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Website Issues / Re: Voting Error
« Last post by LunarDotty on January 22, 2019, 11:25:23 pm »

All you need to do to receive your Jaden is click on the "Vote on XTREMETOP100 Now!" button, so if you were really logged in, you should have received your Jaden. I'll ask you to wait for the cooldown and try again once or twice more. If it keeps happening, report it. Make sure you were logged on Website when you voted (always check that).
Website Issues / Voting Error
« Last post by Mesp on January 22, 2019, 09:48:37 pm »
When I went to vote, the page randomly refreshed when I clicked the vote button and now it says that I voted when I did not, I didn't even get any Jaden as proof that I did not vote even though it says I did. Hopefully this bug will be fixed since it was the first time it happened.
Polls / Custom Sunstream
« Last post by Perryl on January 22, 2019, 04:30:48 pm »
Right now we have the "destroyed" Sunstream in place, should we keep it? Change it? Let us know.
Events / Re: GM Signature Contest
« Last post by Unknown on January 22, 2019, 08:32:58 am »
Chit-Chat / Monkey Dynasty - Lil Psychea PvP Waddle Waddle
« Last post by PowerSlave on January 22, 2019, 05:19:18 am »
Events / GM Signature Contest
« Last post by Paphion on January 21, 2019, 08:53:34 pm »
Hi everyone.

Following GM tradition here on Monkey Dynasty, make Paphion a signature to be used on the forum.

The winner's entry will be used for Paphion's forum signature, and will also recieve a Flux Sigil (+14).

The runner up will recieve an Ares Sigil (+13).

Anyone who participates will also get rewards depending on the effort put into the signature. These prizes could include Chroma Beads, Ice Orbs of Vastness, or even mounts and skyblades.

There are no hints; just enjoy and be creative!

Only a few rules for this event;
1) You can use any editing software.
2) Pay attention to MD Rules. This means no racist, sexist, etc  images or terms.
3) One entry per person. Anyone with multiple entries on multiple accounts will be caught.
4) The signature should be landscape and rectangular. I'd recommend 500x200 but I'm flexible with size.

The deadline is 6th February at 00:00 server time! Please include your IGN in the post, and good luck!

Edit; Thank you all for participated! We had some good entrants, and it was hard to pick the top two signatures that I liked. However, there is a winner!

Done had my favourite signature, and has won the +14 Flux Sigil!

Snarky had my runner-up signature, and has won the +13 Ares Sigil!

Participants will each receive a random prize from my bag.

Thank you again for taking part; all prizes will be posted out to participants and winners!

Events / No Limit Last Man Standing
« Last post by Paphion on January 21, 2019, 03:10:48 pm »
Hi everyone.

This event will be No Limit Last Man Standing; any gear, any refine, any chroma level!

Location: Realm 4, Shura (Arena location will depend on how many players take part)
Time: 19:00 Server Time

There will be six rounds total, with the first five rounds having the same prize and the sixth round having the Ultimate Prize.

The winners from the first five rounds cannot compete in the other first five rounds once they have won; however, the sixth round with the Ultimate Prize is only open to the winners from the first five rounds.

If you want a chance of winning the Ultimate Prize, you need to win in at least one of the other rounds to qualify.

Upon dying, stay dead or port to town. If you return to the battle, you will be removed from the event completely. No moshu, no hiding and avoiding PvP either.

The prizes are;
      ·    First Five Rounds: 20 Monkey Coin Packs, a Random Mount/Skyblade, 1 Chroma Stack (30k), 1 Ice Orb Stack (30k)
      ·    Sixth Round: 2 Ice Orb Stacks (60k), 30 Monkey Coin Packs, Ancient Blood Seal/Charm/Jade Pack (Your choice!)

Also, one of the first five rounds will also have a random prize from my bag. You don't know what it'll be, or which round it will be rewarded on!

Good luck!

Edit: The Winners are Bonus, Naihe, WiseMan, TheseHands and Icarus, with Icarus being the Ultimate Winner! Congratulations to all and thank you for taking part!

News / Re: Performance Issues on New Host
« Last post by Perryl on January 21, 2019, 11:33:09 am »
Starting around 2-3am EST (GMT - 5) the new host started experiencing performance issues leading to connectivity troubles, lag, and dcs. I'm working on diagnosing and resolving the issues now and we'll update this post when they are resolved.

Status Update The primary issue seems to be realms crashing which we are working to diagnose the cause. If a realm crashes, the players on that realm will be disconnected and may experience a short rollback. After that you will get a "This account is currently logged in and locked down" message for a few minutes as the realm reboots after which you can log back in.

I know how frustrating this is and I'm working as quickly as possible to resolve it. Hang in there.

2nd Status Update 1/21/2019 - 11:30 EST

A server component crashed in the middle of the night and resulted in users being unable to log in or play the game.

We've rebuilt the component that we're having issues with and are now in the process of transferring data to the SSD and scaling out hardware, it should be a few more minutes before we have it up and running again.

We've made significant updates to the server with this move and rebuilt everything basically from scratch. This may resolve the underlying issues we're seeing with the realms crashing.
Ingame / Re: Skill Book Drop Rate In BL LVL6
« Last post by Brutas on January 21, 2019, 03:18:41 am »
I hear that dotty but Perry advised that this post be put up it's a good way to gain information, let people express themselves about the changes the want to see. That way when he works on bl he has ideas of what players need
News / Performance Issues Resolved
« Last post by Tcholok on January 20, 2019, 01:42:27 pm »
We've rebuilt the server on a new virtualization engine and host to resolve the realm crashes we saw after migration. Everything seems to be running smoothly now although a few characters may have been broken in the process. We're working on resolving broken characters (let us know if your'e affected) as well as getting Elysium and some other website integrations back up and running on this rebuilt system.

Everything should be much more stable now. Thanks for your patience while we resolved this!
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