Bloody Sunday - Week #11 - Bloody Sunday - Week #11


I'm continuing this event from where Renya left it. It takes place WEEKLY in r9 Shura.

Everyone who wishes to participate will need to show up at least 10 minutes before the event so I can sign your names into the Jungle system. Make sure to tell me that you're participating or else any score you make will be counted as invalid.

This is an hour long PvP event with no requirements at all. This is basically just a fun PvP event where everyone can let lose their aggression and frustration they let build in the past week. The main point is to just have fun with it and show everyone else what you're made of. Everyone is welcomed to join, regardless of their gear or level or items.

1) No Spawn killing. Below is a screenshot of where the no-spawn-kill or "Bloody Sunday sz" is located. Any kills within this area earns you an hour long ban. So if you're an AoE character, please refrain from using your selected skills withing this area. This is your first, last and foremost warning.

1) Number One killer of Top 5 - 100k gold and 3 Monkey Lucks
2) Number Two killer of Top 5 - 80k gold and 2 Monkey Lucks
3) Number Three of Top 5 - 70k gold and 1 Monkey Luck
4) Number Four of Top 4 - 60k gold and a Firmus pack
5) Number Five of Top 5 - 50k gold and a Firmus pack

6) First Blood Award - A Skyblade of your choice.

7) Six other special awards will be awarded to the players who, according to the GMs present, put most heart into the PvP.

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