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Polls / New Server Location
« on: January 08, 2019, 07:35:29 pm »
Because of a hardware issue causing crashes on the current server, we will need to move to a new server. This gives us an opportunity to choose a new location as well. Please let us  know where you would prefer the server to be located. To get the best feedback I'm keeping the choices very limited.

You can test ping the two primary choices as well as some backup choices by using our ping test script. Just download md_server_ping_test.bat and run it.

Please reply to this poll with your ping test results  and your geographic location so we can get a better sense of the distribution of pings and locations. You can copy / paste your ping test results from the command prompt that opens, or you can open the md_server_ping_test_results.txt text file that is created by the ping test tool and copy the contents from here / attach the file.

News / Frequent Crashes -> New Server Location
« on: January 08, 2019, 05:52:18 pm »
As I'm sure you're already aware, the server has been crashing every few days (or worse). The good news is this has been getting worse because the population and activity have been increasing. The bad news is the crashes are caused by a hardware issue that we cannot resolve without moving to a new server.

It's apparent that if we want to continue to grow without increasingly frequent crashes, we need to move to a new server. This will be a labor intensive process as we setup a new server with all of the different services that makes this game possible, but it's a process we'll have to do.

We have also setup a comprehensive automated recovery system so if the server does have a hardware fault that causes it to restart then the game servers, VMs, and all other services will repair themselves and relaunch automatically. This should reduce any downtime from these events to minimize the frustration as we work on a migration.

New Server Location
Moving to a new server will give us a chance to relocate the server if enough players prefer a different location. Please try test-pinging potential new locations and vote in the poll for your favorite location. Also, please reply to the poll with your test ping results and your geographic location so we can get a better sense of the distribution of pings and locations.

Thanks for your patience while we resolve this.

News / SS Spam + Ticket System Fix
« on: January 02, 2019, 02:41:52 pm »
Happy new year everyone!

We've got more surprises we'll be releasing in the next week or two, but until then I bring you some more fixes.

  • Ticket system has been fixed. You can now log in again if you were getting "access denied" before.
  • NPC spam has been reduced in our Custom Sun Stream map. Chat should be a lot less cluttered.

Let's make 2019 the year MD returns to its former greatness!

News / Exploit: WLS -> Flux Sigil
« on: December 27, 2018, 08:57:36 pm »
Today we detected an exploit which allowed you to purchase Flux Sigil Shards indirectly with Wonderland Stones, which could then be exchanged for Flux Sigils. The issue was with the ability to purchase Courage for Wonderland Stones via the Shady Dealer's Rare Item Exchange. You could purchase the item Warsoul Order which gives you 2500 Courage. You could then exchange that courage for Sigil Shards which could then be turned into tradeable sigils.

Fortunately we caught this pretty quickly and this bug was only exploited around  a hundred times between 17 users. Nonetheless, they were able to generate almost 100 Flux Sigils. Had this been worse, we would have been forced to rollback the entire server to ensure fairness for everyone. All 17 users have been temporarily banned while we audit their accounts and rollback the results of their use of this exploit.

This is VERY IMPORTANT: if you discover an exploit, or something you think MIGHT be an exploit, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to a staff member (ideally Perryl or myself). There is no sense exploiting it as you will be caught eventually, and you will be banned. We have logs of everything so we can immediately identify everyone involved and where those items ended up. You will not get away with it and you will cause a rollback for everyone if it's bad enough.

Take this as a very strong warning -- if you think you may have found an exploit, let us know. You will not be punished for reporting an exploit, and you may actually be rewarded for doing so. Don't be an idiot and lose your account over something dumb like this.

As of now, those involved have been banned. We will work out a proper punishment for them and reverse the damage done. Until then, they will not be playing. If you were involved in this exploit and would like to self-report everything you did, that will help your case. You can do so by replying to this thread or messaging myself or Perryl on Discord.

News / Patch v52 - Merry Christmas
« on: December 25, 2018, 09:48:44 am »
Merry Christmas everyone! Here are a few more changes for you:

  • Increased the XP on mobs on some basic maps like Shura and Kunlun.
  • Redid the event map for PvP events. You can enter it from any realm in Sunstream from the Skylord.
  • Added a new prize item for the Christmas lotto. It's called the Firmus Triple Play and awards 3 Firmus espers.

News / Patch v51 - Elysium & bug fixes
« on: December 24, 2018, 03:19:03 am »
  • Elysium is open
  • Repaired pet models.
  • Fixed Drake Sigil icon.
  • Fixed PvE realms allowing PvP
  • We temporarily removed the ability to use Crimson Ceremony on Seira while keeping the ability to use it on all other classes but Hydran which already couldn't use it. We did this because the fashion doesn't have a model for Crimson Ceremony on Seira. So, until we add one, we disabled it for that class.
  • We made some adjustments to the drop rates in Inferna. We're happy to see the turnout for the farming in Inferna, with about 500,000 mobs killed since we patched, we got a pretty good idea of how our custom drop rates are working out. We found that our Monkey Coins, Monkey Coin Packs, and Sigils were all dropping a little more than we intended. We have made adjustments to that. This may not be the final round of adjustments as we continue to evaluate the overall rates of how often all items drop.

Rather than rolling back to deal with the various mistakes we have made, we are going through and correcting them using logs and we believe it's best to continue down that path. So the unintended inflated drop rates are going to be considered more of an event for those that were quickest to get back into the game with us.

Keep an eye on your email for some upcoming surprises.

News / Starfall++: Patch v44, v45, v46, and v47
« on: December 21, 2018, 06:02:44 am »
Merry Christmas Monkeys!

For this holiday season we are very pleased to bring you one of our largest patches ever.  As of now, the patcher will update your clients to v47. This is a big update, so all full installers have also been updated to provide this new fully updated client.

A couple quick things before the patch details:

All currently banned accounts have been unbanned. This only goes for accounts that were banned site-wide rather than just ingame, however we will likely be unbanning the ingame-banned accounts as well. What this means is if you were previously banned for something like vote exploitation or having too many accounts you should be able to play your characters again. Your bananas and Jaden have been wiped to prevent reaping rewards from your wrongdoings.

If you are still unable to log in to your account, please, take the time to attempt to reset the password before submitting a ticket for assistance.

Account limits
We now allow users to own as many accounts as they wish, but you still may only vote on one per 6 hours.

Testing & Reporting Issues
If you discover any issues, think something is not working properly, or discover an exploit of some sort, report it promptly on the bug forum. Reporting promptly avoids unnecessary rollback and also avoid banned for using an exploit.

When we started Jade Monkey / Monkey Dynasty back in 2012 the client was 10% of the size it is now, literally. There have been 10 times the maps, instances, content, even the classes have doubled! There is so much new content that it's hard to keep up. Please provide us with feedback about in-game content so we can improve it for you. We want you to have fun! That's the main goal here. So, please help us help you.

A fair amount of modifications were pushed without complete testing due to the enormous amount of work required to adequately test the content. As such, exploits and errors may exist. Please, report them immediately so we can avoid any potential rollback of server data. We will be available for the majority of the weekend to do quick patches as needed.

And now, the patch notes...

Patch 44 - Updating Hydran.

Item changes:
1. Made Dragon Elixir tradeable.
2. Made Spiritual Covenant tradeable.

1. Affinity Beads have been removed from the marketplace as they are abundant in-game already and this will improve their value as a drop.

  • Updated MTH rewards
    When you turn in a Champion Voucher you will receive the following:
    • 500 Taichi Pill
    • 1 bank note worth 10k gold.
    • A 10% chance for a 50k bank note!
    • 20 Dragon Elixir.
    • Affinity Beads increased to 10000 from 2000 and are tradeable.
    • Chroma Beads increased to 2000 from 200 and are tradeable.
    • 1 Drake Sigil Shard.
    • 50 Monkey Coins.
    • A 50% chance of receiving 5 Banana Peels.
    • A 10% chance of one tradeable Monkey Coin Pack

  • We continued to rebalance MTH Jadeon for a good farming experience.
  • We removed transform gem from the drop lists for Overlord of Chaos, Evil Flora, and Empress Lunara.

  • Changed the notification to world from the Chroma Bead Pack lotto to display the correct reward in chat.
  • Changed the notification from the Elysium Vessel to "You Win" because the interface was giving the incorrect prize details.
  • Repaired GM NPC.
  • You won't see traffic lights when the game crashes anymore, the software that did that was outdated and has been removed. 
  • There is a new `Clans / Alliances` forum for recruiting, posting videos, general discussions, etc

We were going to patch this a while ago, but new content became available. So, we went ahead and continued on with patch 45, 46, and 47.

Patch 45  - Starfall Expansion.

Starfall expansion has been added. This includes the addition of the Seira class, Clouded Kunlun, and lots of other new content.

Sunstream has changed, yet again. However, there are some known issues with autoroute that we plan to tackle in an upcoming patch.

We've also brought back a version of old Sunstream that is partially destroyed. We will have a vote to determine if we will keep this Sunstream or replace it with the version without fires and earthquakes and all that fun stuff. This is where you'll now find our custom NPCs, and there's more custom content coming soon.

Patch 46 & 47 - 1st round of updates to Starfall. 

Item changes:
  • When transformed you shouldn't be able to use your normal character skills in PvP. This isn't fully tested, please use the new bug report forum to report any issues you find with this.
  • Lunara and Overlord of Chaos gems have had their skills disabled.
  • When a new character logs into the game for the first time they will receive the Monkey Dynasty Starter Pack which has a variety of important items for early character advancement.
  • Cloud Saucer is now tradeable.
  • Perfect Tawen Gem is fixed.
  • Common and Fine Seal Orbs are tradeable.
  • Inferna/Archaia Orders have had their rewards increased.
  • Energy is now tradeable.
  • Soul Ash is now tradeable.
  • Ice Orb of Vastness is now tradeable.
  • Orison Fragment Pack now stacks to 30,000.
  • Arcane Bullion is now tradeable.
  • Soul Inverter Shard is now tradeable, and stacks to 30,000.
  • All Miradrake Orbs are now tradeable. and stack to 30k
  • Made 'A Pack of Chroma Beads' that drop from Dragon Gate and General Aoko stackable.
  • Increased the stack size of shards from 20 to 30,000.
  • Made elemental temple title tradeable again.
  • Celesphere Sands are tradeable.
  • Esper Gems have had their stack size greatly increased.
  • Charm Parts have had their stack size increased to 30,000.
  • Added Dragondance Herb to Jade Exchange Maiden for 500 Sunny jades.
  • Made Empyrean Crystals, Empyrean Crystals of Heaven, Celebeans, Orison Fragments, Treasured Copper Coins, Sunny Jades, Wonderland Stones and Fatecharm Fragments stack to 30k
  • Potions now stack to 30,000.
  • Ancient Coins stack to 30,000.
  • Archaia and Inferna orders are now able to be used by level 160 players.
  • Bridal fashions can now be sold to NPC.
  • Baby Bear has returned to the Custom Mount NPC.
  • Chibi-Chan pack is tradeable now.

  • The marketplace has been modified to be very similar to how the Hydran marketplace was. There will be further modifications done to the marketplace in an upcoming patch.

  • Lucifuge Knights are dropping gold again.
  • White Vulture and Azure Phoenix drop gold again.
  • The Chroma Beads dropping in Inferna/Sunstrider are now the tradeable ones.
  • Drop lists for MTH-Jadeon have been completely customized.

  • The quest you receive for returning to the server after 30 days of not playing has been changed to "Welcome back to Monkey Dynasty". The rewards include a Monkey VIP Card, 20 Banana Peels, 1000 Monkey Coins, a graphic title that is currently still in Chinese(it will be fixed), and several other useful rewards. It will also broadcast your return to the whole server so all your friends will know when you've returned.
  • When you receive your First Purchase Rewards you will also receive a Welcome to Monkey Dynasty pack that has a variety of useful items for a new character.
  • Instead of receiving an energy battery every 5 hours you will receive a lotto. The quest has been changed to Blessing of the Unicorn and has the new custom lotto Unicorn's Blessing which has the first prize of a +12 sigil, a special Unicorn Token which will be exchanged for ?, a Firmus Pack that includes a new item called Monkey's Blood which will immediately make the Firmus level 30, as well as a tome and an accessory, or 60,000 Ice Orb of Vastness, the 2nd prize is a new item called Monkey's Precious Jade Pack, this item rewards 100 Sunny Jades with a chance for receiving Twilight, Red Welkin, and Green Welkin jades. 3rd prize is 10,000 Celebeans, and 4th is 5 Monkey Coins, the previous custom reward for this quest. Further, this quest itself is a lotto and can give you a Diamond or a Flux sigil shard!
  • The quest "A Dark Future" which is awarded for defeating Lady Linaska, has had the following modifications:
    • Switched Kirin Sigil Shard for Astri Sigil Shard.
    • Added Ares Sigil Shard at a 10% chance for reward.
    • Added Flux Sigil Shard at a 1% chance for reward.
    • Added 10 Banana Peels to rewards.
    • Added 2 Monkey Coin Packs to rewards.
  • The quest "The First Step" in CP has had the following modifications:
    • Multiplied Affinity Bead reward x10 from 30 to 300.
    • Changed Affinity Bead to the tradeable version.
    • Multiplied Chroma Bead reward x10 from 10 to 100.
    • Changed Chroma Bead to the tradeable version.
    • Added Monkey Coin x5.
    • Added Banana Peel x1.
  • The quest "A Savior's Reward" in CP has had the following modifications:
    • Multiplied Affinity Bead reward x10 from 50 to 500.
    • Changed Affinity Bead to the tradeable version.
    • Multiplied Chroma Bead reward x10 from 15 to 150.
    • Changed Chroma Bead to the tradeable version.
    • Added Monkey Coin x10.
    • Added Banana Peel x2.
  • The quest "The Sealstones" in CP has had the following modifications:
    • Multiplied Affinity Bead reward x10 from 70 to 700.
    • Changed Affinity Bead to the tradeable version.
    • Multiplied Chroma Bead reward x10 from 20 to 200.
    • Changed Chroma Bead to the tradeable version.
    • Added Monkey Coin x20.
    • Added Banana Peel x4.
  • The quest "The Puppet Master" in CP has had the following modifications:
    • Multiplied Affinity Bead reward x10 from 90 to 900.
    • Changed Affinity Bead to the tradeable version.
    • Multiplied Chroma Bead reward x10 from 25 to 250.
    • Changed Chroma Bead to the tradeable version.
    • Added Monkey Coin x40.
    • Added Banana Peel x5.
  • The quest "This Lost Girl" in CP has had the following modifications:
    • Added Monkey Coin x50.
    • Added Heaven Dragon Seal x100.
    • Added Banana Peel x10.
  • The quest "Sly Dragon's Defeat" in CP has had the following modifications:
    • Removed Dragon Muscle.
    • Replaced Dragon Muscle with Gold Leaf.
    • Added Banana Peel x10.
    • Added Drake Sigil Shard at a chance of 30%.
  • The quest "A Silver Lining" in CP has had the following modifications:
    • Replaced the untradeable Affinity Bead with the tradeable one.
    • Increased the Affinity Beads rewarded to 20000.
    • Replaced the untradeable Chroma Bead with the tradeable one.
    • Increased the Chroma Bead reward to 4000.
    • Removed Ancient Coin reward.
    • Replaced Ancient Coin reward with 10 Banana Peels.
    • Added 2 Monkey Coin Pack to rewards.
    • Added a 1k bank note to rewards.
    • Added a Drake Sigil Shard to rewards.
  • Elemental Painting is now received daily and expires daily.

  • The Nirvana Insignia has been added back to the VIP for level 150 pre players to skip the Ascension quest if they want to. That said, completing the quest rewards 100 Banana Peels. Your choice.
  • Taichi pills have been added to the first VIP tier.
  • Some nice rewards have been added to the final tier of VIP rewards.

  • We've added an event system that will be used to automate PvP and PvE events and rewards. You will receive messages in-game that will update you on things like k/d, score, placement, streaks, and more.
  • Voidas had an issue where they were sometimes bald, that's now fixed.
  • Some players had issues with accessing their stash, this would result in a crash. This has been fixed.
  • Lottos have been cycled a bit at Jade Exchange Girl, notably, Hanebu Juice Box has returned.
  • The Understream Dream Journal exchange with an option to trade for sigil shards has returned.
  • Lady Linaska's spawn rate increased x5.
  • You can add port locations in MTH-Jadeon now.
  • Bank Note Exchange has been fixed.
  • Rift Gates in Garro are working now.
  • The chances of getting a higher grade Celesphere Sand Packs has been increased, with that said, we haven't touched crystals or looked at level 6 gems, this will be looked at for an upcoming patch and similarly edited.
  • The Flux and Ares shards are back at the Courage Exchange.
  • The Shady Dealer has an option where you can trade 9999 tradeable Chroma Beads for a Tradeable Chroma Bead box. Since a stack is now 30,000, we have added options for 30,000 as well.
  • The Soul Inverter you receive from Soul Inverter Shards is now tradeable.
  • You can now exchange Golden Letter for Sinister Orb, but not Firmus.
  • Reduced the time it takes to open Treasure Box, most chance packs, and Brocade Box.
  • Modified the Transform NPCs to have an exchange for almost all Transform Gems in the game.
  • You can now add locations in Dragon Mountain and Citadel to your Astrolabe.
  • Upgrading custom Skyblades is now fixed.
  • Fatecharm Sign has been modified so that you can trade the Eternals you get from it. This way if you get one you don't need, or don't want, you can at least sell it. Keep in mind this only works as long as you haven't opened the box with the Fatecharm inside of it. You can open the Fatecharm Sign, it will give you 3 Eternals, but they will be in individual boxes that are able to be traded. Once you open those boxes the Eternals cannot be traded anymore. I hope you understand how this works if you need more information before purchasing make sure to ask a GM. Refunds will not be offered if you "accidentally" open one of the boxes containing the Fate charms after you have opened the Fatecharm Sign.
  • The option to purchase Bank Notes at Stashkeeper has been renamed to Buy Bank Notes from Bank Note Exchange. The Bank Note Exchange is for exchanging bank notes for bank notes of larger or smaller denomination.
  • It will not cost courage to purchase BG gears, nor Gold Brick for Chu Han gears, however, it also doesn't cost Jasper Money or Skyline Pearls either. You will now use Ancient Coins for exchange.
  • Level 160 players should be able to enter any BG map now.
  • The Battle Exchange has had the following modifications:
    • It now takes 1 Medal to get 3 Soul Inverters.
    • The Moral Defender Badge now costs 10 Medals.
    • It now takes 1 Medal to get 2 Chi Enhancers.
    • Heaven's Secret Soul now costs 10 Medals.
  • Crafting only takes 1 second.
  • Quiz Bowl is back to our custom English version. There will be another update to the Quiz Bowl in the near future.
  • We've heard reports that the Fuwa Rayan level 20 skill for 2 clones was only generating 1 clone, after extensive testing we can assure you that there are two clones. The design has them using the same walk path, they are identical to each other. So it's quite difficult to see them, but there is definitely 2 of them.
  • Custom Auction has returned.
  • The items used for increasing Chroma Caps have been repaired.
  • Jumping Squirrel is back at Pet Master.
  • Hero Losken's Soul has returned to standing in town in Billows across from Skylord.
  • The Seal Exchange is found in Southern Border and can now be used to immediately exchange the required amount of Common Seal Orbs and Fine Seal Orbs for level 8 seals. Level 9 seals will be looked at in an upcoming patch.
  • There is a port in Sunstream at the Skylord that takes you to Seat of Chaos.
  • Added our custom GM icon. You will know a GM when you see our custom Monkey Dynasty symbol in-game.
  • Refining above +14 is now completely redundant. A +15 item has the same amount of power as a +14 of the same item. Because of this, you can now refine above +14. The rules have been updated to reflect this. If your account is banned for having an item above +14, please submit a ticket so we can make sure to unban your account.
  • Re-customized Fealty rewards. Basic Fealty Pack has a chance of a Drake Sigil Shard, Standard Fealty Pack has a chance of an Astri Sigil Shard, Advanced Fealty Pack has a chance for an Ares Sigil Shard, and the Ultimate Fealty Pack has a chance for a Flux Sigil Shard.
  • The prices in the Banana Peel Exchange for refining items did not accurately represent the exchange rate we were looking for. 1 Banana Peel is equal to 1/20th of a Banana and now most of the prices should reflect that.
  • We've also made some changes to how bug reporting will work, including the ability to upvote and downvote issues in our bug report forum. We will use the same format for suggestions in the near future.
  • Further, we've updated our ticket system and forum to the newest versions.

Known issues:
  • Dread Lab is gone, it'll come back, but it's gone for now. The rewards aren't gone, they were pushed to Shura Gauntlet. Those rewards have not been customized yet, it's currently slated for patch 49+. We will attempt to bring back DL in the same patch, but with some custom rewards.
  • The keys you sometimes get from Fealty may not work. Due to a lack of testers, we do not have very much information about why, but we hope to figure that out in a live setting and repair it for patch 49+.
  • Some of the new content isn't modified yet. We wanted to push this out so we could move on from the Hydran patch to something greater. We will make further improvements in upcoming patches.
  • There is a known issue receiving level 3 skills from some tomes. We have modified the lotto rewarding the items with the issue to reward coupons that you will be able to use to exchange for those items in the future.
  • The title you receive after returning from 30 days offline is in Chinese, we will update this soon.
  • ET, Orison, and other instances may not be fully modified. We do need feedback. These are slated for the next patch and will be updated based on your feedback.
  • You may find the occasional battery around the server. As this is a no-battery server, please report any you find.
  • We are aware that there may be need for updating custom potions. We need more feedback to determine if this is necessary and how we would do it.
  • When you first log in, the "what's new" menu is in Chinese. We were unable to determine how to edit this before we decided to push this patch. We will look into it further in an upcoming patch.

News / So what's going on?
« on: December 02, 2018, 12:34:04 am »
Hey everyone,

We've been very heads down lately focused on getting patch 44 ready to go. It's probably our biggest patch ever and we're very excited to release it. I won't go into much more detail just yet, but we will have extensive patch notes when it's released and will begin keeping the news steadily updated with in-progress patch notes for what we're working on next.

I've let the communication slide a bit lately as well while we've been focusing on development. There have been several sever crashes, particularly the one yesterday that left the server down for hours while we were asleep. I know this left a lot of people confused and frustrated, especially without much official communication from the team. I'm sorry for that and we'll be aiming to do better with news posts about any server events, downtime, and upcoming patches as I mentioned before.

Bear with us for just a little while longer and I'm confident the wait will be worth it. After patch 44 the server should finally be in a polished state where we are prepared to begin advertising again, re-opening parts of the shop, running regular events (including automated events), and rebuilding the community.

I'm really excited to show you what we've been working on  :)

News / New Client Downloads + Installer
« on: October 28, 2018, 09:18:37 pm »
Had trouble downloading the game? Installer not working for you? Want additional options? You're in luck!

We've added several additional download options included direct downloads from our server in France as well as a version of the installer split into 16 500mb parts to support those with unstable internet connections.

We've also rebuilt the installer so it will run 32-bit versions of Windows based on feedback from a handful of players who are still on a 32-bit Windows.

The new client is fully updated to the latest patch as of this post - v43.

Polls / Automated events
« on: October 11, 2018, 01:48:22 pm »
We're planning to release an automated event system soon thanks to some new game integrations we've been able to build and I'd like to know what sort of events you want most.

Most likely, events like PvP events would run several times per day at different preset times to accommodate those in different timezones. There would be prizes awarded automatically based on results  and a ranking system to track your event performance, PvP performance, and general character info.

Feel free to add suggestions to this post.

News / Patch v41 - Elysium port back fixed
« on: September 08, 2018, 12:31:59 pm »
You can now port back from Elysium without having to restart your client. Enjoy!

News / Patch v39 - Elysium Open
« on: September 06, 2018, 07:08:57 pm »
Another day and another patch already. This time, we're opening up Elysium! Update your clients to v36 and enjoy access to Elysium once again. Currently porting back from Elysium will cause your client to hang and then crash - we're working on this but if you log in after that everything is fine.

Note: If you were previously "stuck" in Elysium because your character was in Elysium when we took the server down for the Hydran update, you may have to log in twice to get your character working properly again.

News / Patching problems? Super slow verify?
« on: September 06, 2018, 07:07:34 pm »
We've identified two issues some of you have been having with the new patcher.

First, make sure your Monkey Dynasty - Regenesis folder is not read only. Right click it -> properties -> uncheck read only and apply to that folder and all sub- files and folders. Read only files and folders prevent the patcher from making the changes it is trying to make and will result in you missing out on the updates and seeing the same patches applied every time you start the launcher.

Second, if your patching / file verify is extremely slow, try disabling Windows Defender Real Time Protection. You can find this in the Windows Defender settings. During testing we've seen Windows Defender Real Time Protection slow the patching process as much as 200x.

If either of these issues helped you, let us know in the comments!

News / More Download Options
« on: September 03, 2018, 07:50:31 pm »
We've added more download options to the downloads page. If you've been having trouble getting the client, there is now a torrent as well as a Mega mirror for the installer. Mega has a sync client as well that should handle resuming and perform better with unreliable internet connections.

Have another preferred method? Let me know in the comments.

News / 2020: The Patch is Upon Us
« on: August 31, 2018, 08:20:51 pm »
So it's been a running joke that we're not going to get this patch out until 2020. But guess what, it's 2020 right now - patch time!

Download New Client
The update requires a brand new client and the fastest way to get it by far is to download the installer from the connect page. We will release a standalone patcher soon and have the current patcher update your existing clients, but due to the incremental patching approach our new patcher uses, updating an old client from scratch will take forever.

If you've been helping us test on the test server, the test server patcher will patch your test client to the live client (v32), so you're already ready to go.

State of the Patch
This patch has been an enormous effort but there are still a handful of things that need to be completed. Miscellaneous translations, changes to the game interfaces, re-adding some more customs, etc. If you notice any bugs, please report them immediately to avoid any rollbacks.

Elysium will be launched tomorrow, for now it will remain shut down.

Patch Notes
Stuff changed. A lot of stuff. Too much stuff to list right now.

Main stuff, Psychea and Kytos can ascend now. Lumen is now available-ish. Hydran now exists and can ascend. Clash of the Seven exists, might work? BFS might work, other stuff might work. Some stuff, might not work. Slack remains the best place to report issues.

This post will be updated with a more detailed list of changes as we write it up. At the moment, it's 5 AM and we haven't slept. So, working towards that now.

There will likely be many small patches in the near future to finish customizing the client and fix any remaining bugs or translations.

When reporting an issue, please remember to include the name of the npc, mob, quest, or whatever is involved with it. The more information the better.  Pretend you are describing any issues you find to someone who has never played the game before. That'll make it much easier for us to understand, find and repair the issue.

Bans and tickets
If you have an open ticket then it's likely going to be reviewed after the weekend. For now, download the new client and wait for our response. If you're banned, that sucks, don't violate rules and you won't get banned.

Custom Items
Some custom items have had their ID numbers changed. These fashions and skyblades have been mailed to you.  You might find you have a charm equipped as a fashion or something like that, just remove it. The ID numbers that we used to use for some items are now in use for some other items.

Skyblades might have lost their attributes, you'll have to rebuild them. This was the best solution we had for this time and I think most of you will agree that it's a small price to pay compared to other servers.

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