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Polls / Poll on Monkey Dynasty Pots
« on: May 29, 2014, 05:58:37 pm »
So, should we go back to our normal custom Monkey pots
Monkey Drop 13k per heal
Monkey Flask 9k per heal
Or continue with official HP pots
Celestial Health orb 9k per heal
Celestial Spirit Dew 3k per heal

General / Patching progress
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:08:35 pm »
Yo, so every time we have some major patch, and site chat box gets filled with people thinking they're done with patch...
Here's the list of files u usually download with every patch we have, in correct order, so when you see a file being downloaded if it's not the last one, u can go bk to being afk or whatever.


Chit-Chat / Fuwa Mage & Jadeon VS Fuwa & Dagos Rayans
« on: May 05, 2014, 02:11:39 am »

General / Chroma level exp chart
« on: April 29, 2014, 06:31:17 am »
So, I made this list for myself quite a bit ago, when I was maxing my first toon on this server, and thought I should share it with you folks. =)
As the title says:

1-46         http://jd-wiki.perfectworld.com/index.php/Chroma_Level

46-47        232503

47-48        237708

48-49        245515

49-50        255926

50-51        268938

51-52        284555

52-53        302773

53-54        323594

54-55        557515

55-56        563827

56-57        576450

57-58        595384

58-59        620630

59-60        652187

60-61        690056

61-62        734236

62-63        784728

63-64        833481

64-65        855522

65-66        877563

66-67        921645

67-68        987769

68-69       1097974

69-70       1274303

70-71       1560838

71-72       2023701

72-73       2572920

73-74       2640960

74-75       2709000

75-76       2845080

76-77       3049200

77-78       3389400

78-79       3933720

79-80       4818240

80-81       6247080


Chit-Chat / Dagos Rayan PvP BG 03/26/14
« on: April 07, 2014, 05:20:34 am »

General / [Survival Tutorial for new players of MD]
« on: September 19, 2013, 02:36:11 pm »
Okay, so, I've decided to make a brief tutorial for the newbies of Monkey Dynasty so they can blend in faster and better.

So after you make a char, first thing you would want to do is to level up.
Click VIP icon next to you mini map and there you will be able to claim:

Taichi Pill Pack x10
Tigeren and Tutorial Buffs
Meditation Orb x10
Portal Charm x50 [Which will be more than enough until you ascend]
and a few pots.

Next step, you open Jaden Marketplace by pressing J on your keyboard, go to [Mount/Pet] section and subsection [Pet], scroll down and you will see a pet named Anan. That pet will most likely be your pet for a while, until you decide to make better pet, G20.

You will also need a pet medicine, to heal your pet, so go to subsection [Pet Aid] and get an item called Wonzo Melon which will help your pet survive while it helps you in further quests.

Next thing I should mention is probably Monkey Dynasty Daily Online rewards system. Beside you getting 5 lotto's every 5 hours and beside you getting 2 Jadens for every hour you stay online, there are various other items you don't have to, but should get every day.

Next to your Health/Spirit bar, you will see something like a button. Click on it, and claim the first prize that you can.
NOTE: You must use at least 1 Taichi Pill Pack before you unlock this option because your char is level 1.

After you claim it, it will appear in your bag, it looks like this:

Right click to open it and you have all you need to continue.

Next part are tier quest or in case you chose human race, you need to choose a faction first.

Tier 2 quest:
There is a slight difference in which mob should be killed depending on your faction, in any case, Anan pet can solo it.

Tier 3 quest:
You have to kill some mobs, which Anan can do, but you need to pay a fee to Tanis Ka, which is 5G. Many times I see new players world chatting or asking around Sunstream for those 5G, after a while it becomes really annoying. Here is where you get your 5G:

You got that Gold Brick from Traveler Parcel I mentioned before.

Tier 4 quest:
Unfortunately, this quest can't be soloed completely.
First part is to kill Ghost Emissary, it's a Boss in East side of Sunstream and yes, Anan can kill it.
Second part is another Boss, Thunder Shield Beast King which you can't solo. That's when those free Telepathy Gems you got from Parcel should be used. You world chat for someone to help you kill that T4 Boss, many people WC for Ghost Emissary too. After someone kills those two bosses, depending on your faction you will need to kill 5 of each of 3 different kind of mobs. Anan can do it. In case you get the part where you need to have 1 of each talisman, they can be bought from Marketplace [Functional]>[Talisman].
Almost done with T4, you will need to kill several mobs to collect Affection Flowers, which can also be soloed by Anan, and last part ask the person that helped you before to kill one of the two Bosses, Elysium Executioner or Elysium Sentry, depending on which one you need. With that done, you are now T4.

Last, but not least, Tier 5, typical run:
-Talk to NPC's, you have enough portal charms to do it.
-Kill bamboo in Jadeon for Tranquility quest.
For this part, it's for the best to world chat for someone to help you unless you are Incense Mage which kill bamboo easily.
-Levitating Traveler, T5 Boss, also world chat for someone to help you.
-Pot the bleed of Skyscream for 3 minutes, and you are Tier 5.

Next part is Ascension, this post isn't about ascending, I'll just post the several things about it.
When you become tier 5, you will see a quest in your Quest Log, which can be accessed by clicking Q on your keyboard.
When you port to the NPC in Jadeon, before you talk to him better get the item for Ascending, the item is called Nirvana Insignia. You can get it by claiming VIP rewards, once again, same as when you were getting your free Taichi Pill Packs, but this time you MUST click on 135-150.

After you get the item and finish quests, you will be back to level 15 Ascended.

Tips for getting gold and items and working on your char:
- MTH gives 10k gold per voucher, every day, after staying online 1 hour on a single char you will get a new Parcel with MTH Voucher in it.
- As of gear, you can get, how I like to say, 2.3 Kirin Sigils a day. If you are level 135+ ascended, and do exploration every day, you can get 15 shards a day. Daily VIP gives 5 shards a day + other goodies, and if you do Fealty every day, you can get 3 more shards. From the last box you get from Fealty, there is a chance to get Flux Sigil Shard.
NOTE: Do not refine gear with those Kirin Sigils for someone else, only those Kirin Sigils make refined gear bound. Same goes with Drake Sigils.
- Drake Sigil Shards can be obtained by doing MTH, CP and one more from Fealty.
- Eventually the most important thing you need in Monkey Dynasty is Monkey Coins. You can get them by farming, daily expedition, daily VIP, online rewards. There are several Monkey NPC's where you can exchange them, they are located in Sunstream next to Stashkeeper.
- Last, but not least, grinding.

Mobs in normal maps drop:
Provisions, Crafting materials, Talismans - which I find useless.
Monkey Coins and Event items like Nirvana Ore, Fortune Seals, Dragon Orb of Luck etc. - All people grind for this.

Mobs in Affinity Lands drop:
Same as above + Affinity Beads that CAN be sold to other players + Higher rate of Monkey Coins and Event items.

Mobs in IC drop:
Same as above + Affinity Beads that are bound [can't be sold to other player] + Chroma Beads + Highest rate of MC's and Event items.

NOTE: No mobs drop Monkey Coin Packs.

Last two screenshots which I hope will help newbies to find their way in Monkey Dynasty.

NOTE: You can explore only 9 regions a day, you can't explore secret places.

Thanks for reading, I hope it helped.

P.S. If you need any help with Tier quests, Felkin Affinity Quest or Vitalization, pm me ingame and just say you have read my forum post. Beside me, there are other players that might respond to your WC, there are Game Sarges [ GS ] so don't WC about GM to pm you.

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