Last Man Standing - The Solo Edition - Part 2

Let's try something different this time. No teams, no forum registration.

All you need to do to join the event is be present in Sunstream r9 at your categories time. I'll then port everyone participating to the event area.

+11/+12 gear category - 10:00 pm server time
+13/+14 gear category - 11:30 pm server time

Last three to die in the event are awarded a chroma bead stack.
The Last Man standing of the round recieves 100 kg and 3 stacks of chroma bead.

Now this is a pvp event, so hiding and not pvping is not a strategy. If you die and port back before the round end disqualifies you instantly, same goes for gear switching during the event. No skyblades or teleporting around the event area.

Hope to see you all there!

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