Bloody Sunday - Week #16

The event takes place WEEKLY in Shura realm 9

[yes, reviewed ALL other maps for possibilities, asked for a few days in wc. If you have a good idea and can back it up well, pm me in forum please].

You will need to show up 10 minutes before the event so I can get your names into the awesome Jungle system. Make sure to let me now you're participating, else the score won't count in the system. Then You will have one hour of free pvp, you can fight you your hearts content. No gear requirements or refining limits. Just fun PvP.

Only one rule : no spawn killing. If I see spawn killing, it's an instant ban. You have been warned.
No other rules there, so feel free to party up and enjoy the all out pvp.
Here's the safe zone - if you kill in it, expect to have a time out. Aoe classes should ESPECIALLY watch their range. No one knows it better than you do, right?

The main point is for everyone to enjoy in the event. So show up and show everyone what you got!

Top 5 killers of the event will be awarded respectively:
#1 - 100kg + 3 Monkey Luck
#2 - 80kg + 2 Monkey Luck
#3 - 70kg + 1 Monkey Luck
#4 - 60kg + firmus pack
#5 - 50kg + firmus pack

The First Blood Award will be a mount or skyblade of your choice.

From this week on, the top 5 winner scores won't be counted in the next weeks bloody Sunday.

Also, there will be special awards - The Valiant Heart.
Those will be given to the players who, according to the GMs present, put most heart into the pvp.

ps. Don't forget to grab a healthy supply of puppets/ pots.

See you all there!

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