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News / Weekly maintenance - April 2nd
« on: April 04, 2019, 11:01:51 am »
We had a restart on Sunday, so we didn't perform a restart on Tuesday. There also wasn't a patch this week, but there will be one next week on Tuesday, April 9th.

I'll update this post on the weekend with a planned time and some notes about what you can expect to see in Patch 62.

News / Patch 61
« on: March 27, 2019, 02:00:18 pm »
Today we performed our 2nd weekly maintenance. We were a few hrs later than expected due to differing time zones and lack of sleep.

While the server was down, we made significant adjustments to various server software components. After some extensive investigation, we discovered that there was a memory leak caused by some compatibility issues with some versions of server components. We've since upgraded those versions as needed to hopefully improve compatibility and reduce lag.

We believe we've repaired the Hall of Excellence rankings.

Autoroute has been improved significantly.

BL9 has had further adjustments to the rates.
-There were only 2/4 of the different types of "books" dropping from the bosses. Now all 4 will drop, with the rate for the 2 missing books being pulled from the other 2 books.
-Primordial Seal, Medal, and Jade have been added at low rates.
-Badges have had their rates reduced.
-Spiritual Covenant rate has been increased
-Monkey Coin rate has been slightly reduced with Monkey Coin Pack added with a low rate.

Similar improvements are coming to lower levels of BL soon.

The quest you receive when you complete BL has had some changes.
-You may now receive 4 Ancient Blood Seal, 2 Ancient Blood Jade, or 2 Ancient Blood Charm.
-The completion quest will now also reward 10 Banana Peels.

Inferna has had some tweaks to the rates because MCP was dropping higher than intended.

Travelers Parcel 4, 5, and 6 have returned. The longer you stay online, the more you'll be rewarded.

Bilu Star set has been added to the marketplace in the "Set" section of "Cosmetic".

The item "Shadow Ninja Boots" was unable to be purchased from NPC, this has been repaired.

3 new Skyblades and 3 new Wings have been added (currently not for sale).
-Aqua Dolphin

-Lime Moor Goldfish

-Spring Inspiration

-Pink Fidget Spinner

-Jasper Feather

-Golden Raven Wings

The graphics on some custom models have been repaired. For example:



News / Patch 60
« on: March 20, 2019, 03:32:31 am »
This is our first weekly patch. We've decided that we'll begin having weekly maintenance on Tuesdays, and if there is any content ready to apply in a patch, then it will be applied while down.

-Recently, we performed our first character transfer. Right now we're doing this on a case by case basis. If you, for some reason, believe you need this service. Contact us in our ticket support system for more information and a quote.
-Custom Title Purchase has returned! You can pick your own color and text. I don't know the maximum length but I'll find out for you soon! Soon, you will be issued one free revision, just in case the title doesn't look the way you want it to.
-All previously purchased Custom Titles will be issued a free revision soon. Custom title price has not changed, but the method of delivery has. We have built a new system that will speed up delivery and improve tracking of the Custom Title you order.
-Soon, we will begin to issue custom titles with backgrounds and art like this one: .
-Multiple changes to the website including improved mail logs, event system changes, and preparation for new features.
-More sale functions added to website.
-Fixed issue with email confirmation for changing email address.
-Banana Coupons have been added to the Banana Shop in denominations of 150, 250, 500, and 1000.

-Daily Sign-in Rewards will restart again on the 21st at 00:00. The rewards have not changed, but the cost for late sign-in has been reduced from 420 Jaden to 50 Jaden.
-The automated PvP events were temporarily moved to Billows, and will soon be moved to Doom Bog as suggested. Thank you for your continued feedback while we improve this feature.
-You can now port to the Clouded Kunlun map from most Skylords.
-There is now an item in the marketplace called "Clouded Kunlun Charm" that costs 1 Jaden, when used it will port you directly to the Monkey PvP map on the realm you're on.

-Significant changes were made to the drop rates and drop lists for the mobs. There were too many items being dropped to pick up and this resulted in many items left on the ground spread across the server. Most of the items were available via marketplace or otherwise unnecessary for drops so they have been removed from drop lists and the drop rates have been recalibrated to make it more likely that you can pick up all the items before the next set of mobs arrives.
-Overlord of Chaos has a new custom drop list. All Elysium bosses are undergoing continued changes to their drop lists.
-God of Rain's drop lists have been edited with improved drops.
-You will now receive greatly increased Star Soul XP in Garro.

-The marketplace has been re-organized to prepare for new items that will be added in future patches. Hopefully, this will also help make it easier to navigate the marketplace.
-The "New" section will now be used for items that have been added to the marketplace within the last month.
-The "Promo" section will now carry weekly promos on various items in the marketplace. As we will be restarting the server weekly, we will also be making minor changes to the marketplace as well.
-The "Remedy" section has been moved to the "Item" section. A subsection has been created for all health, spirit, and vigor remedies.
-A new section has been added. "Character" will contain most character related items.
-Affinity Bead has been added to the "Affinity" subsection found under "Character".
-The "Fashion" section has been renamed to "Cosmetic" and the "Smiley" subsection has been moved into the "Cosmetic" section.
-The Goat fashion has returned. You can find it under "Cosmetic">"Set".
-Monkey Drops and Monkey Flask has returned! Monkey Drops heal 3x the amount that Celestial Health Orbs do on first healing, and then 6x their amount on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Monkey Flask does the same for Spirit recovery. They can be found at "item">"Remedy".
-The "VIP" subsection has moved from the "Item" section to the "Popular" section with the other packs.
-Items that can be purchased in bulk will be found on the "Popular">"Bulk Item" section. These items will have bonus reward items when you purchase.
-The "Material" section has been renamed to "Esper/Soul" and contains all items related to "Esper", "Soul Card", "SoulStone", and "Soul Star" that are currently added to the marketplace. Some of these sections will be added on future patches with new items that are released in upcoming patches.
-Anan and Bilu pets have been readded to the marketplace.
-Ink Horse has returned to the "Mount" section.
-Ballie Smiley was added (May not work yet)
-Wine of Wisdom and HP equivalent were removed from the marketplace due to uselessness.
-Celestial Spirit Dew and Celestial Health Orb were reduced from 1 Jaden to .5 Jaden in Marketplace.
-Added Clouded Kunlun Charm to the marketplace.

-BL or EL can now be done twice a day, or once each.
-Level 9 EL does not award level 5 books anymore, only level 6. Also, it does not reward level 4 or 5 Reforge items, only level 6. Rates from lower rate items have been converted into the rate for the higher level items. This currently only applies to level 9 EL, so far.

Holy Lotus improvements:
-Changed Holy Lotus Pack:4th Prize
--Removed TPP.
--Added Ice Orb of Vastness instead of TPP and increased rate x100.
--Changed Affinity Beads to the tradeable version and increased rate x10.
--Changed Chroma Beads to the tradeable version and increased rate x10.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 1 you receive.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 2 you receive and increased the rate from 50% to 100%.
--Doubled the amount of Halcyon Red Crystal you receive and increased the rate from 50% to 100%.
--Doubled the chance of receiving a Bright Green Crystal from 12% to 24% and there is also a chance you receive up to 2 Crystals.
--Added a chance to receive the Sapphire Blue Crystal of 10%.
--Added Star Weave Vigor x1.

-Changed Holy lotus Pack:3rd Prize
--Removed TPP.
--Added Ice Orb of Vastness instead of TPP and increased rate x100.
--Changed Affinity Beads to the tradeable version and increased rate x10.
--Changed Chroma Beads to the tradeable version and increased rate x10.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 1 you receive.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 2 you receive.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 3 you receive and increased the rate from 25% to 50%.
--Doubled the amount of Halcyon Red Crystal you receive.
--Doubled the amount of Bright Green Crystal you receive and increased the rate from 25% to 50%.
--You may now receive double the amount of Sapphire Blue Crystals and the rate has been corrected from 50% to 20%.
--There is now a 10% chance of receiving a Heart of Radiance.
--Added Star Weave Vigor x2.

-Changed Holy Lotus Pack:2nd Prize
--Removed TPP.
--Added Ice Orb of Vastness instead of TPP and increased rate x100.
--Changed Affinity Beads to the tradeable version and increased rate x10.
--Changed Chroma Beads to the tradeable version and increased rate x10.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 1 you receive.
--Quadrupled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 2 you receive.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 3 you receive and increased the rate from 50% to 100%.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 4 you receive and increased the rate from 40% to 80%.
--There is a chance you will receive double the amount of Celesphere Sand level 5 and increased rate from 30% to 60%.
--Doubled the amount of Halcyon Red Crystal you receive.
--Doubled the amount of Bright Green Crystal you receive and increased the rate from 50% to 100%.
--Doubled the amount of Sapphire Blue Crystals and increased rate from 15% to 30%.
--You may now receive double the amount of Heart of Radiance and increased rate from 10% to 20%.
--There is now a 5% chance you will receive a Golden Grit.
--Added Star Weave Vigor x3.

-Changed Holy Lotus Pack:1st Prize
--Removed TPP.
--Added Ice Orb of Vastness instead of TPP and increased rate x100.
--Changed Affinity Beads to the tradeable version and increased rate x10.
--Changed Chroma Beads to the tradeable version and increased rate x10.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 1 you receive.
--Quadrupled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 2 you receive.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 3 you receive.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 4 you receive and increased the rate from 80% to 100%.
--Doubled the amount of Celesphere Sand level 5 you receive and increased the rate from 60% to 100%.
--Doubled the amount of Halcyon Red Crystal you receive.
--Doubled the amount of Bright Green Crystal you receive.
--Doubled the amount of Sapphire Blue Crystals and increased rate from 20% to 40%.
--Doubled the amount of Heart of Radiance and increased rate from 8% to 16%.
--Corrected improved Heart of Radiance rate from 16% to 30%.
--You may now receive double the amount of Golden Grit and rate has been increased from 5% to 10%.
--Doubled the amount of Star Weave Vigor you receive.

Other Changes:
-Changed Skytouch Jade stack amount to 30,000.
-Significant changes were made to the GM NPC giving GMs better access to event rewards.
-Fixed Unicorn Token Description
-Changed the prize "Dragon Muscle Pack" in any lotto that had it to "Ancient Coin Pack".
-New item Fate Blood's Orb added. This will be used to exchange for Fate's Blood, similar to Sigil Shards.
-We also added a new item called "Bodhi Seed's Fragment" for the same purpose, but for Bodhi Seed, of course.

Technical Support / Re: Just a question
« on: February 23, 2019, 06:58:06 pm »
New player here.. Im away from hime atm and cant download the game to check myself so wanted to ask here..
I really wanted to know the diffrance between bananas and jadens...
Can we get jadens freely here and purchase costumes/mounts etc? And if we can than whatsthe relative cost?
Also how is exp and drop rate here? Instant 160? Or almost a year to get asc 150?
Is there an active community here and to you fellow players does it seem stable? Lots of allies etc?
Thanks for answering (just didnt see a q n a)

Bananas are donation currency, you use them to buy things that are sold in the webshop. One of those things in Monkey Coins, which is how you buy most fashions, pets, mounts, and flight items. That said, both Bananas and Monkey Coins are available in-game through various instances, quests, drops, and other rewards. Monkey Coins are easier to get than Bananas are.

Jaden is used in the in-game marketplace, Monkey Coin is used in NPCs, Bananas are used on the webshop, Banana Seeds are used in the event rewards shop, and Banana Peels are used in an in-game shop that allows you to earn Bananas rather than pay for them.

For most people, the relative cost is a short amount of time to obtain what they want/need. If you want all the endgame items available, that'll take a little more time. Leveling does not take long here. You should be able to get to 160 ascended within a few days, at most. Drop rates aren't able to be simply described as times X of official rates. We design our drop rates completely custom, but we start from an x40 base. Our rates are significantly higher than officials, but we can't really put a number on it as they're designed differently entirely.

The community is not very active on forums. Forums, in 2019, are a dying communication medium. I still prefer it, personally, but we couldn't get forum moving like I would like to. These days, Discord is the most effective place to find the community next to in-game.

Based on the chat logs, there is a message every second in-game. Is that active? You tell me.

I don't play the game so I don't know the ally situation as well as I should, but I do know there are several popular allies. With lots of smaller ones.

News / Re: Patch 57
« on: January 31, 2019, 12:12:25 am »
Hopefully Revision Charm for both Athans and Humans are available on Jaden market soon.

They'll likely be added to the Banana Shop, less likely to vote Jaden as it's quite abundant and exploitable.

News / Patch 57
« on: January 30, 2019, 07:54:30 pm »
Thank you for your patience while we resolved server migration issues. Now that the server is stable, we've got our first major patch. This patch brings many new customizations to the server, check out the list below.

Some of your most requested edits are here, but there's still much more to do! Come help us test new ideas in our Discord #testing channel, just let @Kaz#1255 know you'd like to help.

As usual, we want to thank the community for their ideas and help to implement them. Especially @Kaz#1255 and @LunarDot#7450 for their help with development. We couldn't do it without you.


  • Slightly increased the chance to receive the ET title upon defeating the last boss.
  • Changed the level 6 seal that can be picked up upon defeating the last boss to the level 7 seal and slightly reduced the chance of receiving it.


  • Gave HP and SP to the batteries in all levels of BL, including the Song of the Emerald Lady instance.
  • We've repaired the issue that was causing realms to sometimes crash when opening books.
  • Improved drop rates on all mobs in BL levels 1 - 6. This includes improved chances to get books.
  • Removed Wonderland Stone from drops in BL and replace with Ice Orb of Vastness.
  • Some drops in Song of the Emerald Lady have been improved.


  • Sly Dragon now drops items as you reduce his HP.
  • Replaced Memory Orb drops with Ice Orb of Vastness in Crimson Peaks.
  • Removed more provisions from Crimson Peaks
  • Added Esper Ascension Orb and Esper Fusion Manual to CP drops.
  • Replaced Merit Incense drops with tradeable Chroma Beads in Crimson Peaks
  • Changed the Affinity Beads dropping in Crimson Peaks to tradeable.


  • Added Silver Fox to the Pet Exchange for 2500 Monkey Coins.
  • Ryuu has been readded to the Mount EXchange for 5000 Monkey Coins.
  • JD Dancing Youth Pack has been modified and added to the Recycling Center Exchange
  • The Goat Year Blessing item was for an outdated event, we're going to skip that and add a Pig Year event for the Year of the Pig, first step is to exchange your Goat Year Blessing's for Pig Year Blessing's at Recycling Center Exchange. More information will be released in Patch 58!
  • Lunar Stone has been added to the Monkey NPC for 10 Monkey Coins
  • Boosting Orbs can now be sold to NPC.


  • Changed the Mirage Spirit rewards from 10 to 50 in the daily Mirage Spirit Event.
  • We've brought back the Treasure Raider quest in custom SS. In this quest you can earn up to 50k gold for killing 3 easy Sunstream mobs. The gold rewards are rare, but you can earn tradeable Affinity and Chroma beads doing the same quest.
  • The "Love of Destiny" Romance quests have had their Romance points tripled. This is untested, but you should earn 450 Romance points for completing this quest instead of 150. If you know any other Romance quests you'd like improved, please let us know by posting in the suggestions forum or come talk to us in Discord .
  • We've been told at the affinity quest "Gathering Floating Spirit`s" sub-quest "Floating empty soul" you're not told about the need to join a party. We've added some clarification to the quest.
  • The Sanctuary Jadescroll Lotto has finally been modified with some custom rewards. Check it out, you get one per day. Remember to log-in!
  • The quest "About Repairing Pristine Wall" has been repaired. Fazzan will now appear in Wildlands as he should.


  • Made more custom fashions, pets, mounts, and skyblades tradeable. Some official ones were too, please submit a request if you have one you would like changed.
  • Removed provisions from mobs in MTH (Jadeon)
  • Dread Lab has returned with custom drop lists. Currently, you enter at the Monkey NPC in Custom Sunstream. There is an option to join old MTH there as well.
  • Daily Sign-in rewards have been activated, they will begin at midnight server time on Feb. 1st.
  • Dragon General Aoko has had drops modified to be better for boss spawns.
  • We've added more detailed descriptions to many of our custom items. Thank you Dotty for the assistance with coming up with descriptions and adding them to the game client.
  • Added an option to exchange 10 Crystal Stone for 1 Ice Orb of Vastness in MTH.
  • You can now reforge your books 50 times.
  • Custom Sunstream is no longer on fire. Thank you for your feedback.
  • Snowflake Crystal, Destructive Primer, Deteriorating Bones, Dragon Scale, Sacred Aux Ware, Mystic Jade Slip, Wonder Medium, Bilo Spirits, Cloud Mountain, Northern Black Jade, Maniacal Spirit, Dragon Heart, Hades Ghost, Caelake Spirit, Holy Melody, Stygian Light, Firstdust Charter, Celestial Cauldron Runes, and Southern Classics stack size increased to 30,000.
  • Slightly reduced the drop rate of esper parts in MTH (Jadeon).


  • Bodhi Seed Pack (1) has been created and added to the shop for 300 Bananas. While you can buy as many of these as you'd like, you are limited to opening this package once per character. More releases coming soon.
  • You will no longer need to exchange your Banana Coupons with Perryl in-game, you can now trade them at the Banana Peel NPC and receive the Bananas in web. Look for the quest at the Banana Peel NPC! Thank you for your patience while we developed this new feature.

Polls / Custom Sunstream
« on: January 22, 2019, 10:30:48 pm »
Right now we have the "destroyed" Sunstream in place, should we keep it? Change it? Let us know.

News / Re: Performance Issues on New Host
« on: January 21, 2019, 05:33:09 pm »
Starting around 2-3am EST (GMT - 5) the new host started experiencing performance issues leading to connectivity troubles, lag, and dcs. I'm working on diagnosing and resolving the issues now and we'll update this post when they are resolved.

Status Update The primary issue seems to be realms crashing which we are working to diagnose the cause. If a realm crashes, the players on that realm will be disconnected and may experience a short rollback. After that you will get a "This account is currently logged in and locked down" message for a few minutes as the realm reboots after which you can log back in.

I know how frustrating this is and I'm working as quickly as possible to resolve it. Hang in there.

2nd Status Update 1/21/2019 - 11:30 EST

A server component crashed in the middle of the night and resulted in users being unable to log in or play the game.

We've rebuilt the component that we're having issues with and are now in the process of transferring data to the SSD and scaling out hardware, it should be a few more minutes before we have it up and running again.

We've made significant updates to the server with this move and rebuilt everything basically from scratch. This may resolve the underlying issues we're seeing with the realms crashing.

Polls / Re: Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:12:34 pm »
I think its best for us to use the Seed once per charr, this will limit imbalance on the basis of who has more to spend and who cant.
once would mean if u made a bad choice the first time on your stones u have a chance to rectify that mistake.
and if u want an op tank stone, u can do that too. however if the stone can be used multiple times it would mean people have an opportunity to create tank stone specific to classes and anti affinity stones,, the possibilities would be endless and no one wants to play a game where u dont have a clear Goal as to what it means to be "OP" .
Limiting the use to 1 will maintain balance but still give a chance for people to rectify old mistakes
Thank you :)

What about people that purchase faction changes? Would it be fair to say those people probably need new stones most of the time?

Polls / Bodhi Seed Poll (read desc)
« on: January 15, 2019, 05:58:07 pm »
We want to know a little bit more about Bodhi Seed before we decide if it will be available for purchase, the price, and the difficulty of obtaining this item.

We've been told that some players have concerns about the ability to effectively have unlimited custom soulstones. Personally, I find that confusing because that seems to be the point of having it. I'd like for the community to provide me more feedback about this item.

The price may be determined by this poll. I won't lie to you, right now I am thinking of recommending a price of 200 - 300 Bananas, noting that this will also be available for 20x that in Banana Peels found in-game, in lottos, and in rewards. Feel free to recommend a price if you disagree, or let us know if you agree in the comments below.

The first option means we just add it to the shop. Simple.

The second one is a bit more work, but would ultimately only allow you to obtain X amount of Bodhi Seeds per character. You would be able to trade them still, but even if you obtained one that was traded from another user, you wouldn't be able to use it. You would just be refunded for it if you tried.

The third is also more work. Instead of there being a limit to how many times you can use the Bodhi Seed, each time you used it the cost would increase to use it.

The fourth option is for those that don't think it should be added, hopefully, they'll explain why in the comments.

Finally, the fifth option is for those that have already voted, don't care, or for the admins. Please don't waste your efforts trying to boost the poll results. It's no effort on our part to run a script that eliminates all the multis from the vote. It's way more fun to spend that time playing the game.

Polls / Re: New Server Location
« on: January 09, 2019, 04:39:00 am »
Europe (FR) [current server is here]: 254 ms
North America (CA): 297 ms
[Alternate] - Europe (UK): 253 ms
[Alternate] - Europe (DE): 268 ms
[Alternate] - Europe (PL): 279 ms
[Alternate] - Singapore: 273 ms
- Best ----------------------------
[Alternate] - Europe (UK) : 253 ms

 :-X :-[ ::) >:(

Life in Antarctica is rough.

News / Patch 56
« on: January 07, 2019, 04:47:45 am »
Patch 56

1. Some of the Custom Skyblades couldn't be upgraded, this has been resolved.

2. Updated the speeds on Custom Mounts to 7.5 - 8.0

3. Added the final items for faction changes.

4. Updated descriptions on the items for faction changes.

5. Added a new custom Monkey Skylord in Custom Sunstream to replace Skylord Adra.

6. Added the ability to port back to Sunstream from Custom Sunstream as well as ports to many other maps from the Monkey Skylord.

7. We have made changes to the rewards from the Orison Instance.

The Wish Boxes awarded from the Orison instances have been modified to give you prizes based on luck! You will be rewarded based on a range between a minimum and maximum amount of each available prize.

The Servant of Orison Wish Box now rewards;

One tradeable Dragon Sigil.
A chance at a Drake Sigil Shard, if you're really lucky you might win two.
A Level 9 Yuan Crystal.
From 20 - 40 Banana Peels.
From 50 - 100 Chi Enhancers.
From 150 - 300 Soul Inverters.
From 20 - 60 Tanis Ka Charms.
From 4000 - 9999 Affinity Beads.
From 2000 - 4000 Chroma Beads.
You will also have a 3% chance to win a Solar Pendant.

The Adept of Orison Wish Box now rewards;

1 Kirin Sigil.
A chance at an Ares Sigil Shard, if you're really lucky you might win two!
From 1 - 2 Level 10 Yuan Crystals.
From 50 - 100 Banana Peels.
From 100 - 200 Chi Enhancer.
From 250 - 500 Soul Inverters
From 50 - 100 Tanis Ka Charms.
From 200 - 400 Monkey Coins.
From 5000 - 9999 Chroma Beads.
You will also have a 25% chance to win a Solar Pendant.

8. Elemental Temple rewards modified again, you now get Monkey Coins, Banana Peels and Chroma for completing it.

9. The Cyntec Seal rewards in ET have been improved.

10. The first quest in Understream will award 2 Banana Peels.
The second quest in Understream will award 2 Banana Peels.
The third quest in Understream will award 2 Banana Peels.
The fourth quest in Understream will award 2 Banana Peels.
The fifth quest in Understream will award 4 Banana Peels.

11. Added 10 Banana Peels to the completion of Shura Gauntlet.

12. Modified the updated Fighting Confidence quests.

13. Maybe vouchers will come daily now, maybe they won't. Let me know.

News / Server outage + Patch 55
« on: January 05, 2019, 08:20:41 am »
The server crashed due to a technical issue. While fixing it, we applied patch 55. Thank you for your patience.

Patch 55

1. Removed the world chat notification for receiving the title Returned from a Dream.

2. Added descriptions to faction change items.

3. Added Seira faction change item.

4. Fixed custom pets. If you purchased one while they were bugged then it will probably still be bugged, you need to find a GM in-game to get a refund.

5. You can now use astrolabe in Garro.

6. Coupon reset timer has been returned to the original status. We'll see how this works, we have detected 2 other changes that might ultimately be the issue. We expect the coupon issue to be fully resolved within the next week.

7. Dragonne(Pet) was reduced in size, this should hopefully fix the targeting issue.

Faction changes should return in the next patch. Possibly as early as tonight. Automated events will be going live sometime this weekend.

News / Bans and unbans
« on: January 03, 2019, 02:56:11 pm »
Today we completed the recovery of sigils that were obtained through the courage exploit. All of the users that exploited this issue have now been unbanned. 2 users that were banned did not exploit the issue, but knew about the issue and did not report it. We feel this was sufficient for a ban.

Further, we have begun a new ban policy surrounding vote exploitation. If a user is caught exploiting the voting system they will no longer be permanently banned, instead, they will be issued a 7-day ban and their Jaden will be wiped.  If they have no Jaden, we will pursue other consequences such as removing your bank notes or destroying your gear.

Today, 75 users were banned for exploiting votes, most of which were connected to just 1 person.

Please, do everybody a favor and just follow the rules. I'd rather be working on content than administrative tasks, and you'd rather that too. 

News / Patch 54
« on: December 29, 2018, 01:10:56 pm »
This was an unplanned patch that we applied because the server crashed due to a technical issue.

1. We realized that the charge rewards were not as they should be for our server. We've temporarily removed them to evaluate them and add rewards that are more suitable for our server.

2. We're testing a fix to the coupon issue, the test is only on MTH coupons right now. It'll take about a day or two until we'll know if this resolution works.

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