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Doom Bog FFA [r9]
Kunlun FFA [r9]
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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: My esper settings are fine, but the Sprite doesn't pick up.
  • It's one of those weird bugs we have no control over. The simplest way to fix that is to go to element -> userdata and delete the helper folder. It will reset all your esper settings, but it'll also fix the Sprite issue. 

  • Question: Is Account trading allowed?
  • Selling accounts on the server is bannable. If you do sell or trade your account we are not held responsible for scams. If you world-chat sale or trade offers (even of accounts on other servers) will result in a ban, a mute, or a warning (depending on the GM at hand). All connected accounts will be banned as well.

  • Question: Can I use autoclick?
  • This question doesn't have a direct answer. Autoclick programs aren't allowed on the server, but we can't stop you from using them.
  • Question: Can a GS or a GM spawn items for me?
  • That would be a violation of rules to randomly spawn monsters and bosses at the whim of every player who needs something (e.g. certain drops off World Bosses). GMs are only allowed to use their GM Console for events or taking care of rule breakers. Trading off their GM chars is strictly forbidden outside events. They are closely monitored by the Admins. Do not ask a GM for items.

    On the other hand, Game Sages are normal players. As such they are permitted to hand out items at their own discretion.

  • Question: Where do I find the custom exchange NPCs?
  • All the custom NPCs can be found in the Custom Sunstream map, accessible via SS Skylord.
    • Mask Exchange: 210, 90
    • Tiny Fox (Etherkin Fashion Exchange): 210, 87
    • Male Fashion Vendor I: 210, 75
    • Male Fashion Vendor (Customs) II: 210, 84
    • Fashionista (Female Fashions): 210, 77
    • Blue Goddess (Custom Female Fashion): 210, 80
    • Mount Vendor I: 202, 48
    • Mount Vendor (Customs) II: 199, 48
    • Pet Shop: 212, 47
    • Skyblade Vendor (in the air): 210, 95

    Special Exchange NPCs:

    • Monkey Dynasty -Donation Rewards-: 199, 62
    • Recycling Centre: 212, 128
    • Tcholok -Pawnbroker-: 209, 128
    • Peels -Banana Peel Exchange-: 199, 59
  • Question: Where do I see events? How do I win them?
  • Events hosted by our GMs are always on the Monkey Dynasty homepage, on the left side right under the "Staff Online" interface. They are published at least 2, if not more, days in advance so that everyone who visits the page can join if they wish. They are also frequently advertised on our official Facebook page. Each event has a time and date stamp and the rules posted on it, so there can be no excuses. If you decide to take part of an event, you are not guaranteed to win unless the rules state there are participation prizes as well. All you have to do is have fun and not be a sore loser. 
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