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Topic: Guide: Bloodsmelt Esper  (Read 5030 times)

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Guide: Bloodsmelt Esper
« on: April 08, 2016, 03:07:31 pm »
Jaden shop: Best dragon skin, Treasure bowl(30000-50000), Tangon jade(x90)
Esper mystic: =>Medium Exchange =>Spirit:  Spirit dust(then open it), Heaven cycle jade,
                                                                    =>Gem: x10 all gems.
                          =>Esper list: 105 faction espers, Trigram.
Make 105 divine esper:
Esper mystic=>Blood smelt:  Put 105 esper in “Esper”, Trigram in “Secondary”, Heaven cycle jade in “Medium” then press “Confirm” => 105 divine esper.
BLOODSMELT YOUR MAIN ESPER: Lvl esper til lvl 30 or 37.
Test res: Buy a trigram with orange res stat.
BS: Main esper – Trigram(orange res stat)-Best dragon skin
=>Main esper has orange res stat.
BS: Main esper – 105 divine esper- Main esper medium(Click  “medium” to exchange it)
BS it until it say : “Failed to bloodsmelt esper.” It mean stat maxed.
161+ res at lvl30 or 195+ at lvl37 mean that res 250+ when asc lvl37.
Esper res at lvl 1 not matter, it only help you know what will be the difference in res when it is maxed. Ex: stun 5 sil 8 at lvl1 => when maxed stun res=sil res-3.
Good res=>Continue bs:
Change orange stat to other res=>BS.
After many bs when 1 stat go up other stat drop. Keep bsing.
BS 5 res + max ap + hp( u can bs max ap until it say “failed” but keep hp <3000 if u want ur max ap stat max).
Keep bsing those stats circular until sp<50 and min ap<10. (Just need sp<50 min ap<10, other stats dont need to be max).
Use 88 gems u exchanged with tangon(except x2 Glory stone(SP) ): Esper mystic=>Assimilate. Put your main esper in “Esper”, gem in “Media”, press confirm.
Bs 5 res + max ap until max. Other stats wont drop anymore.
Bs hp until other stat drop.
Use 2 Glory stone.
Bs stat dropped it ll back to max value.

Now u have esper with 5 res, ap maxed and decent HP stat. U can bs HP/SP stat max and decent ap stat too, just do it same way. U can use 75 or 105 divine esper when stats low.
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Re: Guide: Bloodsmelt Esper
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2016, 03:03:57 am »
nice  :)


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