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Staff-related Questions

  • Question: When I encounter problems, who do I contact?
  • You can always ask other players on Discord. If not, contact a GS FIRST. If needed they will provide you with contact information of a GM or even Admin, pending on the severity of the issue. If the issue persists, you can always send in a ticket with the problem - if needed, attach a screenshot. 

  • Question: Who are the current Staff members?
  • Staff members and their tasks are as follows.


    • Tcholok (technical, server and website domain)
    • Perryl (game development, tickets)



    • Renya (game development)
    • EvilFlippy (in-game, forum domain)
    • Paphion (in-game, forum domain)



    • Dotty
    • Wooseok
    • Nuriela
    • Mewt``


    The best way to contact a staff member is on Discord. Whenever you encounter an issue please contact a GS first. They know the same information as a GM. Only contact a GM when no one else available. And if a GS or GM cannot help you, e.g. you're told to send a ticket, please do so through our support system.

  • Question: How do I report a player?
  • If you find a player is using inappropriate language, including remarks that are offensive to any particular sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, age or gender, you can report them to a GM or an Admin. Preferably with a screenshot of the incident or a time stamp and date, so logs can be checked when an Admin is available. Punishment is at the discretion of the GM at hand.

    It is advised you do not go trigger happy reporting players via the in-game option 'Report Hacking' with absolutely no proof as it takes up valuable time to find out the reason behind the report. It's also in the rules to not  waste a GM's time. If you believe you have solid proof of someone using scripts or tools to modify their gameplay, send proof to an available GM or Admin through Discord.

  • Question: How do I become a GS? Or a GM?
  • If you have the qualifications to become a GS, you can send in an application to which you access on GS Application. Keep in mind that just because you applied for a GS position does not mean you will get it. We have a strict set of guidelines with which we review the applications.

    GMs are chosen from the GS staff and only after careful consideration and evaluation of the GS' determination and loyalty to the server and its community. That decision is solely on Perry and Tcholok.

  • Question: What is a GM? What is a GS? Can they spawn items for me?
  • What is a GM and what is a GS?

    • GM is short for Game Master/Moderator. A person who acts as an organizer, officiant for questions regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a multiplayer role-playing game. They enforce the game's rules by banishing spammers, cheaters and hackers, and by solving players' problems by providing general customer service. They are equipped with better geared characters and have an interface that allows them to spawn monsters, teleport to players, ban players, broadcast, etc.
    • GS is short for Game Sage. They are the so-called buffers for issues and gameplay, helping players with their general and extensive knowledge of the game itself. Players should always contact a GS first before going to a GM or an Admin. 


    Can they spawn items for me?

    • That would be a violation of rules to randomly spawn monsters and bosses at the whim of every player who needs something (e.g. certain drops off World Bosses). GMs are only allowed to use their GM Console for events or taking care of rule breakers. Trading off their GM chars is strictly forbidden outside events. They are closely monitored by the Admins. Do not ask a GM for items.
    • On the other hand, Game Sages are normal players. As such they are permitted to hand out items at their own discretion.


    Both GS' and GMs are players who are normal players and assist the gaming community of their own free will. And are not paid for their help, neither with money or in-game items.

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