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Topic: Mewt's Guide to Modo  (Read 6544 times)

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Mewt's Guide to Modo
« on: November 24, 2016, 02:17:07 pm »
Ok, so. I've been approached recently and asked to make a Modo guide for MD. So here it is!
This guide is coming from someone who has played and loved modo for quite a long time. While I know quite a bit, I can always stand to learn more, so if you have anything to add, politely add it in comments. This guide will be geared more towards PvP, since PvE in MD is pretty straight forward for any aoe class.

Modo Basics!
ok, so! Modo is super fun. Atleast in my opinion. The basics to modo for pvp are simple, get in, do as much damage as you can, get out. Simple, right?

Time to break into detail!
So, modo can actually get pretty complex when you actually break down into it. The keys to success for any affinity of modo when it comes to damage is as easy, yet complex, as 2 skills. Self-Righteousness and Restrained Resentment. These 2 buffs are quite possibly the most important buffs in your kit. Not only can they be used in any form, but they give you some insane stats. You definitely want these buffs up as much as possible. Now that we have a taste of whats gonna go on, lets get into the nitty gritty!

The Build!

I personally use the same skill build for all 3 affinities, but to each his own.
As you gain more points through chroma, you can add them where you feel.

So, you might say, why take these skills over these? well let me explain.
 Spiritual Charm max, don't you play dagos modo scrub? your not gonna do anything with it, gosh!
The point isn't for the bleed damage. whiles it's nice to have, I'm not felkin. Fuck bleeds. I use it, however, For the 4 second fast. for only 4 seconds, its still incredibly effective, especially since there are no batts in MD, and tomed that fast is extended to 6 seconds. If you choose to get Spiritual Consumption, then you have an even HIGHER chance for that fast to proc. Next?
Shit he has a point....ok uhm, why waste the points on Formidable Opponent? Like thats no Attack power from it. GOSH!!
Good question, actually. While yes, it gives a very mediocre amount of attack power, every bit of power helps modo. Plus, my tome set up benefits from any passive points I use, meaning that I'm going to be gaining power AND defense from this. So it works out in my favor. Add a +11 or higher weapon and then suddenly that tiny extra becomes a little more meaningful. Anything else?
Damn, this guy is good! im running out of ideas....Uhm....why put so many points in the modon tome tree when you could put them towards something like doubling your sprint duration? GOOOOSSSSHHHH
Well, I actually used to do that. I used to never put any points I didn't need to in the modon tree. Then i realized something. I'll tell you in the next part! ;D
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Re: Mewt's Guide to Modo
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2016, 03:00:13 pm »
Ok, so! Why put so many points in modon tome? well, 1)While the double sprint duration is nice, it doesn't proc that often. Not often enough to make it optimal at least. 2)I was starting to feel like a 1 trick poney. i would run in and spam my kangba and pray to god my damage was good enough. So, this tome build fixes that. While i lose my chance at double sprint duration, my Sky Seeker becomes extremely viable now in pvp! Let's take a look at some gear options now.
My favorite thing about modo is that they have a few different gearing options. Since I play Dagos mainly, I'll start with them.
Dagos Modo
Dagos have a few different options. The one that I use is an STJ weapon (open circle) with BG armor pieces. STJ for the extra crit stats it gives works wonders on dagos modo. And the BG gear is obviously for the extra HP, since we don't want to be too squishy.
Felkin Modo
Felkin, as far as I've seen, don't really tend to stray away from BG gear. They really could use the health since they are gonna lock down a single target. They don't want others interrupting them.
Fuwa Modo
Fuwa Modo are basically the same as felkin when it comes to gears. They typically stay with BG gear to max out their health. nothing much to say about it really

All right, so that's skill build and gear out of the way. How 'bout we wrap this up with some basic tips and strategies for each class? I'll go in reverse order this time to spice it up a bit.

Fuwa are super straight forward. They specialize in single target damage and keeping 1 person out of the fight. They have some pretty massive hp to play around with, so you gotta be pretty confident in your damage to tussle with a good fuwa modo. Scary stuff, these guys. Typically, when playing fuwa, your gonna want to be on the tankier side. Skill accuracy is a given, but try getting a soulstone with some Crit Shield. Rayans are one of the toughest classes to deal with as a modo, so the extra protections work wonders.
Felkin are another group of pretty straight forward modos, starting to see a pattern? Felkin, while still single target based, focus more on straight deletion rather than distraction. These guys are the toxin MASTERS. Their seekers are nothing to scoff at, and the sheer amount of time they can make you go without pots is deadly. I recommend skill accuracy mostly, skill evasion is nice to have as well, and some power if your trying to make a specialized soulstone. Another tip I'll add in here is learn to rotate your abilities. If your planning to go felkin, you have some serious lock down potential, but you need to learn to rotate skills. No one likes a guy who gives it his all then has nothing to give later. Wink.
Without a doubt my favorite affinity for modo, these guys are the AoE KINGS of modo, and offer alot that most people need to look for from an esper or other means. Their kangba is the deadliest, their crit is nothing to joke about, and their GUARANTEED SP DRAIN effect plus stun % chance is really scary in the hand of an experienced modo. Dagos actually counters quite a few different classes, but do so in ways that most people don't like. Dagos modos can annihilate a balo, even when he has AS on, because they can drain all of its SP in about 2-3 kangbas. The downside is that Kangba, like most other channel skills, leaves you stationary. Same goes for voida. Dagos modo can burn through a voidas SP like candy, but they need to do so in range of that voida. For dagos, I HIGHLY recommend you go for atleast a double SA and Crit Bonus stone. Skill Accuracy is quite possibly one of the most important stat for a modo in this game, and crit bonus is absolutely amazing on Dagos modos. A tip that I can give for this affinity is practice practice practice. You absolutely will not be able to give this class the arden treatment and learn it over night. Its going to take some getting used to because they play so differntly. Learn to use things other than kangba, and learn to run when needed.

Alright guys, thats my basics guide to Modo. Hope i was able to teach you guys a thing or two! feel free to pm me in game @Mewt`` if you have questions. Enjoy and feel free to add information i might have missed!
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Re: Mewt's Guide to Modo
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2017, 07:20:52 pm »

This guide is great. I've enjoyed reading this, and as a former modo-main I can get into it.

The only thing I dislike about it is the font coloring, I got a headache.

Besides that, it's nice :o

See ya ingame!

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