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Title: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: Foreplay on June 13, 2013, 09:40:26 pm
PS: when i did this guide we had 14x gears... with gaian gears incoming things have changed abit but mostly it's the same stuff. Build remains the same, just few changes on soulstone choices and all that

ok so since im bored and can't play MD. i thought about doing my own arden guide, some of you might like it and some of you might find it total shit, up to you. This guide is going to be about felkin arden.
Also sorry if sometimes my english screws up since it's not my native language
Im going to focus on explaining you mostly the most needed skills, gears,chroma affinity skills, esper accesories and ofc few tactics against all classes in JD.

Introducing Arden.

Arden is the longest range class in the game, you always have to run away from your opponent and try get him out while hes trying to get up to ur butt. Our speed is GG wich is very helpfull since we are a easy target once someone get's close to us due to our lower hp and critnull/crit shield. We also have very amazing crit strike rate and bonus wich helps allot vs tanky classes.

High damage
High crit rate and bonus, high skill accuracy (using EL)
Fast movement speed
Great summons
Helpfull Plants

Low Hp
Low resistance
Low crit null/shield

This is the build im using (after you maxed your affinity skills)

NOTE: you need to get every tier summon(Dark wolf, Swamp Bull, Mountain bear and Creek Turtle) because it is going to affect your T5 Summon Whisker Tiger.
ALSO. get every tier plant, it's always going to be usefull also in 1v1 situations but even in team pvp's. I recommend to make them 4/9 (appart from Datura Flower, T 1 flower wich needs to be 9/9) and further on when you will get more skill points max wichever you think it's more usefull for your play style. You will have plenty of skill points to play with so might aswell max all of them lol.

Tier 1

Finess and vigor: Max these ones, every bit of hp & sp help out

Wind walker: For 24 seconds movement speed is increased by 4yard/sec, 75% to remove paralyze effect. This skill is a must since it gives you allot of speed and helps you out running away from the opponent.
You need Free Wander charm for this skill, reduces cooldown.

Fox Shadow: Increases movement speed by 1.4 yards/second, this skill makes you immune to Paralyze and Slow effects, very good if you are versus dagos affinity classes. Very helpfull skill MUST HAVE

Fast as Wind: This speed posture increases your speed by 1.0 or 1.2 if you have it on esper, absolutelly recommened for pvp

Datura Flower: as i explained in the "NOTE" this is the only plant you should max faster because you will need it in order to max Datura Flower 2 in affinity skills. (Will explain more further on)


Blood Arrow: this skill is not so excelent (dmg wise) but it's got 60% chance to slow the target wich is helpfull to catch the opponent or use it when you need to escape the enemy aswell. Also needed to max Blood arrow 2 in affinity skills

Spurt: Increases next strike dmg by 30% also very good skill to avvoid enemy to get close to you. THe charm you need to get is Cloud Ride, wich reduces cooldown from 40 to 30 seconds.

Ether Bind: This is the paralyze skill. It para's for 6 seconds with a strenght of x2 times your current level. It's up to you if you want to get it or not but since everyone gets maxed gears and high res it's pretty much usseless vs classes with high res. Might aswell take it since you will have some free points.


Spirit Sediment: Instantly removes Bleed and Sp drain effects on you. 60% chance to remove a negative effect. This skill is a MUST.
Mystic Forecast charm reduces cooldown by 30 seconds.

Dreamlike Song: This is your sleep debuff same despcrition as Ether Bind. strenght is 2x your level.

Fire Aggresion: Increases your attack power by 1.0 times your lvl. Helpfull in  PVE but useless in PVP. Id rather use Fast as Wind posture for PVP.


Flame Stream: need to max it for FS2 then Keep it at 3/9.

Dragon Stun: 60% chance to remove a buff from the target, very helfpull vs classes with shields and defensive skills (ex: jadeons, modos, vims etc)

Ardent Array: increases party member and casters AP by 10% for the cost of 550 sp every 5 seconds. Lasts one hour.

Lost Soul: Your silence debuff. AS always the effect strenght is 2x the character lvl, if tomed it gets higher.


Cloud Dweller: This is your most powerfull non-affinity skill, you have to max it. Dragon Kind charm gives higher crit on last hit of Cloud Dweller and also lowers cooldown.

Eloquence Lord: Increases Skill acc by 50 points, CritStrike chance by 20% and skill damage by 50% for 18 seconds. CD:120 seconds. This is the most important  skill to get on Esper since it increases the stats allot (lvl 3/2, 75 skill accuracy points, Cristrike 30% and Skill damage by 75%) SO IT's A MUST TO GET IT ON ESPER!
Whisker Tiger: Summon a Whisker Tiger to assist in battle for 40 seconds. Cooldown 180 seconds. As i explained above Whisker Tiger's attributes are based on the ranks of the other summons in the other Tiers aswell as any other relevant skills.
It's the highest damage/hp summon we have, when it's using it's skill it bleeds the target depending on the casters max hp, targets max hp and also causes a weaken effect.

Incarnation Switch: i usually use this skill to reduce high hp factions who don't have thier hp full when they're buffed up (ex:lupins, Forta) or either after bleeding them with tigers, most of times i forget to use it tho :C . It's pretty much an optional to you.



Gracefull Wave- Each rank in Passive faction skills increase your CritStrike Bonus by 6% and all Resistance by 2.

Needles to explain all the other tomes by myself, since all these tomes are for the summons wich increase some of their stats and duration, you can read them by yourself too :)


Free Wander - Reduces cooldown on Wind Walker by 20 seconds, 30 seconds if you get the charm, it's a MUST.

Cloud Ride - Reduce cooldown on Spurt by 20 seconds, 30 sec if you have charm, wich is a MUST aswell.

Mystic Forecast - Reduce coodlwon on Spirit Sediment by 20 sec, 30 sec with charm and increases the chance to remove a negative effect by 20%

Honored Light -  Reduce cooldown on Eloquence Lord by 40 seconds, with charm 60 seconds. CHARM IS ABSOLUTELY NEEDED.

Exotic Flower -  reduce cd of all debuffs (para/sil/sleep) by 4 seconds

Dragon Tentacle -  Ethere Bind's (para debuff) range is increased by 3 yards.
Ten Century -  Dreamlike Song (sleep debuff) dutaion is increased by 6 seconds. GG if the enemy got low sleep res lol

Lingerine Tune -  Lost Soul (sil debuff) increase strenght by 48% of the caster's silence res and has a 30% to make the caster fast for 6 sec, very usefull.


Dragon King- reduce the cd of Cloud Dweller by 4 sec and 6 if you have the charm wich you need to get it, at 3/2 first strike weakens, 2nd strike slows and 3rd strike got a higher crit strike rate.

Small re-cap of Charms you absoultelly need:
Free wander: reduce cd of wind walker by 30 sec

Cloud Ride:  reduce cd of Spurt by 30 sec

Mystic Forecast: Reduces cd on Spirit Sediment by 30 sec

Honored Light: Reduces cd on Eloquence Lord by 60 sec

Dragon King: Reduce cd on Cloud Dweller by 6 seconds and last strike got a higher chance to crit

Fury Beast: increases Whisker Tiger duration by 60 sec and Chroma Whisker Tiger by 6.



As you all know every class that get's his affinity got 5 faction skills wich basically it's like the 2nd version of certain skills on your build (Some sort of super sayan lmao) just that are better/or different buffs etc etc bla bla.
Felkin arden got 5 skills:

Datura Flower 2
Reduce Datura Flower's cooldown by 50 seconds, when datura flower causes the bleed it also increases crtistrike damage done to the target by 100%.

Mighty Bear 2
Reduces mountain bear's cooldown by 50 seconds, increase it's skill acc by 20 and skill eva by 50. whenever the bear uses it's skill you get a 2 seconds guaranteed critstrike, if ur good with timing if you want to take out fast someone it's good to time it with fs 2 and EL

Wolf Fang Arrow 2

Weakens target by 50% with a strenght of caster's weaken res + 80. Also reduces the target's resistance by 200. Usually it's good to use this skill with BA2 Or with The Vanishing (Felkin skill). The Vanishing at lvl 10 it's going to stun for 11 seconds, that's some hard beans rite there but don't forget to use BA2 before using The Vanishing otherwise the enemy might defend it.

Blood Arrow 2
Paralyze the target for 8 seconds with a strenght of the caster's paralyze res + 80 and also fastens for 8 seconds, great to combine this with tiger's bleeds or fs2.

Flame Stream 2

Cost half health/spirit. Adds atack bonus of 100% consumed health and second hit 100% bonus of consumed spirit, causes the target to bleed and sp drain for 10 seconds for 50% of hp/sp every 2 seconds. Cooldown 60 seconds. If the skill is charged the bleed and sp drain are going to last 20 seconds
This skill is going to be your extra vs any other class, but as always people know what to expect from a felkin arden, so i reccomend when you are in a 1v1 situation to "fake" this skill. What i mean by faking it? Well first of all buff EL, if the enemy sees you buffing up EL he will expect you to give your best shot, in this case FS2 BUT, instead of using FS2 first use the NORMAL FLAMESTREAM, this way the opponent is going to waste his raja suit/or any other defensive skills and then right after use FS2. Simple as that ;)


0. Xinmo Heart
Attack Power is permanently increased by 300 and Silence Resistance is permanently
increased by 30. When the skill reaches level 10, Max HP is increased by 4%

1. The Vanishing
Costs 6100 Spirit
Costs 1150 Health
This melee skill has a 75% chance to deal damage equal to 97
times the target's level, and causes a Stun effect on the target
with a strength equal to 2.9 times its level that lasts 11
seconds, and forces the target's Dagos non-factional multi-
target attack skills to be on cooldown. Cooldown: 12 minutes.

2. Contrary Opinions
Costs 2875 Spirit
Max Targets: 30
Increases caster's AP by 20%.
Reduces targets' HP and Spirit by a random amount, up to
35% of their current HP and Spirit. Coolrown: 10 minute(s).

3. Sacrificial Utensils
Costs 1775 Spirit
Max Targets: 25
Chance to greatly weaken the target for 60 second(s). The Weaken effect is equal to
4.6 times the target's level. While weakened, the target's AP is reduced by 85%.
Cooldown: 10 minute(s).

4. Hidden Talent

Costs 575 Spirit
For the next 30 seconds, Defense is increased by 150 each time the caster is hurt, up to
30 times. Also reduces damage taken by 10%. Cooldown: 12 minutes

5. Dragon Breath
The durations for damage increasing effects from Lyrical Spirits, Hidden Talent,
Spiritual Insanity, and Blood Mood are increased by 100%, up to 30 extra
seconds. At Rank 10, the caster's resistances are increased by 10.

6. Lyrical Spirits
Costs 575 Spirit
For the next 30 seconds, Evasion will be increased by
60 whenever the caster is hurt, up to 30 times. Also
increases Evasion by 10. Cooldown: 12 minutes

7. Tongu Goals

If the caster dies within the next 20 seconds, up to 15 targets
within 20 yards are damaged by 105% of the caster's Attack.
Cooldown: 10 minutes

8. Blood Mood
Costs 575 Spirit
For the next 30 seconds, caster regenerates 3000 Health when damaged, up
to 30 times. Also increases their resistances by 10%. Cooldown: 12 minutes

9. The Oracle
The cooldowns for Lyrical Spirits, Hidden Talent, Spiritual Insanity, and Blood Mood
are decreased by 50%. At rank 10, the caster's Defense is increased by 30.

10. Spiritual Insanity
Costs 575 Spirit
For 30 seconds, caster's Attack is increased by 150 when attacked, up
to 30 times. Also increases Accuracy by 10. Cooldown: 12 minutes

The PASSIVE FELKIN SKILLS are easy to understand them, so i wont bother posting info's about it. You can easily read them too :).


Uh well, Chroma Faction skills are even more powerfull than the skills you have in your faction build, the only skills from your faction are the T5 ones, wich again, they are like the Super Sayan version of the originals :D. All the chroma faction skills usually get better than the original ones from lvl 8-9, so you will have to work them up abit before having some good results.

Will continue with chroma informations later on :)


AS for the soulstone for an arden getting 2x hp or if you are lucky 3xhp helps you out allot, even for the survivability but even for the increased dmg of Flame Stream 2, so try get that, it's a MUST. Next to hp stats try get either atack power or Spirit, more spirit will also mean more dmg from FS2. Rather than that even some other pvp stats such as Resistances, Crit rate, Crit null, Crit bonus, Crit shield or Skill eva are good aswell. No need to aim for skill accuracy as an arden, Eloquence Lord and Eloquence Lord <Bane> already give you enough skill acc to hit even Dagos Rayans.
I will provide a screenshot of my soulstone when ill be able to get ingame lol.


As for gears, best one's for an arden are Battleground gears, the hp% provided from them it's helpfull for us.

Seals: For the seals, i reccomend full stars on chest and boots, on weap open star for AP, on helm i usually switch them. if i am versus tanky classes for  ex Vim, Balo, Skysong i usually go for crit bonus seals (open star) and when i am versus high dmg dealer classes for ex rayan, Lupin, Voida, modo and so on i go for crit shield seals (closed star) helps you survive through their crits.

Esper: get a lvl 135 esper since it's easier to bloodsmelt, Firmus or SS would be the best opinion, not that we ardens get the chance to use them allot but it's still something. Try max the green stats asap and after you done with your gears easily start to work on bloodsmelting it and pimp all the stats on it.


For the neckclace id recommend to use critrate/crit bonus neckys from Elder of Arcaness (Necklace of Ascension 4% crit rate or Necklace of reckoning). or if you can afford Territory War necklaces 6% crit rate/50% crit bonus
For the Rings i recommend Skill evasion rings and Resistance Rings.
Resistance rings - Ring of Ultimate Truth
Skill Evasion Rings - Grace of Heaven

You can go both Skill eva and Resistance build, i usually use both and rotate them depending on the situations. More Res means less chances to get silenced, stunned, sleeped, weakened and so on, for ex Vim's PL wich silence and paralyze you, and if they get you mid air too ur screwed or Dagos Day of Rememberance and so on.
Skill eva rings can be usefull too on certain situations, but it's hard unless you dont get over 90 skill eva, otherwise it's a waste using them.


well not much to tell about this, the higher the better. Get a closed star essence (PVP one)
About Chi get Chi of Nirvana from Ancient Lands.

I dont use pet's much appart from fusing/esperating but i recommend a Terro or Auris pet, mostly i used Terro pet, keep the target paralyzed for 12 seconds or so and Auris stun's the target for 3-4 seconds, dunno the precise time.

2nd part incoming
Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: Foreplay on June 13, 2013, 09:40:48 pm
Now let's get to the pvp situation's vs other classes.


Tbh with jadeon i dont find it much of a threat unless it's not vs a felkin jadeon, MS2 got a long ass range wich is most likely going to 1hit you, if he used DF then you are dead for sure. Always versus jadeon you don't have to elt them get close to you for no any fken reason or you going to get MS'ed. When they use DF(Deep Freeze) try removing it asap because you can either expect for a obscura incoming at you or if they get lucky some double crit from 7 disasters.


Though work vs vims, always try and sp drain them if you have a soul scepter or sinister orb, watch out of their PL and never chage/Spurt vs them, these fkers always get lucky and paralyze you mid air, try stay as much as possible in fox form and summon tigers to make him waste his raja's/debuff removals and then when you get the chance BA2 him.


2nd hardest class for me to go against but also exciting to play vs, you always need to stay out of his way and know his buffs, as always use tigers wisely when he got AP up, this way he will again use his debuff reomvals/suits and BoS if hes so desperateand watch out of his DoR since most lupins are dagos most of times stay in fox form. They usually buff up and get right at you, so when you see them buffing up just run around till their buffs are gone and then WFA2+BA2+FS2 or tigers bleed and BA2.


Hurr Durr. This is balls to go against, once they got you sleeped you will have to sit there till they have their one shot skill ready to hit. If they wake you up use any raja suit skill or Trisigh and try get away and always distract them with your tigers or foxes. Watch out not to FS2 into their invincibility, you might aswell try the trick i explained above, using normal FS so they can waste their Invincibility skills.


in all honesty i don't find it hard to go against them, ofc vs a good experienced modo it's going to be though, but always dragon stun them so you can remove some of their buff and also sp drain them, this way their Nimble spirit wont be so usefull + if you are against a dagos modo he wont be able to spam kangba on you. Watch out for fuwa modo's and their RoT sometimes i dont see it when they cast it in modon form and i screw up myself lol. Felkin it's probably one of the easiest to go against as an arden, we can remove their debuff with Spirit Sediment/ suit skills/ and asc skills.

Incense Mage.

Well. once you got chained you are pretty much F****ed. using tigers to distract them is a good solution, once they wake you up from chains try trisigh or either Lost Soul them this way you can escape unless they didnt trap you aswell xD. only hint i can give you going vs IM is to NEVER GET TOO CLOSE TO THEM. Run like one mfker around and send tigers on him, once you get the oportunity fs2 him.


This is the number 1 class that im having the most difficult time vs. Due to their AS and AS2 it's a pain to do soemthing to them and as always they have Iron Guts on, wich i can barely do some dmg to them. if theyr chroma isn't too high then you can get them once their both AS are on cd but that means 10-20 seconds to act fast and do your move, but once they get higher chroma you basically need some lucky hits to get them down but that'd be hard too, since if they dont have AS up they would just spam suit skills wich again fucks up your combos. Since most of them are felkin, use Wolf Fang 2 to reduce their resistance so they wont be able to Slaughter 2 you.


here it's all about who lands the first crit. Most of ardens i've pvped in the private servers always went vs me with FS2 and then wait for the cd to get off wich sucks imo, even EL+ CD2 and tiger bleed right on time kills another arden if it get1 crit or 2 so don't bother just with FS2 there are plenty of ways to kill another arden. Can't tell much about Dagos and fuwa ardens, didnt pvp'ed them much even thought i know about their skills and such. ill update more once i get to pvp some of them.


Oooooh rayan. Playing vs them is lovely lol, appart from their constant hidin or ultima we ardens got the most chances to get down a rayan. Go full crit shield when you pvp a rayan, if they are dagos (wich 99% of them are) they usually tend to Flash Reel and Bink Move (wich gives insta crit) and Celestial Slay. Always have your summons up and when you have the chance send them to atack him, this way even if hes invisible you can track him down and know his positin, if your summon gets near you, then it's time to run your ass off cuz that means the rayan is next to you. Plants also got a important role vs rayans, happened to me allot of times when a rayan wanted to CS me while inivible but they couldnt because sleep/sil plant was next to me. watch out of the asc bleeds try removes them asa with Spirit Sediment and also watch out of their DoR as always most of times stay in Fox form. versus fuwa rayans it's hard beans, they will usually put your running skill in cd, so running around won't be easy, you  need to watch out of their ultima and keep tiger summoned and send them at him, you may also try and take out his ultima but it's going to be a tough job (even tho for me worked sometimes) in order to cancel his substitute + empathy.


These guys hit hard, as always most of times stand in fox form to dont get paralyzed by sweep or silence + slow from DoR, Silence them whenever they get close to you and they dont have raja on, once you know he already used his raja EL+fs2 him. Most of forta's i pvp'ed were dagos, so i cant tell much about the other 2 affinity


Flerp Flerps, easy versus them, most of times they will have MiM on so just send tigers/foxes at them in order to use the heal to remove bleed. even tho, never understimate a celan, if he sp drains you try remove it with SD or any other suit skill and get away from him. Dagos will put a bleed on you, remove it or the last tick will most likely kill you. Fuwa's mostly have MiM on as always fuck them up with Tigers lol and once MiM is off snipe them with fs2


Didnt had the chance to pvp a good Voida until now, i will provide more info's on this once i have the chance to go against one xD.

For any question don't be shy to post a comment lol



Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: BettyBOOP on June 15, 2013, 04:32:15 pm
Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: Muff on June 18, 2013, 04:47:15 am
Damn thats a long guide, make a jadeon and skysong guide now.
Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: Foreplay on June 21, 2013, 10:22:35 pm
Damn thats a long guide, make a jadeon and skysong guide now.

i suck at them  :(
Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: abdou23 on July 17, 2013, 07:39:06 pm
great guide ! but based on running :p well maybe that's how ardens play , wish u pvped voidas cuz everybody who feels naab makes a new char ( voida , rayan ) and they really op and dont need much work as charms or OP soulstones to kill , keep up the good work
Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: taylordeath2 on July 19, 2013, 09:15:08 pm
hey spunk. only 1 thing i would like to say in tomes~~ i tend to like to add the added durration to your plant summons. it really helps with having to run. with all the plants spammable. never really a need to do so. and as for your incompleation on voida. ive pretty much mastered them now. even a dagos cant kill full double tigers if ur in equal gear. and their summons do easily 150k+ in +13. know this from experiance doing so myself. so ur best bet is double tigers. the gaurds will all focus them and wont take both out. so it buys u time. then land a fs2. or just simply let the tigers do it. as soon as u hit them they are extreamly easy to kill. their sheild blocks all dmg. so bashing at them is useless. even if u sp drain them the sheild is still up. arden is the BIGGEST counter for voidas. so never really need to get worried on them. just play safe. just adding my 2 cents~~~~ ;) granted. it takes a while for newer people to not run in pvp.
Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: Foreplay on July 20, 2013, 10:39:18 pm
true about the plants duration tome, but you would have to waste 3 tome points on something worthless in order to get to that, and switching sil/sleep plants i didnt really needed that tome until now. The build i posted aniway is with no extra tome points from chroma so when someone gets a decent chroma level is up to them where they would like to spend their points. Imo id rather spend the tome points from chroma on Forest Serenity , Fire Fervor and Mount Towering tomes, 3 skill eva 15 weken res and 3% crit null it's not so worthless at all xD. Ofc id have to max Tranquility, Fire aggression and mountain Dweller in order to get those, but on high chroma lvl we felkin ardens don't really have anything else to spend our points, appart from maxing plants.
Thx for the info on voidas btw, im really curious to pvp one asap because everyone says they are OP and my skype convos always get spammed with that -.-".
Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: taylordeath2 on July 21, 2013, 05:26:25 am
ehh ive never been a big rush for it. and the bleed is more helpful then u would imagin. that extreme bleed if the plant ever lands it can bleed more then ur tiger does sometimes. its surprised me. and it just depends how i feel normally. i switch it back and forth. once ur high enough chroma that ur doing it. ur good if u had no tomes even XD not that i would reccomend it. but uk what i mean XD
Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: Foreplay on July 21, 2013, 06:15:09 pm
took me a while to understand ur post lol. Good luck with the plant's bleed really, that's still worthless for me.

btw. this is from pupcake lol

[3:08:59 PM] Pupcake: just tell him he knows nothing about nothing, so uninstall coz he sucks.
Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: taylordeath2 on July 22, 2013, 12:22:26 am
pshhh pup ~~~~~ uk u love me :P and ehh. ud be surprised. i just randomly had bleed plant out before and it dominated XD i wouldnt rely on it. but its pretty amusing when ur bored. which i am a lot.
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Helped a lot! Thanks.
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Post by: Zзяо on February 06, 2014, 08:08:03 am

Spunk is good with Arden
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Lol this guide has been copied out from that of the OFFICIAL jade dynasty forums,i think its by pupkake .a few added part of the souldtone and and all rest is all someone elses effort.

Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: Foreplay on March 07, 2014, 05:44:37 pm
Lol this guide has been copied out from that of the OFFICIAL jade dynasty forums,i think its by pupkake .a few added part of the souldtone and and all rest is all someone elses effort.

lol, the idea yeah looks like that one from official. Why? coz i needed to make myself an idea on how to make this guide when i was lazy back then and thought to make one. Your point being aniway? least i bothered to help the community here with few tips on the arden class :). Oh and defo it's not from "pupkake" lol
Title: Re: Felkin Arden PVP Guide (by Spunkify)
Post by: seravee on April 13, 2014, 06:02:52 pm
Lol this guide has been copied out from that of the OFFICIAL jade dynasty forums,i think its by pupkake .a few added part of the souldtone and and all rest is all someone elses effort.

lol, the idea yeah looks like that one from official. Why? coz i needed to make myself an idea on how to make this guide when i was lazy back then and thought to make one. Your point being aniway? least i bothered to help the community here with few tips on the arden class :). Oh and defo it's not from "pupkake" lol

At least you should have put my thread link, or even my name in your post as a shoutout  LOL <3^^


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wow did u really just copy/paste budies guide? LOL
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wow did u really just copy/paste budies guide? LOL

u pos LOL. gtfo kty
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Such a long long time ago, when I were still a newbie.
Your guide actually helped me a lot 

Thanks :)
Bruh  :-*