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Topic: HOW TO/GUIDE : Install MD on LINUX  (Read 2160 times)

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« on: August 20, 2018, 10:26:59 am »
Hello there and thank you for joining Monkey Dynasty!

Here are steps for installing the game on LINUX:

(I don't think this is Distribution specific should work for all but if you encounter a problem don't hesitate to reach out! 64bit users see excerpt at the end!)

Step 1: go to and look for your OS and read how to install it on your system.

(This allows windows apps to run on your OS. Alternatively PlayOnLinux Should suffice as well.)

Step 2: Download the Monkey Dynasty Update Client in the Connect section and make sure to save it to Desktop.

Step 3: Install downloaded file,  you will be prompted by wine that a c:// directory will be created I suggest not creating your own if you don't know what your doing just click ok.

Step 4: After the client finishes downloading (Disclaimer: can take a long time on some systems be patient!!) Click start and an exclamation box will appear in japanese text. Click ok this will trigger Direct X 11 Installer!

Step 5: When direct X finishes click start on game client

Step 6: Profit!!

Step 7: Dont forget to Vote for Jaden every six hours!!

Have fun and I hope to see you in game!! if you need an Inductor ID when creating your character feel free to add me! ID: 2040007X000009019000505Z3ead21

64bit USERS!!

When the prompt for Wine gecko pops up and asks to manually install sometimes it doesn't work for 64bit users and game launcher client won't show the announcements.

there is a fix.
Let it do its install anyway to create folder if you dont want to create it yourself
When you do it this way you only need the x86.msi file then

Go to

Download current x86.msi (and x86_64.msi if you didn't let wine try to install) file(s) and save to Desktop.
Open your file browser and check
Root/usr/share/wine for a folder named gecko.
If no folder create one (you will need superuser or admin rights for this)
Make sure folder is in directory and open Terminal / Konsole then copy paste this code (or 2 if you didn't let wine try to install for you):

sudo mv ~/Desktop/wine_gecko-2.47-x86.msi* /usr/share/wine/gecko

(For full manual install)
sudo mv ~/Desktop/wine_gecko-2.47-x86_64.msi* /usr/share/wine/gecko

If your terminal/console asks for sudo password and you havent created one yet just type

sudo passwd

Enter your regular system log in password first (if you have one) and when it asks to create new unix pick a password you can remember, retype to confirm then try the codes again.

Reboot and enjoy (:

If you are experiencing any font issues with in game interface and chat also install winetricks
terminal/konsole code: sudo apt-get install winetricks

launch wine tricks from Konsole/Terminal using code: winetricks --gui
when the interface pops up click ok if needed then just click next
Look for install fonts
Navigate to CoreFonts and install that one only
This will install the default fonts from microsoft windows
Also while in game go to bottom right and click ALL  look for options
navigate the tabs on top  interface and chat
in Interface try 80 90 or 100% in chat settings try changing fonts or size with slider bar

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Re: HOW TO/GUIDE : Install MD on LINUX
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2018, 01:45:25 pm »
Note and update on font issues. Some motherboards such as amd (in my case) with linux has these glitches and then ties into wine as well. My intel laptop with linux however worked perfectly. As of now I still was unable to resolve this issue.


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