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Topic: No Limit Last Man Standing  (Read 740 times)

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No Limit Last Man Standing
« on: February 06, 2019, 01:04:24 am »
Event starts at on -
Hi everyone.

This event will be No Limit Last Man Standing; any gear, any refine, any chroma level!

Location: Realm 4
Time: 21:00 Server Time

There will be six rounds total, with the first five rounds having the same prize and the sixth round having the Ultimate Prize.

The winners from the first five rounds cannot compete in the other first five rounds once they have won; however, the sixth round with the Ultimate Prize is only open to the winners from the first five rounds.

If you want a chance of winning the Ultimate Prize, you need to win in at least one of the other rounds to qualify.

Upon dying, stay dead or port to town. If you return to the battle, you will be removed from the event completely. No moshu, no hiding and avoiding PvP either.

To ensure fairness, players will be required to show gears instead of fashion during the event.

The prizes are;
      ·    First Five Rounds: 30 Monkey Coin Packs, a Random Mount/Skyblade, 1 Ice Orb Stack (30k)
      ·    Sixth Round: 2 Ice Orb Stacks (60k), 30 Monkey Coin Packs, Ancient Blood Seal/Charm/Jade Pack (Your choice!)

Also, one of the first five rounds will also have a random prize from my bag. You don't know what it'll be, or which round it will be rewarded on!
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