 times per day as well.

  • Changed the one-time reward of 2 MCP to a daily reward of Flame of Nirvana.
  • Changed the potions to the improved custom potions.
  • 10 Telegem reward has been changed to 10 Dancing Snake lotto.

  • Fixed Puppet Protector cost, it was 1 for 3 Jaden and should have been 11 for 3 Jaden.
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