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Events / Re: .:.Meet me in Kunlun.:.
« Last post by AscheNe on Today at 02:56:03 am »
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News / Re: Frequent Crashes -> New Server Location
« Last post by AscheNe on Today at 02:55:47 am »
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Polls / Re: Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« Last post by hoodcrazybitch on Yesterday at 08:10:54 pm »
 The way I feel is it should be added but also have where if people cannot afford it they can also grind in the game to get it.As for the people who say those who buy it and it's unlimited  will rule the game you aren't necessarily wrong  but you aren't right either. I mean think about it this way. Player's now can have unlimited accounts. There would be nothing stopping them from creating a new account to obtain the Bohdi seeds and wouldn't be a sure way to stop them from exploiting it either. The game  has always been a bit unfair to others but that is the way the game was set up to be, to mooch off of people. But they adapted the game so that we all could get what we needed either via Grinding or Via spending.  I know a few of you guys think that the Soul stones aren't really anything anymore. But as a Pvper and  a pver to me  it all counts. Certain soul stones granted to certain classes can boost that class  greatly. Now as for the price of it that also would be one of those iffys. You can set it at 600 monkey coin packs which still would pose a problem.Monkey coin packs aren't exactly expensive in the shop and it's not that hard to buy enough of them to get the Bohdi in game, once again that would also be on the  donaters easy list as a way of getting around the 300 or so forth nanas. Instead why not take something like one of the old drops that we use to trade  for items and implement it into the game? That way instead of monkey coins people would have to grind those to get the item and or if they prefer donate to get it.But either way that would make everyone happy some people don't mind pveing to get what they need. But that should balance the Pay2win vs the Grind to Win
Polls / Re: Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« Last post by Done on Yesterday at 07:10:46 pm »
No restrictions
Whats the point if we can have faction changes, so we need to be able to get stones that suit that faction...besides how many soulstones can someone really make if almost every class uses the same offense/defense stones.
Polls / Re: Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« Last post by PerfectTwo on Yesterday at 04:20:43 pm »
As Astral said, it could be interesting to get a certain amount of Bodhi Seed in a pack that can be used only once per character.
We can purchase it in the shop for 300 bananas or trade it with banana peels.
Polls / Re: Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« Last post by shiki on Yesterday at 03:35:52 pm »
Add it, progressive cost!
Now i've been playing different servers with and without multiple custom soulstone sets so maybe i can offer a little insight.
First of all, with this new patches, soulstones aren't as big and as important as they used to be, meaning more than one custom stones set won't have that much of an impact. All the new stuff adds and compensates for the random unlucky stats one gets on stone: tome skillbooks stats is kinda random and the chances to get high stats on everything u want + good high lvl new skill are low, chances to get all the stats u want and also high on fate gears is low, also because of the many soulcard builds there's no such thing as capping almost all stats to the maximum achievable anymore etc. So at this point, building a char is all about ballancing each thing out rather than capping everything as close to maximum achievable as possible, as it was before when literally all u had different from person to person on character building was the choice for custom stones +- the gear type for a very few factions. In the end, now one thing compensates for the other.
There's some ppl who for one reason or an other  fked up their stones and they need a 2nd chance for sure. Then, even if i had unlimited free Bodhi Seeds, i wouldn't do more than let's say 2-3 sets of stones on one char, like let's face it it's 2 days of continuous reset for a 5/8 stone, it gets boring at some point.  Even if I was the ultimate nerd trying to get the same custom stone again and again to get good random stats, that's all rng (my record is 4 sets of stones on one char w the same 5/8 every time and an other 3x 4/6 and 3x 4/8 all trying to get one certain good stats on my atk stone; sounds good doesn't work).
Then  make the cost for the Seed progressively go up, that for the nerds who actually want to try to remake their customs as much as possible, that should limit them in the end.
Ofc some ppl will get luckier and some less lucky w the random status on the custom stones but that's how it's been for ages and as I said before, one lucky random stats on a  stone doesn't have as much impact as it had before.
Polls / Re: Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« Last post by Slendy on Yesterday at 02:11:42 pm »
I think we should get at least 1 for free in-game (bound) , put more in the online shop for purchase/banana shop (unbound), & then perhaps include them as an option for full resets (applied by admin).
Having 1 free chance to try again if u make a mistake with your soulstones would be nice.  ;D
Polls / Re: Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« Last post by hasta on Yesterday at 01:36:21 pm »
just add it to banana shop priced 300 bananas this price is fair and not rly expensive also add it to monkey exchange npc  so ppl can buy it from in game grind (monkey coins) priced at lets say 600k mc? (600 monkey coin packs)
Polls / Re: Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« Last post by Drowzy on Yesterday at 01:03:55 pm »
I feel like if you let people who can afford to buy unlimited bodhi seeds buy as many as they want, they would be at an advantage over someone who is unable to spend that kind of money. Sure, they could buy banana peels ingame, but that can take a *really* long time, and isn't something that sounds that feasible, depending on the price of the seed itself. Stones can give a huge boost in stats, especially if someone can make enough soulstones where they could theoretically have an anti-affinity stone of every affinity, and a affinity res stone of every affinity, for example. This would make it really hard for anyone who can't afford a stone to counter these people, thus putting them at a disadvantage only because they can't spend the money. Just my two cents :p
Polls / Re: Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« Last post by Brutas on Yesterday at 12:21:26 pm »

What about people that purchase faction changes? Would it be fair to say those people probably need new stones most of the time?

Faction changes normally allow for the use of the same stone, most factions use the same attack stats  and def stones, however they is a small variation when it comes to skill evasion and Shield tanks other than that they should be able to use attack stones for other classes. plus they still get that 1 time reset just use it wisely.
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