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Recent Forum Topics

Quest Issues

  • Question: Where's my Soulstone quest? Why didn't the slot unlock?
  • The first question's answer is simple. You might have too many quests in your Quest Log. So trash or complete them in some way to gain space. 

    And as for why the slot isn't unlocking: it's not automatic. When you finish the part in the Forge area, you'll be transported outside next to Baye. In your bag will be a green orb - the Soulstone Key, so just right-click it.


  • Question: Are the JD Plot quests bugged in Wildlands?
  • There are some issues with several mandatory and available quests in Wildlands. For now we have no solutions, so keep in mind when you do them.
  • Question: Can't choose Faction/Tier/Ascension quest.
  • You can only choose the Faction quest once day, same rule applies to Tier quests. When you create a character (human) and manage to ascend in the same 24-hour period, you won't be able to choose the Faction quest until after reset (00:00 CET). Athan and Etherkin factions are slightly different because they start at Tier 1 instead of Initiate like humans, so they're able to do up to T4 in the same day. However, if you're unable to choose the Ascension quest, make sure to get rid of all Sleepless quests in your log. 

    By asking the current Sovereign or his alliance for Tier Skip items you can bypass that rule. Same if you want to skip doing Chroma quests. 

  • Question: I didn't get my Vitalization quest. What do I do?
  • It is a well known bug in the Available section of the Quest Log and cannot be fixed. If you encounter the problem of not receiving your Vitalization quest you have to do some of the short quests  to make room. Despite the Quest Log being able to hold up to 50 active quests it seems to block the other quests. There are many suggestions as to what to do to fix this and most of them are written on the forum. 

    • Doing your Soulstone quest
    • Doing some of the Mandatory plot quests; Harmony Scroll; Archaia and Down to Earth


    You can always write your problem in the Bug Report section of the forum, but check for previous threads first. 

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