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Topic: Ultimate Last Man Standing  (Read 325 times)

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Ultimate Last Man Standing
« on: June 19, 2019, 04:34:39 am »
Event starts at on -
Hi everyone.

My apologies for my break from running events! As I had to finish my exams and also finish my travelling, events were postponed until I had time to run them properly.

This event will be Ultimate Last Man Standing; any gear, any refine, any chroma level!

Location: Realm 4
Time: 22:00 Server Time

There will be six rounds total; however, unlike the regular No Limit Last Man Standing events, these rounds will all have "Ultimate Prizes".

The winners from the six rounds cannot compete in the other rounds once they have won.

There will be a participation reward at the end of the event for all participants.

Upon dying, stay dead or port to town. If you return to the battle, you will be removed from the event completely. No moshu, no hiding and avoiding PvP either.

The prizes are;
      ·    Winner Reward: 500 Banana Peels, 100 Monkey Coin Packs, a Random Prize from below
                     ·    Omened Seal
                     ·    Flux Sigil
                     ·    x5 Fate's Blood
                     ·    250 Banana Coupon
                     ·    Ancient Blood Pack
      ·    Participation Reward: 30,000 Ice Orb of Vastness, 15,000 Soul Ash OR 15,000 Spiritual Covenant

Please note that this is a special event so the prizes have been amplified. Events will not normally have this many prizes of value.

Good luck!


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