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Modo / Re: Which one is the best 135 gears for Felkin/Dagos Modo ?
« on: September 07, 2018, 08:30:19 am »
So the best gear is actually BG? because of the hp, how about stj? I know it doesn't give that much HP but the SP is nice for felkin modo!

It's still better to go BG gear as felkin modo

General Discussion / Re: JD Official Servers Shutting Down June 5
« on: June 20, 2018, 03:50:35 pm »
Didnt find any Seira files but I did find http://forum.ragezone.com/f617/release-jade-dynasty-12-class-891826/  says its the newest zhuxian client

Might want to re-look over that thread. It was posted in November 2012 and the link is for a 12 faction client

They're talking about 1227 in that thread while the current version of ZX is 1801

General Discussion / Re: JD Official Servers Shutting Down June 5
« on: June 11, 2018, 01:45:03 pm »
So, the spear is like a sleeker version of Kytos'.

Kind of. One could say that their weapon is Dragon & Spear

They have 2 postures. One's for melee range and another's long distance. A number of skills are restricted to use while under only one of the postures, sort of like Modo's forms. The listed weapon for these skills are either Spear 枪 (melee posture) or 龙 Dragon (long distance posture)

The long distance posture skills will summon dragons for its attacks and their range is around 16 yards or more. They're mostly Charge skills (like arden) but have a long charge time and somewhat long cooldowns... around 1 min for a lot of them

The melee posture skills' reach is around 6 yards, but are multi-hit. Their T5 skill hits 9 times, attaches 10% of Max HP to damage, and can be spammed back-to-back up to 3 times before you have to wait 18 sec to use it again

They also have a unique "Dragon Power" system w/ the melee range posture skills that adds additional effects to a lot of their skills

Here's a video of one in BG: https://youtu.be/sCy392vQdi0

Another vid I quickly threw together: https://youtu.be/Z4BOqlo2nSM

General Discussion / Re: JD Official Servers Shutting Down June 5
« on: June 10, 2018, 12:13:16 pm »
Wow, it's releasing 6-12.

I feel like I need to learn chinese to go play lol.

ZX also just released a completely new faction/race

Yea, they released a new race. It's already out on the test server client, but the official release is tomorrow

(saved from the, now gone, official forums):

Quote from: Zmniejszyc
Wanmei is introducing a fourth race to the game in its summer expansion, the race is called 苍祇 Cāngqí Gods of Heaven and Earth

The new faction is 逐霜 Zhú Shuāng

Weapon: 龙枪 Dragon Spear

Faction Characteristics: Posture Switch, Damage Output, Onrush

I translated the skills and all that, but since official's gone, I'm not sure if there's a point anymore or where to post the stuff

General Discussion / Re: JD Official Servers Shutting Down June 5
« on: May 29, 2018, 09:58:34 pm »
such as the zx3 translated content that has been going for ages

I learned to backup my posts after the transition to the ARC forums since they kept getting deleted after every other edit. So, practically all the useful stuff that I posted on the forums have been saved

Reserved / Re: Seira & Ambreller
« on: July 28, 2017, 01:57:57 pm »
what is a name of a scroll class please? want see his/her gameplay

The name of that faction is still only in Chinese, but it's Huà yǐng  画影

The skills have been translated on the official forums by a player, here:

Edit: Link no longer works as of 6/5/2018

There's a few videos at the bottom of that thread that's updated every other week

News / Re: News - ZX 3 announced.
« on: October 21, 2016, 06:26:51 pm »
Fall 2016 ZX Expansion

Teaser for Expansion:

Skill Changes:

170 Level Cap, New Maps, and more:

New Constellation System:

New Star Skills:

170 Gear:

New Boss & Clan Skills:

Summer 2017 Expansion

New HY Faction info Pt. 1:

New HY Faction info Pt. 2:

New HY Faction Skills:

New Skyblade Instance:

Changes to Master and Disciple system:

Game changes in expansion:

New Weapons:

Fall 2017 Expansion

Skill Changes:

New Star Soul System (combined fatecharm, star soul, and orb forging):

Modo / Re: Modos on this server
« on: April 06, 2016, 04:05:16 pm »
Well I used to play on official with a high end character before the wonderland stone update and I know how to pvp but each time I encounter someone I get raped tho I have +/13 gears and the enemy has maybe +11+? I feel other classes are much overpowered and I don't know maybe I'm a bit rusty.

How's your fatecharms, esper, chroma, accessory gems, expertise, and which affinity is your Modo?

News / Re: News - ZX 3 announced.
« on: October 10, 2015, 02:04:28 pm »

Modo / Re: advice on a (felkin) ascended build
« on: June 22, 2015, 09:26:33 pm »
Your build, I assume it is for Dagos?  or no?  Could you please confirm.

Also, is your build strictly for PvP or could be used for general PvE stuff as well?

New question, with your build, is any sort of gear preferred.  I *had* intended to use unfilled square for the armor and unfilled circle for the weapon.

The JD Database build I linked is what I'd mainly use for Dagos, since you seemed to prefer human over the other forms and Dagos benefits human form the most.

That build can be used for both. Once you get kangba and max the Path of Becoming and Fallen Spirit tomes, you'll be able to spam kangba non-stop for grinding

The gear I'd suggest going is □ BG and for the weapon, you could go ○ ST if you're gonna use Dagos. If you wanna stick solely with Felkin then I'd steer towards going full BG. If it's purely for a PvE farming character, then just go full ST

Modo / Re: advice on a (felkin) ascended build
« on: June 18, 2015, 05:16:31 pm »
My first question is why'd you go felkin if you mainly only use human form?

If human form is the one you're mainly gonna use, I'd suggest just switching to dagos instead, since felkin benefits modon the most.

As for your build, I'll break it down by tiers.


You don't need to max Primary Evil or put any points into Arsenopyrite, that's 10 skill points you can put elsewhere. You will need to at least put 1 skill point into Demonic Posture, I'll get into why below.


Verbal Assault is useless, so don't waste skill points on it. You also don't need to max Chaotic Whirlwind. However, you completely ignored Restrained Resentment and Modon Posture, they are important skills for any modo affinity.


Bonesmelt Stinger is another useless skill, don't put any skill points into it. You also don't need to max Violent Breeze.  Four important skills to Tier 4 were ignored, though; Nimble Spirit, Snake Bind, Bloodcurdling Curse, and Ember Prison.


You don't need to max Sand Screen or put any points into Vile Edict.


I would max Dance of Chaos purely for the chroma skill.

Heresy Tomes:

You don't need to put any points into Curse of Dejection, Ghostly Command, or Third Life and you completely ignored Bloodstained Oath. Don't need to max Haunting Mood, either, just put enough points into it in order to get Sacred Heart.

Rage Tomes:

Nothing to really say about it.


You ignored getting Spirit Wings, it's one of modo's most important tomes.


My suggested build: http://jd.pwdatabase.com/pwi/calc/Modo#r27z1z53951z36031z3803609c8a803609c69z6254232z2y2233222342y1u3y10223223022z223

Please note that JD Database only goes up to lv150, so you'll also have 10 additional tome and skill points to use. I also didn't put any levels in chroma.


I didn't max Primary Evil and put 1 point into Demonic mainly for the Offering to the Dead tome in the Rage tomes.


1 point into modon so you can use the skills it gives and I maxed Restrained Resentment. It increases skill damage and gives Silence immunity, so it's important.


Nimble Spirit is a must, no matter what. It'll help reduce damage taken and the Demonheart buff it gives also helps with grinding by restoring spirit equal to a portion of the damage you deal.

Ember Prison is another important skill. If you're tired of Jadeons constantly freezing you, then using Deep Freeze to lower your health before they use Magnificent Spirit on you, you'll want this skill. It reduces your health, but by doing so makes you immune, per se, to Deep Freeze's health reduction so that you're more likely to survive their ms.

Snake Bind is also important. It reduces resistances of the target. So, it's nice to use on people if you're trying not to fall in a status lock situation or for using a status effect on the target. When I say status effect, I mean weaken, stun, silence, sleep, and paralyze.

Bloodcurdling Curse. It'll raise your stun resistance to a high enough level so stun usually won't land on you, but at the cost of reducing all your other resistances to a pretty low number 0 ~ 50. This skill is important for Felkin and Fuwa Modo's 1 shot skill and for the chroma Dance of Chaos' damage. It's also nice for not being stun locked by mages when your immunities are still on cooldown.


Firestone Will raises your attack power, but it also has a chance to place a bleed effect on you. One might think this is bad, but it's good. When this skill's bleed is on you, the bleeds from Dragonfire and Whisker Tiger will not land on you. It will also make it so the bleed from Felkin Arden's Flame Stream 2 also won't land on you.

Spiritual Charm will Fast a target. It's where they cannot use pots to heal their health, so it's useful with killing people.

Bloodstained Soul isn't as important as the other skills, but the Vampire Bite buff it gives will help out, since it recovers health based off the damage you deal to targets.


Not much to really explain.

Heresy Tomes:

Bloodstained Oath is a must, with its charm the posture skills will have no cooldown so you can quickly switch between them while using different skills between the forms.

Rage Tomes:

Offering to the Dead is awesome for your kangba skill. It will increase the next hit's damage by 60%, with its charm, it'll raise it by 75%, which is great for dealing high enough damage to kill people quickly.

I maxed Fire on the Mountain here purely for its Restrained Resentment effects. It will raise its skill damage increase by 10%.

Chill Wind is for your Ghoulish Night skill and Tempered Resentment is just for the critstrike rate.

Venoma Tomes:

Get the Spirit Wings tome and its charm. No ifs, ands, or buts. It's a very important tome. You can reset a great deal of your buffs using the Charge skill with this tome so they practically have no cooldown.

Spiritual Consumption is important for your Nimble Spirit, Bloodcurdling Curse, and Spiritual Charm skills.

Kaigu will help in reducing a target's resistances.

Ghostly Domain is your raja/invincible-type skill. It'll make you immune against attacks and debuffs landing on you at the cost of not being able to cast skills.

My build in-game is different, mainly because I'm lv160 with lv81 Chroma and use all 3 forms and affinities.

As you can see I do have some things different here.

I have Primary Evil maxed, because I had points to spare and spirit is important for your Nimble Spirit skill, but maxing the skill isn't a necessity. I also maxed Forest of Laughter, since I use Demonic Posture. Its damage isn't that bad, especially when it crits, but cast time can be a problem.

For the tomes, I maxed Hohun Urn for the extra damage to Dance of Chaos and Forest of Laughter and also maxed Ghoulish Conscription for the duration increase to buffs. Then there's Gate to Life, I maxed it for the cooldown reduction to Self-Righteousness, since the Spirit Wings tome doesn't affect the chroma version of the skill, so a shorter cooldown helps. Wrath of the Dragon is for the damage increase for the demonic form skills, but I have it mainly for the Critshield raise.

I also maxed Sea of Blood mainly for the chroma seeker's bleed. It's a mistranslated tome. It's supposed to say that it increases your bleeds damage by 20% and for every level of the skill you used it will attach 1.0% of the target's current health to the bleeds' damage. Since chroma seeker has 20 ranks, once maxed, and with its charm, it's possible to add 30% of their current health to its damage. It's great for dealing with low health targets if you build right for it. Then there's Heavenly Disaster, which  helps with landing your bleeds more. That's about it, can't think of anything else to write.

Ingame / Re: Catalog of Players' Suggestions
« on: June 16, 2015, 09:41:17 pm »
    Can you increase the amount the daily quest Corrupted Forges gives Common Orb Beads or add them in some other way, the current method takes forever to max just 1 stat.

Theres a patch where we can now reset our customize stones. the only thing is WHEN we will get it. ZX has it now. but in MD i think it will be this upcoming xmas 2015 or maybe new year 2016.


That function isn't to reset custom soulstones, although you already can, it's a customized reset function. They should have called it something different and rephrased a couple things. It is a bit misleading. The function will automatically reset the stone with the option to stop it once it reaches a set parameter. IIRC, you can set it to stop after it gets 6, 7, or 8 stats, or when it gets custom stats you set out for it. You can customize up to 8 stats, but with the more stats you set, the harder it'll be to get them since it resets all stats every time.[/list]

News / Re: News - ZX 3 announced.
« on: June 11, 2015, 05:48:07 pm »
Summer 2015 ZX Expansion ~

Seira Faction Skills:

Auto-Pot Function:

New Instance:

New Velonus & Bilu Fashions:

Esper System Change & Seira Gear, Weap, & Esper:

Some Other Changes & Seira Faction Vids:

Alliance Base Boss Quests:

New VIP System & New Equipment Slot:

New Drops Added to Instances:

Etherkin Ascension Stats:

Banker, Auction House, and Group Soul Tower rewards:

Baye's Esper:

New Accessory Gem Instance:

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