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Doom Bog FFA [r9]
Kunlun FFA [r9]
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Client-related Issues

  • Question: Launcher repeatedly downloads files when it's opened.
  • Means your connection to the launcher is being disrupted and it disables a complete download of the needed file.
    Follow these steps to ensure a working download:
    • Delete the files that the launcher has been downloading in your game folder every time. For example, if the launcher has been having connection issues with trees.pck, delete it (or 'them' if you have more than one).
    • Download that file manually via the torrent file on Download Methods.
    • Put the manually downloaded file into your game folder (wherever it belongs).
    • Verify - many times if needed to.
  • Question: I can't buy anything from Marketplace.
  • That problem is usually associated with a bad update of the gshop files. To fix it, follow these steps:

    • Go to your Game folder.
    • Enter "element".
    • Find "data" folder.
    • Find gshop, gshop1 and gshop2.data files and delete them.
    • Open the launcher and click Verify.
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