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My art website
« on: December 01, 2016, 08:38:37 pm »

It is nice to meet all of you. My main character in the game is MinaRose, a Dagos Jadeon. So I am a quiet person, and I just started playing this version of  Jade Dynasty. I have played on the regular doombog server for a long time. My highest level char is a 153 Felkin Skysong on the regular doombog server. Since that server looks like it is dying off, I decided to play on one of the private ones, hence why I am here. I am quiet by nature and I don't really like to chat a lot (but as you may tell, I like to write a lot). I love writing, reading, playing computer and video games of all sorts, walking in nature, different areas of science, research, the area of health care, art, painting, drawing, pyrography  (burning designs/drawings into certain types of wood with special tools), listening to a variety of music, watching a variety of tv shows & movies, animals (especially my sweet cat Tiger, whom is my profile picture on here), volunteering, and helping other people. I really do not like to do small talk though, never have and I doubt I ever will. Hence, why I do not chat a lot in game. Anyway, onto the reason for my post. I do a lot of drawing, painting, and pyrography (wood-burned art) when I have the time. I get that from my mother's side. My maternal grandfather, whom I never met (who was from what I heard a very complicated person) was a professional artist. My mother and I both like to draw, paint, and do pyrography (wood-burned art). Hence the reason why we started our own little independent art team/ business. We are independent artists and we will always remain that way. So, I created the following website which shows some of the art of my mother (Amy) and myself (Jamilah). If you would like to, feel free to explore our website and I hope it gives some inspiration from what they see to do their own art. I love drawing and painting when  I have the time to. So, without further ado, here is the art website of my mother and my self:
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