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Topic: Saturday Smackdown (+11/+12 Edition)  (Read 532 times)

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Saturday Smackdown (+11/+12 Edition)
« on: November 16, 2018, 03:19:26 am »
Event starts at on -

Make sure to PM me before the event starts, so I can add you to the Jungle system.

Skysong, r4.

9 pm or 21:00 server time, November 17th. Event will last 1 hour.

+11 or +12 gears! MIN 63 Chroma.
Of course, you're invited to join even if you're lower, but that means no QQing in common/wc/pm.

1) No Skyblade bombing.
2) No parties.
3) The above rule means this is ALL-OUT PvP. No parties, no looking for loopholes to not attack someone. This isn't an alliance war. It's FREE-FOR-ALL.
4) Avoid spawning turrets right out of safe-zone, I will punish you.
5) If you do not pm me beforehand that you want to join, I won't add you to the Jungle system and your kills/deaths won't count.

1) Ice Orbs of Vastness x8000, Ancient Blood Seal Pack x1
2) Ice Orbs of Vastness x6000, Ancient Blood Charm Pack x1
3) Ice Orbs of Vastness x4000, Ancient Blood Jade Pack x1
4) Ice Orbs of Vastness x4000, Supreme Gift Coupon x1
5) Ice Orbs of Vastness x2000, Monkey Coin Pack x20, Bank Note x100k

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