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Topic: Standard jadeon build  (Read 4934 times)

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Standard jadeon build
« on: May 21, 2014, 03:17:28 am »
alright this is coming from a guy who has been a jadeon for awhile and im actually one of the last old school jadeons from official. making a build isnt perfect because we all know everyone has a different playstyle or need more of a range of skills to adapt in a situation. jadeons range from assist effects, pker, or distractions. but instead of looking at builds and saying they are wrong isnt my thing everyone has their own ways of using a jadeon. this build works for the new update and please understand this... you dont have to max all blade skills to reap bonuses ok? ive proven this time and time again only max the blade skills u plan on using and it gets the full benefits. then there is the new aoe skills right? again only max the aoe skills u plan on using with of course number 1 is thunderblade but i may have to double check that just incase so ill repost in comments about the new aoe tome buffs. anyway enough about me talking here is a build i think should be basic for any jadeon and remember u get more tome points from chroma and 10 more lvls. i made the chroma lvl 20 to make up for the 10 more lvls granted is still lacking tomes but aside from that just remember u will get more skill and tome points from chroma too ^^
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