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News / Patch 65
« on: June 18, 2019, 10:45:57 pm »
This patch has been applied!


So, weekly patches hasn't exactly worked out the best for us so far. The plan to patch Thursdays, also not quite working out, but we do still have a patch for you. We're not going to wait for Thursday, though, we're just going to patch it in today.

We fell behind and failed to keep up with this weekly patch promise, but we're going to turn that around now starting with this patch today. No, this does not mean you will get a weekly patch next Tuesday, or that we're changing the date. Patch 66 will be on Thursday. Patch 67 will be before next Thursday, I don't know exactly what day yet.

We're also really excited to show you the upcoming Jungle Extension. Keep watching the news section for an announcement that will explain what it is and how to use it.

Below, you'll find a list of the stuff you can expect in this patch. (that we remembered/wrote down)

  • Tcholok
    • Tcholok has had the "Item Exchange" section split into 2 sections. One is now known as the "Event Item Exchange" and the other is called "Item Exchange". This gives us more room to add various items to these sections in the future.
    • The Dream Origin Exchange has been added to the Event Item Exchange shop for 1 Monkey Coin. Once right-clicked, this item will reward you with a special exchange that will be valid for 1 year. This item is only valid once per character.
    • You can now exchange your old sands for Holy Lotus sands at the Tcholok NPC in the Item Exchange section.
  • Golden Pig
    • This texture was sometimes not working for some people, we have made a slight adjustment to improve the rendering of this texture.
  • Monkey NPC
    • In the coupon/upgrade exchange on the refinery tab there's now an option to purchase Jadefall Crystal for 50 Monkey Coin and Spirit Square Jade for 100 Monkey Coin.
    • Also found in the coupon/upgrade exchange on the refinery tab is untradeable Astri, Ares, and Flux Sigil Shards for untradeable Monkey Coin Packs.
    • In the coupon/upgrade exchange on the refinery tab you will find level 6 Reforgers for 3000 MC each.
  • Revision Charms for Athan and Human have been added to the Monkey NPC for 5000 MC each. These items can be used to change your pre-ascended faction.
  • Stashkeep Tamsin
    • The Item Crates section now has options for Radiant Orbs, Common Seal Orbs, and Soul Inverters.
  • Monkey Skylord
    • The Monkey Skylord has been added to Sunstream next to Skylord Tamsin.
    • Custom ports have been moved from Skylord Tamsin to Monkey Skylord in Sunstream.
  • Blacksmith
  • Blacksmith is a new NPC that has been added as a one-stop shop to get 14X gears. You can now get 14X Diamond, Chu-Han, Battleground, and Skytouch gears from him. He's found in Custom SS next to the other Blacksmith, in Seat of Chaos in the middle, and in Sunstream next to the Battleground gear NPC.
  • Rat King
    • A new NPC added as the entrypoint for Dread Lab. He's found in Custom SS at the same spot where you used to enter CP.
  • Master Yao Dunmu
    • Removed from Custom SS to make room for Rat King. Entry for Crimson Peaks is found in the instances list now, so this NPC had no function.
  • Dr. Perryl
    • New NPC added for some reason that I currently forget, lol.

  • We've removed Dream Origin from the drop lists and have replaced it with Pig Year's Blessing. Pig Year's Blessing will be collected until the end of August.
  • We've adjusted the chance of receiving 4 base stats on a badge to 15% and completely removed the chance of getting just 1 base stat.
  • Radiant Orb can now stack to 30,000.
  • 4 new Skyblades and 3 new Wings have been added.
    • Blue Raven Wings

    • Maple Feather

    • Red Fidget Spinner

    • Albino Phoenix

    • Pink Dolphin

    • Vibrant Moor Goldfish

    • Dream Catcher skyblade which is exclusive to the Dream Origin exchange.

    • A new custom title has been added. The "Dream Catcher" title can be purcased in the Lifelong Dream Grand Pack.

    • We've mentioned a couple times about increasing the speed of flight items. We've decided we're going to rewrite the formula for these improvements and make it possible to make the skyblades better through upgrading. This is coming soon.
    • Banana Coupons have been converted into items that can now be simply right clicked to reward Bananas. Banana exchange quests have been removed from the Peels NPC.
    • We have added Jaden Coupons, although they are not available yet.

    • Holy Lotus
      • All levels of prize packs have had their Affinity Beads removed and replaced with Astral Dew. You can get between 1 - 6 Astral Dew per run now.
      • All levels of prize packs have had their Chroma Bead reward values increased significantly. You can now get a range of 2000 - 30000 Chroma Beads per run.
      • All levels of prize packs have had their Ice Orb of Vastness reward increased. You can now earn between 500 - 5000 Ice Orbs per run.
      • All levels of prize packs have had their maximum amount of Sands or Crystals multiplied by 3. This includes Heart of Radiance and Golden Grit too.
    • Shura Gauntlet
      • Some mobs had the wrong drop list, these have been updated to have our custom drop list for SG.
      • Diamond gears have been removed from the drops. You can now get Diamond Gears from the Blacksmith NPC found in both SS and SoC.

    Other stuff:
    • Daily Sign-in
      • We've reset the timer and you may begin to collect these rewards again tomorrow. This is the last cycle of these specific rewards, the next set of rewards will be changed for Patch ~71
    • Event System
      • Event rewards have been modified to be more randomized.
    • Graphic titles
      • We've repaired the newer titles that could not display. We will begin to reward these in various ways soon.
    • Icons
      • Many more new icons were added.

News / Patch 64
« on: May 30, 2019, 12:06:39 am »
This patch has been applied!


I'd like to apologize for the delay on this patch. We got caught up in a few of the final bits of it that ended up taking a lot longer than expected. For future patches we will plan to release them with some planned changes delayed until the next patch rather than delay the entire patch.

We've built more of the underlying framework for the upcoming Jungle expansion. We're expecting this to be revealed sometime in June!

Due to the crunch we put into the Jungle expansion, we forgot to modify the event rewards. This will be done as soon as possible. Look for those changes in the upcoming events.

Here's a little teaser of the upcoming Jungle Extension  :)

  • The Monkey NPC is undergoing an expansion change, this will increase the amount of items available in the NPC and make it a little easier to find the items you're looking for.
  • Prices in the Monkey NPC have been reduced on many items.
  • Windy Gem and Loda Gem have been added to the Monkey NPC in the Esper & Accessory section.
  • Added an option to exchange 3 Dragon Sigil into 1 Kirin Sigil at the Sigils and Deity Weapons exchange found at Zhen Shi and Taisung the Tao.
  • Added the Golden Pig NPC, this NPC will soon be ready to accept Pig Year's Blessing.

  • 3 new skyblades and 3 new wings were added
    Angelic Feather:

    Green Jellyfish Wings:

    Heavenly Wings:

    Lime Dolphin:


    Ruby Moor Goldfish:

    All of the skyblades and wings mentioned above are found in the custom Skyblade NPC.
  • 2 new lottos have been added
    • Monkey's Reward:
      This lotto will be used as a reward item in various events and tasks.

      Prizes include:
      • Violet Array Core Pack (Random purple Soul Card)
      • Cosmos Star Soul Order (1200 Star Soul points)
      • Vast Void Jade (random badge)
      • Fate Blood x 1

      • bodhi seed fragment x 1
      • monkey coin coupon (5000 MC)
      • Hexagon Charm Wood (Used to trade for charms)
      • shard reward (Receive 1 of 4 high value sigil shards)

      • monkey coin pack x 3
      • astral dew x 1
      • Fate Blood Orb x 1
      • Common Orb Bead x6

      • monkey coin x 100
      • chroma bead x 1000
      • celestial coupon x 20
      • chi enhancer x 10
    • Compensation Lotto:
      This lotto will be issued to players when we make some kind of a mistake and want to award compensation, this will gamify compensation and streamline the process of compensating users when errors occur.

      Prizes include:
      • Gear Change Coupon
      • Bodhi Seed
      • Ares Sigil Grand Pack
      • Ancient Blood Pack

      • Violet Array Core Pack
      • Cosmos Star Soul Order
      • Fate Blood
      • Astri Sigil Grand Pack

      • Monkey's Luck
      • Monkey's Perfect Tali x 6
      • Spiritual Covenant x 30k
      • Banana Peel x 300

      • Drake Sigil Grand Pack
      • Soul Ash x 5,000
      • Ice Orb of Vastness 10,000
      • Fate Blood Orb x 5
  • Increased stack size of Dream Origin and Violetgold Fragment to 30,000
  • Spring Rice Glue Ball can now be sold to NPC.
  • Reduced time taken to open Celestial Chance Pack.
  • Fixed the issue that caused Traveler's Parcel 5 to not reward Golden Branch of Wishes x12.
  • Sigils, Cascades, and Serenity Jades now stack to 30,000.
  • Added packs and crates for Wonderland Stone and Celebean.
  • Replaced the batteries found in Treasure Chest and Brocade Box with Monkey Coins.
  • Grand Packs have been added for Drake, Astri, Ares, and Flux sigils.

  • Removed Soul Inverter Shard from Garro Island mobs. Let us know if this was a mistake.
  • Increased drop rates in Inferna, they were reduced by too much last patch.
  • Song of the Emerald Lady changes:
    • Increased chance of Primordial drops in BL9.
    • Slightly increased chance of Reforgers in BL9.
    • Added Badges to mobs in BL9.
    • Added Reforgers to mobs in BL9.
    • Swapped Heaven Dragon Seal for Spiritual Covenant from mobs in BL9.
    • Removed Spiritual Covenant drop from BL9 bosses
    • Increased Hexagon Charm Wood drop from BL9 bosses.
    • Increased chance of (bound) MCP from BL9 mobs.
    • Removed Monkey Coin from BL9 mobs.
    • Increased chance to get tome book from BL9 mobs and bosses.
    • Increased chance of Spirit Square Jade from BL9 mobs.
    • Increased overall drop probability from bosses in BL8.
    • Increased chance of getting a skill book from BL8 bosses.
    • Removed level 5 and level 4 reforgers from BL8 bosses.
    • Increased chance of level 6 reforger from BL8 bosses.
    • Increased overall drop probability from BL8 mobs.
    • Removed Monkey Coin from BL8 mobs.
    • Added level 6 reforgers as a drop from BL8 mobs.
    • Increased rate of Hexagon Charm Wood drop from BL8 mobs.
    • Added (bound) MCP to BL8 mobs.
    • Increased overall drop probability from bosses in BL7.
    • Increased chance of getting a skill book from BL7 bosses.
    • Removed level 5 and level 4 reforgers from BL7 bosses.
    • Increased chance of level 6 reforger from BL7 bosses.
    • Increased overall drop probability from BL7 mobs.
    • Removed Monkey Coin from BL7 mobs.
    • Added level 6 reforgers as a drop from BL7 mobs.
    • Increased rate of Hexagon Charm Wood drop from BL7 mobs.
    • Added (bound) MCP to BL7 mobs.
    • Increased rate of Spiritual Covenant in BL7.

  • Inferna and Archaia orders for White Vulture and Azure Phoenix have been changed to reward 1000 Ice Orb of Vastness, 20 Flame of Nirvana, and 300 Fatecharm Fragments, with a 26% chance of a Fate Blood's Orb reward. You will no longer receive Wonderland Stones or level 7 Yuan for completing these quests.
  • The Inferna version of this quest could only be completed once per day, but it had the same rewards as the Archaia one which could be completed 5 times per day. Due to this, we've adjusted the Inferna quest so you may now complete it 5 times per day as well.

  • Changed the one-time reward of 2 MCP to a daily reward of Flame of Nirvana.
  • Changed the potions to the improved custom potions.
  • 10 Telegem reward has been changed to 10 Dancing Snake lotto.

  • Fixed Puppet Protector cost, it was 1 for 3 Jaden and should have been 11 for 3 Jaden.

News / Patch 62
« on: May 09, 2019, 08:52:18 am »
This patch has been applied!

This section at the top of patches will be updated to reflect the status of the patch since we are now announcing patches prior to their release.


Patching Schedule
The issue that we originally scheduled a weekly maintenance reboot to address has been resolved. That said, weekly patching has been highly requested. There were some logistical challenges that we had to overcome before being prepared to commit to weekly patching. There are still many factors that could potentially delay these weekly patches, but we are going to try it out. The approach we're going to go with is:
  • Tuesday: patch work completed
  • Wednesday: announcement + patch notes + time window for patching
  • Thursday: Apply the patch in the planned time window

Patches will generally be smaller. However, the majority of you have suggested that you would prefer more consistent patching rather than large patches with many changes.

Community Feedback

We'd also like to remind you how important the community is to the development process. Please, take the time to report issues and make suggestions, even if you believe they've already been reported or suggested. When we hear it from more people we know how important that particular feature, issue, or suggestion is to the community as a whole, and it tells us where to best utilize our time. This server wouldn't be over 6 years old without your input, feedback, and ideas.

Now, on to the changes.

  • We built a torrent version of the client for download.
  • We updated the site and removed the quick chat, it has been replaced with a Discord chat bot. Let us know what you think of it.
  • We've done some clean-up in the forums.

  • Changed the look of Tcholok NPC.
  • Moved the Recycling Center's exchange to Tcholok as a second exchange option.
  • Removed the Recycling Center NPC from custom SS.
  • The Skyblade NPC has been revamped to have more room for upcoming additions, this should also make it easier to find the Wings, Flying Mount or Skyblade you're looking for.
  • The Butterfly Shadow Wings have been removed from the GM NPC and replaced with Prismatic Wings which were added in patch 62.
  • Shadow Falcon has been removed from the GM NPC and replaced with Golden Raven Wings which were added in patch 61.
  • Cloud Whale has been removed from the GM NPC and replaced with the Spring Inspiration skyblade  which was added in patch 61.
  • 6 new custom skyblade/wing items were added:
    • Blue Jellyfish Wings
    • Linden Feather
    • Prismatic Wings
    • Green Dolphin
    • Sapphire Moor Goldfish
    • Summer Inspiration
  • Some skyblades, wings, and flying mounts were unable to be upgraded. This has been repaired.
  • We've added a new pet battery that is significantly better than Wongzo Grape. It's called Wongzo Banana and can be found in the marketplace for 50 Jaden.
  • We've added an exchange at Stashkeep Tamsin which allows you to exchange items for crates or packs of those items.
  • We've added more descriptions to custom items.
  • Divination quest rewards have been modified.
  • Sometimes a class would appear invisible after a faction change due to fashions not having models developed for the respective class. We have changed it so that those classes will now appear as Anan or Velonous. Please notify us if you continue to experience this issue and let us know which fashion you experienced it with.
  • We changed the respawn timer on most bosses to 8 hrs.
  • Banana Peel NPC:
    • Banana Peel Crate has been changed to Banana Peel Coupon
    • Banana Peel Pack has been added. This contains 10,000 Banana Peels.
    • Banana Peel Crate has been added. This contains 30,000 Banana Peels.
    • Flux Sigil has been reduced from 10,000 Banana Peels to 9,000 Banana Peels.
    • Ares Sigil has been reduced from 7,000 Banana Peels to 6,000 Banana Peels.
    • Astri Sigil has been reduced from 5,000 Banana Peels to 4,000 Banana Peels.
    • Drake Sigil has been reduced from 1,000 Banana Peels to 500 Banana Peels.
    • Kirin Sigil has been reduced from 500 Banana Peels to 200 Banana Peels.
    • Monkey's Luck has been reduced from 2,000 Banana Peels to 1,000 Banana Peels.
    • Kirin Sigil Shard has been reduced from 55 Banana Peels to 50 Banana Peels.
    • Drake Sigil Shard has been reduced from 110 Banana Peels to 100 Banana Peels.
    • Astri Sigil Shard has been reduced from 550 Banana Peels to 500 Banana Peels.
    • Ares Sigil Shard has been reduced from 770 Banana Peels to 700 Banana Peels.
    • Flux Sigil Shard has been reduced from 1100 Banana Peels to 1000 Banana Peels.
    • Drake Sigil 4-Pack has been reduced from 3500 Banana Peels to 1800 Banana Peels.
    • Astri Sigil 4-Pack has been reduced from 16,000 Banana Peels to 15,000 Banana Peels.
    • Ares Sigil 4-Pack has been reduced from 24,000 Banana Peels to 20,000 Banana Peels.
    • Flux Sigil 4-Pack has been reduced from 36,000 Banana Peels to 32,000 Banana Peels.
  • We've restarted the daily sign-in rewards.
  • Marketplace:
    • Changed Celebeans from 1 Celebean for 5 Jaden to 99 Celebean for 5 Jaden.
    • Readded 14 Pet Souls that were lost out of the marketplace at some point.
    • Readded 11 Flight items that were lost from the marketplace at some point.
    • Readded 12 Mount items that were lost from the marketplace at some point.
    • Wongzo Banana was added in both the "new items" and "pet aid" sections.

Coming up in Patch 63

  • 3 more wings and 3 more skyblades
  • Changes to event rewards purchased with Banana Seeds
  • More NPC shuffling.
  • Clouded? Maybe.
  • New edits to BL drops.
  • Possibly increased top speeds for flight items.
  • More options added to Item Crates exchange at Stashkeep Tamsin. Tell us what you think should be here.
  • Improvements to the event system to prevent suicides being counted and other exploits such as alt-killing.
  • Improvements to XP and drops in IC, Affinity Lands, and the common mobs in the standard maps.
  • A new endgame grinding spot

This patch is planned for Thursday May 16th at 1 PM EST.

News / Pie Day Sale
« on: March 14, 2019, 06:22:15 pm »
Happy Pi day everyone! In honor of the occasion everything in the shop is 31.4% off. Enjoy!

News / North American Daylight Savings
« on: March 10, 2019, 06:32:22 am »
It's that time of year again. Daylight savings! At 2am tonight North American players will lose an hour as clocks jump forward to 3am.

The server runs in a European timezone so  server time will not be changing until March 31st. Until then, those who experience daylight savings time tonight will see a 1 hour different in server time relative to their timezone.

After March 31st the time offset between North Americans and the server will return to normal.

Polls / Re: PvP Event System
« on: March 02, 2019, 12:40:06 am »
Thanks for the feedback guys.

Which specific messages do you think should be reduced? The PM messages are only sent to those who are actually participating in the event. The broadcasts can be reduced but there's no way to filter those by player so those are all or nothing. I think we can remove the class messages that accompany the broadcasts.

Let me know any more specific suggestions around reducing unnecessary messages.

News / Shop Glitch Resolved
« on: February 28, 2019, 08:44:07 am »
Over the past two days some of you have been getting an "Error while processing delivery" error when purchasing items from the shop. This has been resolved and you should be able to purchase items normally again.

Also a reminder: double vote and double donations will be ending at the start of March as will several events. Hope you've all enjoyed the celebrations!

Polls / PvP Event System
« on: February 26, 2019, 02:39:19 am »
Now that our new automated PvP event system has been running for a few days, let us know your thoughts! We've got plenty of planned improvements and your suggestions will help us further guide our development. Please comment with any improvements you have in mind.

Some of the improvements we have planned already are:
  • Team modes
  • Alliance vs. Alliance modes
  • Automatic heals after each death
  • Custom arena-style maps with a more limited combat area
  • Additional awards and announcements for things like kill streaks
  • Rankings based on cumulative event results

News / 6 Year Anniversary Email + Giveaway
« on: February 25, 2019, 03:05:19 am »
Tonight we sent out 3 free lottos to everyone as part of our 6 year anniversary celebration. We also went over some of the things we've accomplished in 2019 so far and some fun previews for things we have on deck.

You can view the web version of the  announcements here.

Thanks for sticking with us for so long!

News / Times are changing
« on: February 19, 2019, 08:52:32 pm »
Event Extensions
Due to popular demand, we're extending several of the 6 year anniversary events:
  • 2x donations will last until the end of the month.
  • 2x vote rewards will last until the end of the month.
  • 6 year anniversary video contest will last until the end of the month.

Shop Changes and The Final 2x Donation Event
Now that we are officially 6 years old, it's time to say good bye to the much loved 4 year anniversary lotto. This item will be removed from the shop at the end of the month and is 25% off until then. Good luck!

We're also changing  how we do donation events. We will be phasing out 2x donation events going forward and instead will have more frequent sales on different shop items, combination deals, and coupons offering various sorts of discounts. Over the past several weeks the prices of shop items have been adjusted to ensure fairness and affordability with this new 2x policy in mind.

So take this opportunity to stock up on bananas as this will likely be our last double donation event aside from very major holidays.

Giveaways & more
We still have several more surprises in store for you all. Keep an eye out for an email  this week with some exclusive giveaways and special announcements!

Ensure your email is set correctly so you don't miss out on any of these giveaways and announcements.

News / 2x Vote + 6 Year Anniversary
« on: February 14, 2019, 12:59:20 am »
Double vote rewards have been enabled from now until the start of next week to 1) compensate for the downtime today 2) celebrate valentines day 3) and as an early start to our 6 year anniversary celebrations. That means you get 1,680 Jaden for every vote!

This weekend is our 6 year anniversary. It's crazy to think that this server has been around for 6 years now, and Jade Monkey + the original MD for even longer. Thanks to all of the staff and players who have made us what we are over the years and especially for all of the hard work lately by Perry, Kaz, and the rest of the staff team building this server to new great heights. We really couldn't have made it this far without all of you.

We've been working extra hard since the release of Starfall and I think it shows. We've never been more dedicated (or skilled) and I can't wait to show you all of the rest of the cool stuff we have in store over the next few months.

For new and old players alike, enjoy the double vote rewards! And don't forget to check out all of the cool events our team has lined up for you over the next week that include:

Stay tuned for more surprises coming out soon. Cheers!

News / Server Down for Maintenance
« on: February 13, 2019, 01:28:49 pm »
Hi everyone,

There was a failure with one of our server's disk's last night and the result has caused a more complicated issue involving the kernel. I am working on it now and will have everything up and running as soon as possible. Sorry for the trouble everyone.

News / Patch 58+59
« on: February 07, 2019, 07:31:00 pm »
Shop overhaul

  • Faction Changes
    • We've further improved our ability to perform faction and gear changes.
    • Gear changes used to cost 500 Bananas, they now cost 300 Bananas.
    • The single piece gear change used to cost 150 Bananas, it now costs 100 Bananas.
    • The Faction change used to cost 250 Bananas, it now costs 175 Bananas.
    • We are still working on bringing Chroma changes, Chroma refunds, Full Change, and more!
  • Jaden
    • The amount of Jaden you will get when purchasing Jaden with Bananas had not increased along with the amount of Jaden earned from voting. Jaden rewards from purchasing with Bananas have now permanently doubled!
  • Chroma
    • Chroma has been completely removed from the Banana Shop, permanently.
  • Bodhi Seed
    • Bodhi Seed was added in Patch 57 and is available now. This is our first release of Bodhi Seed with future releases TBA.
  • Lotto
    • We have lowered the cost of the 4-year anniversary lotto from 150 Bananas to 100 Bananas due to it being in the shop for 2 years and some of the items rewarded being of less value in the Starfall patch.
  • Teleport
    • The 25 slot Astrolabe, 30-Day Astrolabe Recharge, and the full year of Astrolabe charges have been significantly reduced by 80%!
  • Monkey Coin Pack
    • The amount of Monkey Coin Packs purchased has increased by 20%, prices have stayed the same.
  • Sigils
    • Sigls have had their prices reduced. As the server is going on 6 years old and rewards in-game continue to increase, the prices on the shop have to drop to reflect that. With Sigils having their prices reduced from anywhere between 10% and 60% depending on the level of sigil, and 4-packs receiving a greater discount than before.
  • Firmus
    • The Firmus pack found on the shop now has a chance to award 3 Firmus!
  • Ancient Blood
    • Ancient Blood Jade and Ancient Blood Charm have had their prices reduced to match Ancient Blood Seal, and the full Ancient Blood Pack has been reduced by 25% as well.
  • Supreme Gift Coupon
    • We've reduced the Supreme Gift Coupon by 50 Bananas to 350 Bananas.
  • Fatecharm
    • The Fatecharm Fragment packs have been changed to have a higher minimum amount when opened, but also to have a chance of increasing that amount by up to double!
    • Fatecharm Sign has been reduced by 20%.
  • Level 5 Sands
    • We've temporarily removed level 5 Sands due to changes to gem-making and improvements we will be making to these offers.

Other changes
  • Spring Rice Glue Ball is now being awarded with some lottos again. (add a list)
  • Changed some shop tab names in various custom shops due to a length limit change.
  • Adjusted the cost for late sign-in to be more suitable for our server's Jaden rate.
  • Added many new item packs for event and lotto rewards.
  • Added a new lotto to the Pawn Shop for 10k gold.
  • Fixed the exploration special areas. They can be accessed now. Exploration will be seeing a complete overhaul in the next few patches.
  • Some items that had wrong icons have had their icons updated.
  • The donation pack in the marketplace had the wrong description. We've adjusted the description of the current one to reflect what's actually there, and added a Donation Pack 2.0 with the contents of what it had claimed was there, for twice the Jaden.
  • All pending custom titles have been added. Custom title purchase will be re-activated soon. Users that are waiting for their custom titles will receive their new titles sometime over the weekend.
  • The Star Fetcher title has been fixed.

News / Re: Patch 57
« on: February 06, 2019, 09:34:35 pm »
Can I download this patch manually?

Not at this time, however we'll consider adding this option if there's enough demand for it. Why do you want to download it manually? Are you having trouble patching using the patcher?

Events / Re: GM Signature Contest
« on: February 05, 2019, 12:40:46 am »
@ZhenZi Hah - are those bottles of Chamisol Soju?

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