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News / Re: Patch 63
« on: May 17, 2019, 12:01:45 am »
I believe drops in Inferna shouldn't have been adjusted that way, probably others believe in that too, basically dropping non-tradeable MCP is just stupid, and reducing it? What ppl farm 24 hours for 300~ MCP it's that much? I thought the incoming patches were going to make the game easier, now it only makes it harder, everyone says that they want it a bit easier all the time, every patch, every feedback in WC is about this, and what happens, the exact opposite, come on guys.

The drop rates were higher than intended in some ways, but not in others. We're continuously making changes to the server that will affect how various features work. You won't always agree with the changes, but there is a bigger picture that is not available to you.

The MCP dropping in Inferna being tradeable resulted in a highly exploitable advantage for people who can run more than 1 farming account. Many of the items in the Monkey NPC remain tradeable.

The game is significantly easier than it ever was and we continue to add more ways to get better rewards for all players.

News / Re: Patch 63
« on: May 16, 2019, 11:54:50 pm »
Please explain to us how 40k Hp and 27k sp pots feels like battery? Instead of fixing the game, you guys keep ruining the game.
The new pots actually helped other factions survive and pvp better. in a game that most people are hitting 100k to 500k+ how is lowering it gonna make the game better?
You guys added lvl3 books which now makes characters even more Op and then turn around and lower pots? what sense does that make?

Instead of nerfing serias yall keep find ways to make other characters a lot easier to kill.

Sure, early batts start at 50. At 50k then they disappear, taking up 1 slot, and you needing to find your next healing item separately. The healing per second rate of the 40k pots was higher than that of early batts. Higher batts, like the 50 million HP ones, are not what I'm referring to, but I do see how it can result in too much HP too fast. That said, parts of the game are definitely designed around batts so arguably we should have had batts the whole time anyway.

At the end of the day, this issue will always be split. There will always be people that think more healing is better, and there will always be people that think less healing is better.

Personally, I think the people that had questions about if maybe the pots were too high will find out that they probably weren't as powerful as they thought. Especially with the changes to books.

Polls / Re: PvP Event System
« on: May 16, 2019, 11:51:25 pm »
Your 2nd paragraph, 1st suggestion, assumes that Chroma could ever be a fair limiting factor. At this point, there is too much variation to character build to give any one limiting factor and expect it to actually be fair.

Your 2nd suggestion is a pretty good idea, but don't expect it anytime soon. Like you said, it would take a fair amount of work and, well, capitalism doesn't allow me to spend more time than I do on this server. Also, stats would be the stats of a rich person vs the stats of a poor person, not sure that works out to as fair as you think it does. And what do they buy their gear with?

Oh, and, finally, nobody is being banned for feeding/exploiting just because they die too much. This is such a ridiculous assumption.

And this post consumed an hour of my time because I wrote up 5 different posts at about this length saying similar things. Even this one I want to delete.

This is why I don't spend much time on forums, because then I spend all my time on forums and have no time for development.

Which would you prefer I do?

Well you seriously need to have a dedicated person to manage and reply to posts on the forum.

Anyway, back on topic; I originally wrote a long and lengthy block of text suggesting a universal power stat that would be calculated on each character depending on their other individual stats/gears/items, but it was too long so i will shorten it:
calculate a universal power score on each character; i.e. 1 attack = 1 pts, +11 gear = 100, +12 = 250, etc, etc... and add pvp bands for these (<1000 group, 1000-1999 group, >2000 group, etc) or allow participation from other bands but punish/reward them for being stronger/weaker than current band. But it would probably take equally as long to formulate a conversion rate that is balanced and fair for all factions, etc than compared to just outright building a new pvp server where people can join and buy gears/stats for them to pvp in that event - and potentially kill the server due to lack of donations (trust me, servers that did this kind of thing died veeery quickly, despite being ranked number 1 and had the most players).

Also, you implied that feeding is not bannable, so what is there stopping me from going out there, setting an astrolabe port just infront of the pvp zone where everyone is at, and throwing in a lvl1 pleb there and get the death score which is enough to buy a lot of stuff; also, unistar apparently counts towards kills AND deaths as well so you could bring a lvl 1 asc arden and unistar spam to get free score.

Also, on a side note and just for teh lolz, the game does have a built in web browser that you can open in the client, so... have you ever thought of forcing people to watch an ad or some other random shit as a 'sign up' fee for something? maybe a pvp event? lmao imagine the free un-adblock-able ad revenue from all the people going to pvp. This would keep the participation 'free' and if it was a battle ground based instance pvp, then it wouldnt hurt anyone since they have to wait for the instance to open first anyway so might as well watch something; you could just disable the esc key input while the window was open and close it in x seconds or have some other trigger, and just make sure the border of the window is >client resolution so they cant drag the window out of the way

We don't need to hire someone and pay them to respond to this nonsense. I don't understand where some of these ideas come from. Stop making suggestions that cost money unless you're going to pay for them.

Don't try and read between the lines. I'm not trying to trick you here.

Feeding is bannable. I simply said nobody is being banned for feeding/exploiting just because they "die too much". The rankings are public, anybody can report someone exploiting the event. It's like anything in the game, there will be people that exploit it, and when it happens they will be banned. You implied someone had to worry about being banned because they couldn't get a kill. That's massively oversimplifying it. It's an issue that cannot be solved without negatively affecting basically every aspect of the server.

Suicide kills counting was fixed... What's stopping you? What's stopping you from paying someone to respond to the stupidity you spew all over the forums? Go do it, see what happens. You suggested legit players had to worry about being banned for feeding, now you're suggesting that exploiters don't have to worry about being banned. Use your brain.

Yeah, cause people want to watch ads before PvP. While I'm at it, let's make it pop up in between each death too. People would love it.

News / Re: Patch 62
« on: May 16, 2019, 01:25:17 pm »
I wonder if we could make a web-based storage that would allow you to send items in/out of game. That could, theoretically, hold an unlimited amount of items. I'll have to run that by Tcho, lol.
If you do this, you might as well make a proper web based 'auction house' where you can sell items easily. Vending/spamming wc for items isnt exactly great since time zones are a thing and people tend to be lazy and want everything accessible in 1 place. You could also make it so that things can be put on sale for real world currencies (and you take a % cut of course) - would have an interesting impact on the economy; this could also be expanded to selling characters I guess.

Back on topic though, I dont think it would be very fast to have this 'web based' item storage since you would have to wait for it to be 'sent' to you in game. Maybe just tinker around with the stashkeep functionality and add a '2nd' stash for the player? This would basically be the same as a 'web based' stash but only faster since it is directly accessible in game. Also, storing things 'on the web' would probably open up a bunch of vulnerabilities since you wont be able to just build up from the existing relatively safe-ish JD environment (i dont expect the MD staff to be experts in security since the registration and login page are not encrypted - even your direct competitor has an ssl certificate...)

You're obviously not an expert in security either if you think SSL matters, lol. You know how many malicious websites have SSL certs? We added SSL because it's cheap and easy and most users desire it since Chrome started displaying "not secure". lol. You worried about mitm attacks or what?

lol @ safe-ish JD environment.

Back on topic, though. I'm not sure how long it will take to send items in-game, we'll have to see about that. I know sending items in mail from user to user in-game takes an hour, but afaik our mails from web to game are pretty much instant. I'm not even 100% sure it will use the mail interface.

The reason I said I would have to run it by Tcho is because we're already working on a web-interface for your character that would allow you to do a lot of shit that I'm not detailing right now. One of those things could potentially be an inventory and it's already in development. A web-based "auction house" as you called it, might be doable, we'll see. We have too many features in development right now, but we'll note that as a desired feature and go from there.

The main focus of our current work has been on apps to integrate web, mobile, discord, and game functions into each other. We think that all of this would make the game more fun and interactive.

There is a small possibility I can copy stash and put it on a custom NPC and have it be a different stash. I'll try it, I assume I've tried this before but I don't remember trying it. It's decently easy to try, as long as I don't get some kind of seg fault, should work. Hypothetically, anyway.

Polls / Re: PvP Event System
« on: May 16, 2019, 01:07:58 pm »
I've participated in the PvP event enough times to give a comment worth looking into.

I dont really care for PvP. I dont get all emo like others when i get a kill or get killed. I'm sure there are others like me but just dont understand the current PvP system, rules, and rewards.

If you look at PvP results from event there are some common things you will find.
1. I kill sometimes but not much.
2. I die often.
3. I usually, if not always,  earn the Meat Shield title (has reward perks)

Base on current rules, I can easily earn 60+ Banana Seeds and the occassional 100+ if i'm paying attention and actively involved.

Just some facts:
1. I'm not giving free kills becus my toon is actively trying to survive and attacking to get kills.
2. Nor am I collaborating with any of the other players.

Some just take advantage of what I do to gain more kills. Because what I do is somewhat a repetitive pattern. Really nothing different from what others do. I go out to pvp zone. I get killed, or if lucky, kill a player.

Here are just some thoughts on current PvP system.

How do you stop players who participate in the event that dont really care whether they kill a player or get killed by another player? As long as they get Banana Seeds, does it really matter?

There is a limiter on how many Banana Seeds a player earns if they dont get a kill. But, what stops other players from letting those players who reach the limit get a kill? It's kinda a win/win situation. If the player who reach the limit no longer earns seeds they will stop coming out. But the other players wants them to come out so they can continue to earn seeds.

My last comment is that the event is not server wide friendly. It is more of endgame players event to easily acquire hard to get sigils and thousands of jadens. Makes me wonder how many jadens/sigils non max players have earn since this event came out as compared to max players.

I recommend to change rewards that do not give players advantage.

I agree with most of this post, but I do think the event is noob-friendly. Sure, they'll get less rewards. They'll also have less Jaden for bid sigils to get the auction item they want too. It takes time to get to the point that you're getting the top rewards. There's no reason that a person who just joined the server should expect to be able to compete with someone who has been playing for years. That should take some time. Your years of effort should have some value.

The rewards weren't meant to be sigil shards every event, and when they are, they likely won't always be tradeable ones either. The prices on the tradeable ones are a bit lower than they will be when the system is filled out.

I do agree, the rewards need to be updated. We also plan to add more event types and different map options.

It's also important to note, just because you get to the point that deaths stop counting seeds doesn't mean you should give up, as soon as you get a kill the score will adjust itself appropriately.

Polls / Re: PvP Event System
« on: May 16, 2019, 12:54:13 pm »
Well said, economy is pretty fucked..Fate's Bloods go for 1mil each, so that is 25mil for your set? Lol.

Economy is doing the same thing it always does. When Fatebloods drop in price then people will be crying that it's not a mil. I bet you wish you could sell WLS for 100 gold each. lol

Polls / Re: PvP Event System
« on: May 16, 2019, 12:52:52 pm »
That is what I have been trying to say on the forums for a long time already, but nobody seems to give a single flying fuck about it. This is exactly what is more or less wrong with the game: the rich (hence 'end game' geared) get richer, and the poor (pleb gears/items) get poorer. This influx of 'free' stuff to the rich will also have a knock on effect on the economy of the game; it wont matter for the rich people since they have enough to pay for themselves, but all the poor plebs will get fucked because now they dont have those resources to spend.

I suggest the PVP events should be transferred to a 'battle ground' like arena where you have to sign up and there are sign up conditions (i.e. chroma level) or possible have the pvp hosted in an alternate server (similar to how elysium works) and their inventory/items dont get transferred over, only their character stats; then they buy the gear there and do pvp with those gears. This would allow a pleb to get +14 gears and actually have a chance to participate in said pvp event as opposed to trying to pvp in +11 or so gears and getting reported for feeding/exploiting the system and potentially banned. The latter option is probably too much work but I dont see any other way to make a pvp event as fair as possible.

It's not that "nobody gives a fuck". It's that I can spend all day drafting up posts for this and deleting them because they are harsh in some way or another. Something I've already been doing for over 40 minutes. This is time I cannot get back, time that could have been spent on development, but I had to respond or you'd continue going around saying "nobody gives a fuck" because we don't agree with you.

I'm just going to sum it up to this. You're asking me to fix 2 very close to unsolvable issues. 1. Capitalism. 2. Players who existed in previous updates have advantages over players who join in new updates.

The former is basically unsolvable in games, life, etc. The rich will always have an advantage over the poor. Even in Fortnite.

The latter, we have ideas for this, but they have literally nothing to do with the event system. So, basically everything in your 1st paragraph is irrelevant to this function. I will say one thing, the only way the poor can stay poor or get poorer is by being too lazy to complete their dailies and, well, do all the stuff those rich players did to get where they are. You know, the server being 6 years old kinda contributes to that.

Your 2nd paragraph, 1st suggestion, assumes that Chroma could ever be a fair limiting factor. At this point, there is too much variation to character build to give any one limiting factor and expect it to actually be fair.

Your 2nd suggestion is a pretty good idea, but don't expect it anytime soon. Like you said, it would take a fair amount of work and, well, capitalism doesn't allow me to spend more time than I do on this server. Also, stats would be the stats of a rich person vs the stats of a poor person, not sure that works out to as fair as you think it does. And what do they buy their gear with?

Oh, and, finally, nobody is being banned for feeding/exploiting just because they die too much. This is such a ridiculous assumption.

And this post consumed an hour of my time because I wrote up 5 different posts at about this length saying similar things. Even this one I want to delete.

This is why I don't spend much time on forums, because then I spend all my time on forums and have no time for development.

Which would you prefer I do?

News / Patch 63
« on: May 16, 2019, 11:48:18 am »
This patch has been applied


Chen brought up a bunch of issues and gave us a long document to read over with ideas and suggestions, due to that we ended up finding an issue with BL books that was preventing level 3 books from appearing at all. This caused our plans to shift during this patch and some of the planned content for Patch 63 has been pushed to Patch 64.

  • We've made improvements to the event system to prevent alt-killing and suicides from being counted, but this has caused an issue for people playing in the same household. We have a solution planned for this, however that solution requires rewriting the whole function. The good news, this change doesn't require a patch. So, we're hoping to have this resolved ASAP, between now and patch 65.
  • We've added SSL support.
  • We're still doing some final touches to the event reward changes and expect to roll that out this weekend.
  • We've noticed an issue with voting since we added SSL, once we have resolved it and determined the length of it, we will award Jaden for the downtime.

  • We had made a typo on the Tcholok NPC, unfortunately, so he has appeared as ERR for the last week. This has been resolved now.
  • We had added more options to the Item Crate exchange in Patch 62, but it wasn't noted on those notes.

  • We've changed the Radiant Orb reward from MTH voucher to Essential Dragon Orb.
  • We've changed the 4th, 5th, and 6th Traveler's Parcel rewards.
    • Traveler's Parcel #4
      • Kirin Sigil Shard x2
      • Monkey's Precious Jade Pack x2
      • Monkey Coin x50
      • Fate Blood's Orb x1
      • Ice Orb of Vastness x2500
    • Traveler's Parcel #5
      • Drake Sigil Shard x1
      • Monkey's Perfect Talisman x1
      • Monkey Coin Pack x1
      • Fate Blood's Orb x2
      • Pawn Shop lotto (10k) x3
      • Golden Branch of Wishes x12
    • Traveler's Parcel #6
      • Astri Sigil Shard x1
      • Banana Peel x20
      • Monkey Coin Pack x5
      • Fate Blood's Orb x4
      • Bodhi Seed's Fragment x1
      • Monkey's Perfect Talisman x3
  • We noticed that it was taking 3 seconds to open these packs, we've reduced that to 1 second.

  • We're hearing that the custom potions are a bit too battery-like and we agree, so we've reduced Monkey Drops from 40,625 to 26,000 base healing and from 7,500 to 2,600 per tic, and we've reduced Monkey Flask from 27,000 to 18,000 base spirit recovery and from 5,400 to 1,500 per tic.
    We'll see how this goes and then consider changing their strength again if needed.
  • 4 new smiley sets were added in Patch 62, but after we had already published notes.
    • Itchy
    • Momo Monkey
    • Fishy Smiley
    • Classic Smiley
  • 6 new flight items have been added:
    • Green Fidget Spinner

    • Larimar Feather

    • Red Raven Wings

    • Autumn Inspiration

    • Blue Dolphin

    • Golden Moor Goldfish

Drop rates:
  • Reduced the drop rates a bit in Inferna. The drops were higher than intended still. We're continuing to tune the rates. This should result in less Monkey Coin Packs, but more Ice Orbs. -The Monkey Coin Pack that drops there is now the version that cannot be traded.
  • Soul Inverter Shard has returned as a drop in Inferna, Garro, and Citadel.
  • Honor Gem no longer drops in Citadel.
  • Chroma Bead and Monkey Coin drop rate increased in Citadel.
  • Soul Ash now drops in Garro.
  • Monkey Coin rate was reduced in Garro.

Book changes:
  • We have fixed an issue that prevented level 3 books from dropping at all.
  • We have increased the chances of getting a skill on your book in all situations by 25%.
  • We have reduced the chance of getting a level 1 skill from 17.5% to 0%.
  • We have increased the chances of getting a level 2 skill from 6.5% to 18%.
  • We have increased the chances of getting a level 3 skill from 1% - 7%.

Coming up in Patch 64
  • BL drop rate adjustments.
  • 2 new lottos
  • 3 more wings and 3 more skyblades
  • The NPC shuffling that was planned for 63
  • We will be increasing top speed of flight items.
  • More improvements to drops and XP in various maps.
  • Mortal Trial modifications for endgame grinding.
  • Clouded, hopefully.

News / Re: Patch 60
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:39:41 pm »
Beast Lord still needs a new more buffs with regards to accessory upgrade items. Though we can do the instance twice a day, the quest that gives the items can only be turned in once. Also, the reward is way too low, and random, and it will take several months too upgrade a single set at the current rate.
Please up the rewards.

If I remember correctly, these are items that previously weren't available from Beast Lord at all, and were added as a bonus for completing it. I'll have to review my notes and whatnot, but if that's the case, the low drop rate has 2 reasons, 1. It's easier to raise a rate than it is to lower it from the customer perspective, 2. Beast Lord isn't the only instance/event in the game.

News / Re: Patch 61
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:36:46 pm »
I think he meant that when you finish BL6 the second time, you can not finish the quest the second time.

By the way, since we have the new patch, will the new items be added to monkey coin shop? such as faction skill item for seira.

Monkey NPC is going to see a bit of an overhaul, more exchanges will come and a lot of new items will be added. He'll probably even get some quests.

News / Re: Patch 61
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:35:37 pm »
I meant the one you turn in/collect reward at the NPC at the end of the instance, the accessory upgrade rewards you get, that's still locked to once per day regardless of it is bl6 or 7+.
If you've collected reward in BL6 once a day, you're done for the day. You can finish BL6 again or BL7+ the same day, but the NPC's reward/quest turn in will be greyed out.

I'm like 90% sure that if I make it work for twice a day, you can do it twice in the same instance. I need to test it, maybe try some different methods, or even consider copying it to a new npc that does the same thing or something, I don't know. The intent is for you to be able to see him at the end of both instances, I'm just not 100% sure I can make that work.

Ingame / Re: Tradable Badges
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:33:45 pm »
Any thoughts on making badges tradable, if possible ?
Would be cool to find and trade dope badges. Makes finding a decent one a bit easier too. Drop thoughts below?

Edit 1:

Making Badges tradable would fill the gap of not having a late game min maxing item that you can actually search for. Books already fill the RNG side of things. We need something to balance it out.
Also, it should help keep the economy alive after everyones had their fill of chroma beads and ice orbs. Sigils only go so far.

Edit 2:

It would also be nice if more mods can be added on to badges, like the ones available on soulstones, if possible that is.

These are interesting ideas. Badges are another newer feature I still have to learn about. I think making them tradeable is rather easy, but unfortunately, like with everything, have to figure out how people will abuse them being tradeable. This tends to be the main issue with, well, everything.

Adding more mods, I guess you mean more potential attributes available? Not sure what you mean by that, but it could be possible. It's something I'd have to look into more. Improving the badge system is definitely something for us to look at.

Ingame / Re: Esper Soul Cards made Craftable
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:30:35 pm »
Wondering if its possible to make Yellow esper soul cards craftable? Or some type of exchange for soul ash or some other item?
I am aware that a suggestion to make all soul cards craftable was shot down when it was brought up in WC, so I am suggesting it be confined to just Esper cards.

The prooblem with esper cards in soul card sets is that you generally use one type of esper card in a set.
Which would require a 13 pieces of a single esper card for one character card, to a total of 104 pieces of one esper card across the soul card set, which is an absurdly ridiculous number considering its locked behind 2 walls of RNG and a limit of just 12 card reveals a day.

Please do something about this.

It's probably possible to make them exchanged for, also likely possible to make them craftable. I don't know enough about this feature to give you a definite answer on what will be done for it. It's not the next thing being looked at or anything like that, but it's definitely something that needs improvement. I will agree with that. I have to look at it closer and decide where those improvements could/should be made. The only improvement I've investigated was to make it possible to do more than 12 combines or readings or whatever in a day. As of now, I haven't found anything that explains how that happens. I do believe it's editable, in my opinion it should be editable, but I haven't found it yet. Until I do, I obviously cannot edit it.

There will be other ways, though. I just need to learn more about it and figure out what I would like to do to improve it. I'll definitely find something, I always do.

Ingame / Re: Esper Soul Cards made Craftable
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:26:31 pm »
Yeeee those r extremely hard to get for no reason rly, well jd is built with micro-transaction model in mind but on this server i dont see why not make them easier to get or put them as an exclusive item in web shop for those of us who dont want to waste our youth farming them.

Another alternative solution would be to increase number of card turns per day to something more than 12.

Speaking of cards, the fastest way to get Ice orbs right now is by spamming alts and accounts which is ridiculous. hope they can address that too.


You mean wasting your youth, outside, while AFK farming them, right? Let's not try and make it sound like MD or any form of JD is consuming your life any more than you want it to. All the farming-related things can be done while AFK, and you vote for Jaden.

In turn, you think I should waste my youth actually working on things, actually sitting in this chair, and if every feature isn't modified overnight, you cry about it like your time was wasted. lmfao

Don't worry, I seen this post and was sure to address that for you. The fact that you think the best way to get ice orbs is to abuse a reward system is EVERYTHING WRONG with gaming in general. It's toxic. At this point the average player looks for ways to abuse a private server to get things faster than the 100 - 1000 times they already do compared to the official server that CLOSED because of how pointless it was to continue devving the game under the same conditions.

People like you kill games, ruin reward systems, and negatively affect every aspect of the game by finding ways to exploit the developer's intentions. Developers now spend more time thinking about how a player can/will exploit the things they add than actually adding things. It's ruining gaming.

The worst part about my job is that I have to make reward systems less great than I want to and make things harder to get than intended, specifically because of people like yourself that think it's acceptable to create an account, grab rewards, transfer to alt, create another and keep repeating process.

That's fun to you?

Newsflash, this just in, the fastest way to do things is to exploit. Who knew?

Hey, guess what, the fastest way to a million Jaden is to vote on 1191 accounts at the same time, you can do it!

Ingame / Re: Esper Soul Cards made Craftable
« on: May 10, 2019, 04:14:19 pm »
Increasing card turn limits already been suggested long ago, hopefully they do something about it in the coming patches.

And if you're reading this, please leave a comment on my other post about badges, if possible.

Just because you suggest something, doesn't make it possible or tell us how to do it. If it's possible, and we figure out how, then it will likely be done. As of now, we don't even know that it's possible. I assume it is, but until I know how, it might as well be impossible.

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