Friday Night Fights - Week 27


Skysong, r4.

22.00 or 10 pm server time, January 16th. Event will last 1 hour.

+12 or +11 gears, but your Chroma must be lvl 64 or under.
Of course, you're invited to join even if you're lower, but that means no QQing in common/wc/pm.

1) No Skyblade bombing.
2) No parties.
3) The above rule means this is ALL-OUT PvP. No parties, no looking for loopholes to not attack someone. This isn't an alliance war. It's FREE-FOR-ALL.
4) Please don't camp on TREES or ROCKS. I will be porting you away if you do.
5) Avoid spawning turrets right out of safe-zone, I will punish you.
6) If you do not pm me beforehand that you want to join, I won't add you to the Jungle system.

1) Ares (+13) Sigil.
2) Astri (+12) Sigil.
3) Drake (+11) Sigil x2.
4) Chroma Beads stack x3, Banana Peels x150.
5) Chroma Beads stack x2, Banana Peels x100.

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