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Doom Bog FFA [r9]
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Doom Bog FFA [r9]
Kunlun FFA [r9]
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Which new Jungle event do you want most?
Ally vs. Ally (automated)
34 (32%)
Clan vs. Clan (automated)
9 (8%)
Weekly tournament (automated)
9 (8%)
Weekly Best of Each Class tournament (automated)
21 (19%)
Weekly event run by GM
31 (29%)
Other (explain in comments)
2 (1%)
Total Members Voted: 106
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Vote-related Questions

  • Question: Is the Captcha necessary? How many Jaden do I get? Why didn't I get Jaden?
  • Due to the new measures made by our administrative staff, filling the CapTcha correctly and fully is necessary. Otherwise, you won't get any Jaden. You also have to make sure you're logged into the correct account. And if you voted for another server and then decided to do the same for Monkey Dynasty, XtremeTop won't register the second vote. Since they have their own parameters as well.

    If the vote was done correctly, you'll get 840 Jaden. You're allowed to vote on one account in the twelve (12) hour period.

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