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Events / Re: Summertime Raffle
« Last post by Sasha! on Today at 03:49:03 pm »
IGN: Nimue
Events / Re: Summertime Raffle
« Last post by kurt3l on Today at 02:15:55 pm »
IGN: ""8""

Events / Re: Summertime Raffle
« Last post by Cimmy on Today at 06:56:23 am »
IGN: Done

Events / Re: Summertime Raffle
« Last post by Brutas on Yesterday at 10:31:06 am »
IGN: KuroVato
improve sp pots +1
Events / Re: Summertime Raffle
« Last post by mikkaz on June 22, 2019, 09:08:53 am »
IGN: TheTruth


Few suggestion to optimise stuff and increase quality of life overall.

1) Reduction time of opening Expedition Packs, they take too much time to open.
2) Vigor Pots max stack at 9999. If possible to make stack size same as other pots at 30k.
   Exquisite Vigor Potion has 500 insta restore and 170x3 over 6 seconds. A small buff might be benefitial here, numbers would be at GM's moderation.
3) Spirit Pots/ Monkey Flask could also benefit from a small overall increase  in both instant restore and over time effect. Numbers to GM's Moderation
4) On purchasing Platinum/Gold/Silver Cards you get VIP Daily Pack whose rewards do not correspond with current patch and changes that have been made to VIP Tab.
5) Fealty Packs also could be tweaked to corespond do current rewards system. Might result in increasing the number of players doing instances like Crimson Peaks.
6) Mystic Tome book upgrades past level 6-7 are resulting in multiple fails in a streak consuming vast ammount of Spiritual Covenant. Due latest drop rewords of Song of the Emerald Lady Instance the overall number of books and dropped and the number of badges and reforging items has increased making Spiritual Covenant even harder to obtain. This paired with the small to 0 chance of upgrade past level 7 makes it very level further. A possible solution to this would be to increase the chance of a succesfull upgrade or to drasticly lower the ammount of Spiritual Covenant required for a Mystic Tome level up.
7) Essential Dragon orb stack cap is at 999. If possible to increase stack size for this item too.

Technical Support / Update connection failed
« Last post by zacklee1989 on June 21, 2019, 08:57:56 pm »
Hi GM/Admin,

I have re-downloaded the client from the website twice and now I ended up with patch 46.

Previously, it was under patch 64.

When I launch MD client, it is unable to auto-patch to latest patch 65.

Error shows as 'Update connection failed'... I can't verify the files either.

Please help. Thank you
Events / Re: Summertime Raffle
« Last post by Deceit on June 21, 2019, 04:38:09 pm »
IGN: 恮eceit
Events / Re: Summertime Raffle
« Last post by M7md13 on June 21, 2019, 02:07:27 pm »
IGN : iSleep

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