Monkey Dynasty is a uniquely challenging, 100% free to play action MMORPG. While gameplay has been sped up greatly, unlike other high-rate servers you don't get everything in a couple of days. You have to work for your gear, fight for your territories, and rally your alliances to be the best.

Below you will find an overview of key features and important customations to get a sense for what this game is all about.

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Monkey Dynasty has been live for 6 years! As the longest-running server of its kind, we haven't ever had to wipe character data, and we continue to push out new content regularly. We have nearly 2000 custom items now and have customized almost every aspect of the game.

Server's birthday: Feb. 16th, 2013
Custom items: 1,894
Total accounts: 63,463

Players are limited to three clients open at a time. However, there is no restriction to the number of accounts you may own. Players can now own as many accounts as they want to. Though, trading, selling, or gifting accounts is prohibited.


Monkey Dynasty is considered a high-rate server. You can achieve 160 ascended in a couple of days, with many online rewards to complement the customized drop rates.

Experience Leveling requirements are reduced by 90%.
Experience gain is increased by 100x.
Gold Base gold drop rates have been increased x40
Gold has been added to many daily rewards.
Drops Most drops are completely customized.
The rate is about 40x that of the base rate.


Monkey Dynasty has an active community of experienced players that are happy to help you with tiers, builds, and other aspects of learning the game. There are many clans and alliances to join, and many opportunities to build friendships with people all over the world. We just ask that you respect our rules, in-game and on our Discord server.

Monkey Dynasty also has a team of Game Sages to better improve your gaming experience. There is almost always someone online to help you get where you want to be. Our staff can help you with all your Tier Quests, even Affinity and Chroma Quests. All we ask is to show them the kindness and respect they deserve for their hard work. They don't have to help you.

Look for the Staff Online sidebar widget to see who is currently online to help you! Join us on Discord to hang out with the community, keep in touch, and get real-time support

Vote Jaden

You can obtain Jaden simply by voting for yours truly, Monkey Dynasty. You now can vote on 2 different top websites for free Jaden. You receive 210 Jaden per vote on Xtremetop100 every 12 hours and you can vote once per 24 hours for 420 Jaden from Gtop100 for a total of 840 Jaden per day!

Occasionally, double voting rewards will randomly be activated for an event. You can get up to 840 Jaden / vote or 1680 Jaden / day at these times!

Online Jaden

As an added bonus for being online and supporting the Monkey Dynasty community, you will receive 35 Jaden every hour you're online. Hang out, become a member of the community, and earn Jaden while you do it!

Clouded Milky Way

Clouded Milky Way is a new instance where you battle some difficult bosses for items required to develop Fate Gear.

The Clouded Milky Way instance can be access through the new Inst menu and can be played once per day by each of your characters. The instance is only open from 12:00 to 22:00 server time and lasts 1 hour.

Garro Island

Garro Island was introduced in the Hydran patch. You'll have fun exploring and farming in this lush island location!

Garro Island can be accessed through the Inferna map; find The Vortex Quest in your Quest Log and complete the questline to unlock theStar Soul system.

Killing mobs in Garro Island earns Star Souls. 10,000 Star Soul EXP = 1 Star Soul Point, which can then be used to upgrade stats such as HP, SP, Vigor, Skill Accuracy and more. Happy farming!

Elysium Lands

Elysium is an action-packed map accessible across all realms. It is a place where you can kill, and kill, and then kill some more, all without gaining infamy, or any other penalty from regular maps' PvP. At the center of the Elysium map stands the Aeon Wat, a palace that will be the scene for thousands of PvP battles. With three floors to fight over, the Aeon Wat has space for both pitched battles and ambushes.

Elysium is a self-contained world - chat with friends and battle monsters with your Empyrean Contracts for tons of Chroma Beads without the distractions of the rest of Monkey Dynasty

Elysium has some of the hardest bosses in the game. With bosses like Empress Lunara and God of Rain spawning in Elysium you have the opportunity to farm endgame items like Omened Seal.


Archaia is a huge map with daily quests to earn EXP and Nimbus Chests which can be exchanged for low-level Yuan Chrystals that you can save up and upgrade into higher-level Yuans!

Archaia has also replaced Ancient Lands as the place for Ring Upgrades, Fighting Confidence and Feat/Exploit Quests! Wanyoo has moved to Sanskrit Chant (Accessible through either running across Archaia or talking to the Harmony Scroll in Sunstream and teleporting to Sanskrit Chant), and the new Exploit/Feat quests come from Ki Lenn next to him.

Quiz Bowl

Take a break from the crazy world of Monkey Dynasty and test your wits with the in-game Quiz Bowl. We have a 100% English Quiz Bowl with thousands of general questions to challenge everyone from the trivia nut to the middle schooler.

We’ve recently edited Quiz Bowl to give even better rewards for players! The top ten players can now expect to receive an extra prize from participating in Quiz Bowl. The first-place winner has chances to win Fate’s Blood, Omened Seal and more!


Unlike many other servers, Monkey Dynasty's marketplace is not ridiculously cheap or filled with every item. You'll have to save your Jaden for some of the rarer items or obtain them in other ways.

Try your luck on lottos, buy Kirin Sigils to refine your gear, and much much more.

Banana Shop

Monkey Dynasty offers unique rewards for donations, ranging from in-game currencies, to rare items, to completely custom items. That's not all, even if you can't donate, these rewards are still available for you by simply playing the game!

In July 2019 we improved the website to allow users to change their gears automatically, transfer items to/from a special web-storage, and view even more character information in the Jungle. Donations help us pay for the server's expenses, tools, and our time. We thank the Monkey Dynasty community for 6 years of support!

Special Currencies

Monkey Dynasty's team doesn't believe in pay-to-win gaming. So, we have made it possible to farm donation rewards in-game via special currencies.

Monkey Coin

Where is it?

Monkey Coins are found in drops all over the game. You can also find them from quest rewards, instance rewards, and they can be purchased from the Banana Shop.

What can I do with Monkey Coins?

Talk to one of the many NPCs found in Old Sunstream to exchange your Monkey Coins for rewards ranging from in-game currencies to rare items, or even completely custom items.

Banana Peel

Where is it?

Banana Peels are found by completing quests and instances, by participating in staff events, and by PvPing during the daily PvP events!

What can I do with Banana Peels?

Exchanging Banana Peels to Site Bananas has never been easier! All you have to do is visit the Banana Peel NPC and buy a Banana Coupon, then you right-click the Banana Coupon for instant ka-ching!

That's not all, you can also exchange your Banana peels in-game at the NPC Peels, or you can sell them to other players in-game!

Hint: Active players earn the most rewards.

Check out some of our exchange NPCs


Holy Lotus

In Holy Lotus, you will need to work with your team to defeat the instance and gather those precious Golden Grit!

Beast Lord

Beast Lord is your introduction to Tome Books! You must defeat each level to unlock the final challenge in level 6 Beast Lord.

Song of the Emerald Lady

The advanced version of Beast Lord, this is the best place to earn your Tome Books and Badges!

Celestial Tower

Gather your team and try and defeat the Celestial Tower as quickly as you can.

Eldea Gauntlet

In Eldea Gauntlet you do stuff. We'll tell you what as we finish filling this out. There's only so many devs!

Dread Labyrnth

In Dread Lab you progress through 9 rooms and defeat 9 bosses to get treasure.

Fort Cloudstorm

In Fort Cloudstorm you do stuff.

We continue to cycle through the available instances and work on new ideas. Constantly trying to give you more ways to experience the world of Monkey Dynasty.


We've got even more for you to do here on Monkey Dynasty. Every day there are 4 different PvP free-for-all events with Banana Seed rewards! The reward shop changes every event and your Seeds must be used within the event they were earned. You can get things like Jaden, consumables, and even Omened Seal!

You will see announcements in-game leading up to the start of each automated PvP event. You can type .events in the in-game chat to see a list of upcoming events. To join an event, switch to r9 and port to the event map using the appropriate scroll found in the Marketplace -> Item -> Teleport. When you arrive at the event map, you will receive a chat notification confirming you've been added to the event. After each kill you will receive a chat notification showing your current rank and other event stats.

You may only participate with one character at a time, although you can switch characters at any point. Partying is not allowed on FFA event maps and you will be automatically kicked if you attempt to party. It's a free for all, so no teaming up!

Monkey Dynasty's staff team regularly plans events and posts them in theJungle, come join one of our events and play Monkey Dynasty with the team!.

Monkey Dynasty also has forum events, player-run events, and more event ideas in development.

Check out upcoming and recently completed events below! Click a completed event to see ranks, logs, and prizes.
Event Status Start
Billows FFA [r9] complete Feb 15, 2022
Kunlun FFA [r9] complete Feb 15, 2022
Kunlun FFA [r9] complete Feb 2, 2022
Billows FFA [r9] complete Feb 2, 2022
Billows FFA [r9] complete Feb 1, 2022
Kunlun FFA [r9] complete Jan 31, 2022

The Jungle

Monkey Dynasty has The Jungle, our deeply integrated ingame-web system. In The Jungle, you can view your character without having to log into the game, view and manage your equipment, items and stash, and view other characters and PvP stats.

There are pages for every character, clan, and alliance. There's even a website stash with potentially unlimited capacity that you can instantly transfer items to/from. You can also participate in daily automated and staff-organized events!

Chat Bot

To provide quick access to information in-game, Monkey Dynasty has it's very own chat bot! You can learn about upcoming events, check balances, and report lag.

.help Show this menu.
.events Show current and upcoming events.
.rank or .event Show your status in the current event including rank, kills, deaths, and banana seeds.
.bananas Show your current banana balance
.lag Report lag such as skill, movement, or chat delays

Chroma Cap

The Chroma cap here on Monkey Dynasty is 81. You will have to buy an item in-game to increase your Chroma from 54 - 55 once you get there. The required item to expand your Chroma cap from 54 to 55 can be found at the Monkey Vendor. You will need similar items for increasing your cap to 63, 72 and finally 81.

Monkey Dynasty's Sovereign can award Chroma skips to people if they wish. Make friends with them, join their alliance, or take over Coronation yourself to become Monkey Dynasty's Sovereign!

Refine Cap & Batteries

Here at Monkey Dynasty we are all about fairness and equality. Therefore all gears’ have their stats capped at +14. This encourages an equal playing field for all Monkey Dynasty players. However, going over +14 will give you a cosmetic color to your gear!

On the same note, batteries have been removed from the server (excluding some instances). Batteries do still exist but they only heal 1 HP. You cannot purchase them via the Marketplace. As a replacement, we have custom potions for HP, SP, and Vigor which can be used instead.


The Firmus Esper is widely available in-game for player use, as well as the Soul Scepter, Sinister Orb, Focused Hate and more!

We have also increased the drop rates of all Faction Esper parts in Moontop Hollow by over 10 times. This should make it much easier to obtain a Level 135 Faction Esper, Tome, and Accessory.


Blacksmith NPC New Sunstream: 528, 430 has every Gear type for every Faction available at a 14x level. All gears (Excluding Diamond Gears) are available for Skytouch Jade and Ancient Coins. Diamond Gears are available for Primal Icehearts, which can be acquired from the Shura Gauntlet Instance.

Once you've obtained your 14X gears you begin the quest to Lumen gears and eventually Fate Gear.

New gears available to further power up your character can be acquired through instances, purchases from the Monkey Vendor and from doing dailies and quests.

  • Level Nine Cyntec Seal (Elemental Temple)
  • Mystic Books (Beast Lord, Song of the Emerald Lady)
  • Badges (Beast Lord, Song of the Emerald Lady)
  • Upgraded Accessories through Primordial items (Song of the Emerald Lady)
  • Higher Trinket Levels (Purchasable from Enchanter Taja)
  • New Celesphere Sand System (Holy Lotus)
  • Upgrade from Gaian Gear to Lumen Gear to Fate Gears (Gaian > Lumen: Heaven Dragon Seals from Inferna and Garro Island / Lumen > Fate Gears: Clouded Milky Way)
  • Soul Stones are now easier than ever – instead of manually resetting your stones, you can use the automated resetting tool which even has options to choose the stats you want on your Soul Stone!
  • Fate’s Blood is now available through daily quests, PvP events and lottos to upgrade your Gear’s seals up to Level 9!
  • Omened Seal has been added to the game for an extra boost to stats such as Anti-Reduction and Critstrike Rate! (Available from God of Rain boss, dailies and PvP events)
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