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Topic: Game Sage Applications  (Read 9849 times)

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Game Sage Applications
« on: February 19, 2014, 04:15:16 pm »
Game Sage Application Overview.

What is a GS?

Game Sages, known as "GS" are selected for their overall excellent knowledge in a game as well as their willingness to help and their positive attitudes. They help resolve player issues where they can and will call a GM if needed and when they can.

What does a GS do?

A Game Sage helps players with questions about the game or technical support to the best of their abilities. Game Sages have no special tools for in-game work, they are normal players. As a Game Sage you are allowed to run your own events provided you notify a GM and as long as running events doesn't interfere with your normal duties. You are also required to check upcoming events to see if there are similar events already made.

Does a GS get paid or rewarded for their work?

No. In the first 30 days you have no access to the GS exchange, except if you need Telepathy Gems or Astrolabe Rechargers. IF you pass the 30 day trial you might be considered to receive more things from the GS Exchange. But that is only after you prove yourself worthy. We have to make sure you won't just quit after you get things with GS Coupons.

How do I become a GS?

If you feel you have the necessary qualifications to become a GS, you can send in an application to which you access here. Keep in mind that just because you applied for a GS position does not mean you will get it. We have a strict set of guidelines with which we review the applications.

How does my application have to look?

Show effort in writing your application. Show us that you want to be a Game Sage because of the experience, not because you "help players" every day. Everyone helps their fellow players every day with in-game questions and quests, some even know how to fix certain technical issues. If you don't show effort in writing simple sentences, regardless if your English is bad or not, then it's pretty obvious to the review committee that you won't show much effort in the actual job.

You are not required to polish your application until it shines and twinkles, just don't use the same sentence in every section.

How a GS application should NOT look:

Why do you want to be a Game Sage?
- I like helping people.

How a GS application should look:

Why do you want to be a Game Sage?
- Because I want to be a part of the team and I want to help those who need it or have trouble with the game.
- I feel I can help the staff and the community grow with my knowledge.

The GS Applications are reviewed every now and then, not on a daily basis. If you are accepted, you will get an invitation from the GM reviewing them in your forum private messages . Make sure to look on the account you applied from for any possible messages.

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