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Bounty Hunt
« on: July 13, 2019, 12:41:13 am »
Event starts at on -
Hi everyone.

This event is called Bounty Hunt. Any refine, chroma level or character level is accepted to join!

Location: Shura, Realm 4
Time: 22:00 Server Time

Players will sign up with me for this event. One player will be randomly chosen to be the 'prey'.

The 'prey' will be hunted by all the other players (and any other player who signs up late). They will have to last 10 minutes without being killed.

If the 'prey' survives for 10 minutes, they will be rewarded with the prize for that round. If they are killed, the killer will be awarded the prize and the 'prey' will recieve a participation prize.

The map is Shura; the 'prey' cannot leave the map for the duration of that round.

The GM will be invisible and in a party with the current 'prey'. The 'prey' should move often; if they remain or hide in one spot for too long, they will be told to move.

The 'prey' can only kill if they are attacked first; they cannot hunt other players.

A player will not be the 'prey' more than once. Additionally, if you kill the 'prey' once, you can't win in the other rounds.

If the 'prey' ends up being a Rayan or Psychea, they will not be allowed to hide unless they are found and it is necessary for survival (whether to escape or to kill the attacker). This rule is in place as Rayan/Psychea on hide may have a significant advantage.

Players who are not the 'prey' will not be allowed to party. Whoever gets the "[player] killed [player]" will be counted as the 'prey's' killer.

Other players will be allowed to kill each other in order to prevent them from killing the 'prey'. This is a competition; if you see someone attacking the 'prey', feel free to kill them if you can to prevent them from winning the round.

Skyblade usage is prohibited unless you are spectating.

There will be 5 rounds to this event.

The prizes will include:
      ·    Fate's Blood
      ·    Banana Peels
      ·    Omened Seal
      ·    Ares Sigil
      ·    Soul Ash, Spiritual Covenant or Ice Orbs as the participation prize.

Good luck and have fun!


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