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Topic: Basic PvE Mage build. (Any affinity)  (Read 7336 times)

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Basic PvE Mage build. (Any affinity)
« on: May 19, 2014, 05:19:14 am » (contains a small error, I forgot to remove Spirit Spell's points at Tier 2.)

Heavy Blow: 2/6
- Just to open Vigilance, useless waste more points.

Vigilance: 7/7
- You're free to save a point on Vigilance, but you'll have 3 RES less.

==Tier 1==
Spark 3/9
- Just to open Vein.

Ven: 8/8
- Passive, 1.5k extra HP. Read note about passives.

Sharp Light: 6/6
- Passive, increases your AP for a pretty good amount.

Shining Star: 6/9
- Useless skill, just for Guardian

Guardian: 5/5
- Just for Dragonfire.

Spectre: 6/6
- Speed buff, it is impossible to ignore this one.

==Tier 2==
Flame Raid 1/9
- Such waste of skill point, but well...

Charge: 3/3
- Speed buff, not that great but I think it is a must have.

Fire Slay: 9/9
- One of the best skills when you're undergeared. Helps a lot on farming.

Obstacle: 5/5
- Just for Dragonfire. good for RES too.

Awaken 8/8
- Passive, read Vein.

Hunyang Order 8/8
- Good if you're going to farm on Moontop Hollow, also its the Stun Lore

==Tier 3==
Pyroessence: 3/9
- Just for Flame Soul

Flame Soul: 6/6
- One of best Mages skill, I like it better than Nanwu. But it is single target.

Fire Splash: 4/9
- For Meditation only.

Meditation: 8/8
- Passive, Read Vein.

Fire Lord: 5/5
- Attack buff, 10% for 30s. Not that great, but helps. Also for Dragonfire.

Fire Plume: 6/6
- All CritStrike Bonus you can get isn't enough! :D

==Tier 4==
Flash: 3/9
- Useless skill, just for Flame Badge

Flame Badge:  3/3
- Increases the damage of your NEXT ATTACK by 100%. Plus 15% rate if your SP is higher than 95%.

Fire Hell: 4/9
- It can be used to help on damage while Nanwu is on cd. If you're Felkin, 9/9 it.

Nirvana: 6/6
- Weak Raja, but helps a lot sometimes.

Zhurong Scroll: 5/5
- Array of Random buffs for party, just for Dragonfire.

Evaporate: 3/8
- Because you NEED 24 points per tier... haha

==Tier 5==
Nanwu Fire: 6/6
- The best skill for PvE in the game. Hits faster than Modo's Kangba and Jadeon's Thunderblade. Just don't be an asshole overgrinding them.

Sinful Abyss: 5/5
- This skill, with a LORE (Stun, Silence, Weaken, Paralyze) and good res is just annoying to people. Try it.

Jadesun Inferno: 4/4
- Good defensive skill, 16s without getting debuffs. You can use it then use Nirvana, you aren't going to be stuned for few seconds, but you'll still be unable to use any skill.

Dragonfire: 2/2
- Well, RAJA! use a Firmus lv3 + acc + tome or an esper with Megabane LV5 inherited to share the raja buff.

Now the tomes:
Basically you need to max Nanwu Fire and Fire Slay. But I also recomend you to max Spectre too.

I won't comment all tomes. only the important ones.

==Flame tab==
Loyalty 1/1
- Useless, move to tome below it

Dazzle 2/2
- Useless, move to tome below it

Thunder 2/2
- Useless, move to tome's right

Brilliant 2/2
- Useless, move to tome's right

Flame 2/2
- Useless, move to tome's right

Blazing 3/3
- Increases Nanwu Fire's damage and burn rate. Back to first column, next row.

Illustrious: 2/2
- Useless, move to tome's right

Courage: 2/2
- Useless, move to tome's right

Battlefield: 2/2
- Reduces Nanwu Fire CD by 6 seconds

==Jadeslip tab==
Disengaged: 2/2
- Useless, move to tome below

Glacial: 2/3
- Semi-useless, move to tome below

Spotless: 3/3
- Semi-useless, move to tome below

Duckweed: 2/2
Spectre has a 66% chance of increasing your speed to the max speed at each change

Drawn: 3/3
Spectre's CD reduced by 30 seconds.

Wind: 2/3
- Useless, move to tome below

Dry Wing: 2/2
- Increases Spectre's duration by 20 seconds. Move to tome below.

Fire Path: 2/2
- Increases your CritStrike Rate by 3%. Don't seems much, but makes some difference later.

==Bahum tab==
Burning Hot: 3/3
- Adds 108 defense, reduces a bit the damage you take. You can leave it 2/2 when you get better gears.

Harbinger: 2/2
- Useless, move to tome's right

Mystic Peak: 2/2
- Semi-useless, move to tome's right

Scheming: 3/3
- One of more importants tomes for PvE. Why? It increases your ap for 9%, doesn't seem a lot. But think in this tome as a perm Tigeren Buff. :P

Challenger: 2/2
- Increases Fire Slay's Damage, move to tome's right.

Whistling: 3/3
- Increases Fire Slay's Duration, now move back to first row.

Galloping: 2/2
- Useless, move to tome below

- Deceived 2/2
- Not really useful for non-Felkin Mages, but increases Fire Hell's burn

Charms you'll need:
Main Charm
[Blazing and Battlefield Charm]
- Increases Nanwu's Damage and Reduces CD.

Secondary Charms:
[Challenger and Whistling Charm]
- Increases Fire Slay's damage and Reduces CD. If you have Fire Slay on the esper, you'll be able to spam it. (well, not spam as nanwu, but you'll be able to reuse it as soon as it disapear)

[Drawn and Flowish Charm]
- Reduces Spectre's CD and Increases Duration. You'll be able to spam Spectre.

-- Any question ask me on game. (I don't often read the forum)
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Re: Basic PvE Mage build. (Any affinity)
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2014, 07:27:19 pm »
Nice guide! :D
IGN: rocky
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