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Doom Bog FFA [r9]
Billows FFA [r9]
Doom Bog FFA [r9]
Billows FFA [r9]
Billows FFA [r9]
Current Poll
How do you prefer to receive free Jaden?
Hourly reward in-game
25 (38%)
Voting reward in website
10 (15%)
A combination (like it currently is)
21 (32%)
Some other idea (post below)
0 (0%)
Use the web lotto system instead
5 (7%)
I don't care, throw vote, w/e
4 (6%)
Total Members Voted: 65
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Discord Chat

The Discord app is MUCH nicer, and Discord is the main place where the community hangs out and communicates. We'd encourage you to use the desktop version instead. Join us on Discord
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